The Biggest Lie About Oil On Earth

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A Big Lie has spread like a virus through the energy-investing world.

It infects the television financial news and newspaper headlines every day.

It has polluted the 2012 election debate with misinformation by politicians and talking heads.

And it threatens your investments while making energy insiders billions each year.

The lie started spreading over the summer. You may have seen a report issued by Credit Suisse that said that oil could go as low as $50 a barrel. Or the predictions on CNBC saying $40 a barrel. Others said oil prices could fall even further.

These "talking heads" are saying that if we increase our supplies here in the U.S., oil prices will drop like a brick.

Apparently some people on Wall Street and Washington believe that by scaring the individual investor they stand make a greater profit for themselves.

Some political candidates even said that they guaranteed $2.50 per gallon gasoline if they were elected. Drill, baby, drill," has become something of a national catchphrase.

They argue that drilling more and more of our oil here in the United States will magically drive oil prices back down to levels not seen since the 20th century. Because they think that oil companies will ramp up production and lose billions of dollars a day just by giving oil away.

But I'm telling you now…

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