Fiscal Cliff 2013 Won't Damage These Stocks

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The U.S. economy is scheduled to "fall off" fiscal cliff 2013 on Jan. 2, when $530 billion in tax increases and spending cuts at the federal level will be actuated unless an agreement to avert it can be reached in Washington.

The Congressional Budget Office predicts fiscal cliff 2013 could send the United States into another recession.

But instead of worrying, investors should take this time to prepare.

Despite the magnitude of the fiscal cliff's consequences, there are stocks that will continue to deliver.

To survive the fiscal cliff, investors need to think big.

These Sectors Will Survive Fiscal Cliff 2013

The three sectors that will allow for gains after the fiscal cliff has been crossed are Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and Big Oil.  

What makes stocks in these sectors so appealing is that each is situated to gain from global demographic trends.

Pair that profit potential with high dividend yield and shareholders will find reliable returns.

We found three stocks that can deliver just that.

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