Don't Lose Half Your Savings: Four Ways to Survive The Coming Crash

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The money pundits in the press and on TV are gleefully reporting that the blue chips are up over 13,000. They seem to be saying, "Happy days are here again!"

But they're completely wrong.

The seemingly miraculous climb in the Dow – from 6,443.27 after the market crash in 2008… to over 13,000 today- didn't happen all on its own.

It has taken trillions of dollars of money from the U.S. Federal Reserve to boost these share prices back near their 2007 highs.

That means this run of market growth isn't related to real growth. The Dow you're invested in is dangerously inflated.

The value of the REAL Dow is much lower than what you see every day.

In fact…the REAL Dow is at 8,800 right now – and when this market bubble pops, that's where the Dow will go.

The real explosion will happen after January 1,2013. That's when the unavoidable "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and spending cuts will begin to inflict massive damage on the economy.

If you don't protect your investments now, you could see more than half of your money wiped out by the coming financial crisis and resulting market collapse.

In a minute I'm going to give you specific and immediate steps you can take to guard your money. But first, let me show you exactly what is happening.

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