Best Stocks to Buy: Cash In on a New $35 Billion Biotech Market

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Best stocks to buy for the week ending June 13, 2014: Each week our Money Morning experts dish out the latest profit plays and asset-protection moves for our Money Morning Members - all for free.

Last week, Money Morning's best stocks to buy included five biotech picks. Four of them are blazing trails in immuno-oncology - a new category of drugs that draft the body's own immune cells to target multiple cancer types. The market potential here is so huge - as much as $35 billion - that it may be the biotech sector's version of a California Gold Rush.

Our fifth biotech pick has already tripled in value in the last six months, and it's not done yet. Another catalyst is about to send its shares soaring in mid-July, and you'll want to get in before the boom.

Aside from these biotech winners, we covered an exchange-traded fund (ETF) play on the European Central Bank's recent policy changes, the best stock in "unified computing," and a smart gold buy that's trading at a discount.

Here's the full list of our best stocks to buy now...

Money Morning's Best Stocks to Buy Now (Update)

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  • The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meets every spring. The event is attended by some 30,000 people and hosts 4,000 presentations. Investors love ASCO because of the so-called "ASCO Effect" - a surge in cancer-focused biotech stocks that always accompanies the start of this meeting. This year's meeting turned Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III on to an important new trend - one that's shaping up as the next big profit opportunity in biotech. It's an emerging field called immuno-oncology, and on Thursday, Patalon highlighted four biotech firms he expects will lead the pack...

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  • Usually the best stocks to buy have not already tripled in value within the past six months. But this biotech has attracted a lot of attention this year because of its innovating and promising new drug. In trials, the drug has proven effective in treating patients suffering from a liver disease that causes inflammation and scarring and can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and death. Despite its already-surging stock value, analysts remain extraordinarily bullish, with a consensus price of $558.33 and a high target of $693 - more than double the current price. The next catalyst for the stock will arrive in mid-July - so the time to get in on this stock is now...
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