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Cash in as the "Alibaba Shockwave" Creates the World's First Trillion-Dollar Company

How many times have you been reading about a long-ago historical event – or been watching a documentary about it on the History Channel – and thought to yourself: “Wow, it would’ve been really cool to have actually been there to see this happen.”

I couldn’t agree more: As a big history buff myself, I find myself making that statement on a regular basis.

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  • India’s Nuclear “Explosion” a Cash Generator for Global Energy Companies

    By Jason Simpkins Managing EditorMoney Morning After being locked out of global nuclear trade for more than three decades, India is looking to lock up some major energy deals. Large global energy companies are lining up in droves to make sure that happens. India launched its first nuclear test in 1974, but the country refused […]

  • Will the Yen Lose its “Safe Haven” Status as Japan’s Economy Deteriorates?

    By Keith Fitz-GeraldInvestment DirectorMoney Morning/The Money Map Report Historically speaking, the Japanese yen has proved to be a safe haven against global turmoil. Right now, however, Japan's economy is among the worst hit of all the global powers. It is ill prepared to weather the global storm and it's falling like a rock. That's why, […]

  • Super-Investor George Soros the Latest to Predict the Worst is Yet to Come

    By William Patalon IIIExecutive EditorMoney Morning/The Money Map Report Renowned investor George Soros said Friday the world financial system has effectively disintegrated, and there’s no near-term bottom to this financial crisis in sight. Speaking at a dinner at Columbia University, Soros actually compared the current situation to the breakup of the Soviet Union, and said […]

  • Global Recession Puts Golf Industry Deep in the Rough

    By Don MillerAssociate EditorMoney Morning The global economic meltdown has struck golf industry, dragging on tourism and travel, delaying golf course construction, and curbing club membership rolls.  Now, even the crown jewels of the sport – the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA) – have been tarnished by financial scandal and […]

  • Buy, Sell or Hold: Let McDonald's Transform the Golden Arches to Golden Gains

    McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) is thriving despite a difficult environment. This very difficult environment is sending a lot of consumers scrambling for cheaper alternatives in dining.  That is where McDonald’s distinguishes itself.  With January same-store-sales up more than 7% worldwide – even in the face of the global financial meltdown – McDonald’s is proving that […]

  • China Continues its Commodities Binge with Brazilian Oil Deal

    By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning China Development Bank, one of China's largest state-owned enterprises, has agreed to lend $10 billion to Brazil's Petrobras (PBR) in exchange for a long-term supply of oil – the latest illustration of how Beijing is using the global downturn to further its domestic agenda. Money Morning first reported […]

  • Fifth Third – A Medium-Sized "Zombie" Bank

    By Martin Hutchinson Contributing Editor Money Morning Following my report on the viability of the Top 12 U.S. banks, a number of readers have suggested that I missed Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB). I’m happy to report that it wasn’t an oversight: The reality is that Fifth Third – with $120 billion in assets – didn’t […]

  • Eastern Europe's Banks are Next in Line for a Bailout

    By Martin Hutchinson Contributing Editor Money Morning We all know about the mess the United States, Britain, Spain and some other countries have gotten themselves into thanks to overenthusiastic housing bubbles. Investors who have studied the global trade figures lately are no doubt also aware that East Asian countries are in an entirely separate mess […]

  • Global Investment News Briefs

    U.S. Sues UBS; Unemployment Highest Since 1967; BoA Criticizes Housing Plan; Oil Soars Over $39; HP Lowers Forecast; Brazilian Jetmaker Cuts 20% of Workforce The U.S. government yesterday (Thursday) sued UBS AG (UBS) to force Switzerland’s largest bank to release the identities of 52,000 Americans who allegedly hid their secret Swiss accounts from U.S. tax […]

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Not Yet Worried About Inflation

    By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said yesterday (Wednesday) that he expects inflation to be "quite low for some time," but that the Federal Open Market Committee will begin publishing its long-term inflation forecasts to promote transparency. A steep drop in commodities prices has dampened inflation expectations significantly […]