Treasury Bonds Inflection Point Report: Profit As The Fed Crushes Bond Prices

[Editor's Note: U.S. Treasury bonds have been some of the worst-performing investments in the markets this year. In fact, yields just fell to their lowest point in more than six months.

But investors shouldn't write off their T-bonds just yet. According to financial markets expert Jack Barnes, Treasury bonds are about to hit an Inflection Point that could drive yields higher than they've been since 2007.

But this turnaround won't be signaled by a change in interest rates or any big announcement made by the U.S. Treasury or Federal Reserve officials.

Only one sign will show investors the Inflection Point is about to hit. And Jack will show you exactly what to look for below. It's a simple market move that will signal an imminent reversal in bond yields. Those who know to watch for it stand to make a killing off the reversal.

To understand this Inflection Point reversal, investors must know some background in the forces that really move Treasury bonds and interest rates in the U.S. And it all starts with the Federal Reserve...]

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