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Open Letter to Donald Trump Urges Disclosure, Divestment of Foreign Business Investments

Several former national security officials just released an open letter to Donald Trump.

They're asking him to disclose and divest himself from his foreign business deals...


Mark Cuban: U.S. Markets Will Tank If Trump Is Elected

Mark Cuban just sent out a series of scathing tweets criticizing Donald Trump.

The "Shark Tank" host thinks his fellow billionaire will crash U.S. markets - here's why...


25 Questions Hillary Clinton Must Answer Before Election Day

For the most part, Hillary Clinton has managed to dodge questions about how and why she used a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

But now a federal judge says she has only until the end of September to answer 25 pointed questions under oath about her long-running email scandal. The questions stem from a lawsuit by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Here's the complete list of questions the group has posed to Hillary Clinton...


Did Donald Trump Bribe a Would-Be Trump U. Investigator?

Did Donald Trump try to bribe Florida AG Pam Bondi over the Trump U. case?

News reports that emerged just this morning point to "yes, indeed"...


How Shockingly Similar Donald Trump's Campaign Is to 1968's Nixon and Wallace

Donald Trump's controversial candidacy has disturbing similarities to not one but two campaigns from 1968.

The Trump campaign has pulled pages from the playbooks of both disgraced President Richard Nixon, the "law and order" candidate, and third-party segregationist candidate George Wallace.

But Donald Trump seems to have the most in common with Wallace, and these similarities don't reflect well on the billionaire...

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Bill Clinton’s “Trumpish” Immigration Speech Got a Standing Ovation in 1995

Twenty years ago, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech on immigration that sounds like it could have just as easily been delivered by Donald Trump.

Here's a look at how Clinton got a standing ovation for saying something that would get Trump jeered at today...


Why Trump's Fundraising Lag Gives Him Unprecedented Edge Over Clinton (Yes, It's Counterintuitive)  

Donald Trump's fundraising lag behind Hillary Clinton, as opposed to the media's narrative, is actually a good thing.

In a bizarre turn of events, there's evidence that it's helping his image.

Here's what we mean...


The Best Defense Stocks to Buy Before the Election 2016 Vote

We've excited about three of the best defense stocks to buy come November.

That's because we've determined that no matter who wins election 2016 – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – these three defense stocks stand to gain big.

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When Will the FBI Release the Hillary Clinton Interview?

When Will the FBI release the Hillary Clinton interview?

After all, everyone wants to know how the bureau came to its decision not to recommend indictment of the Democratic presidential nominee, despite her apparent breaches of national security.

Here's what we know...


What Is the "Alt-Right"?

What is the "alt-right"?

Here's a look at the movement's ideas -- including its economic standpoints -- and why Clinton is trying to tie Trump to its cause...