Who Will Buy Twitter?

Who will buy Twitter?

That seems to be a question investors have been asking for years.

But a takeover bid is more likely now than ever before. These are three companies who will most realistically make an attempt to buy the struggling social media company...

Penny Stocks

The Best Penny Stocks This Week

This week, we're bringing you five of the best-performing penny stocks on the market, with gains up to 192%.

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The Fed

How to Invest After an Interest Rate Hike

With at least one interest rate hike expected this year, we've put together a guide to help investors make the best investments as interest rates rise.

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Market Crash

The Next Stock Market Crash Could Be Caused by the Fed

As widely expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at its September FOMC meeting.

The markets climbed, but this is actually bad for the economy and markets. In fact, the Fed could be creating the next stock market crash.

Here's how...


Grab These Shares Before Wall Street Realizes They're Rate-Hike Proof

If Janet Yellen raises rates in December, it will likely be so the Fed can cut them again shortly thereafter.

It makes sense – official U.S. debt tops $19 trillion (and rising fast). Unfunded liabilities take the total to nearly $127 trillion. Raising rates by just 1% would cost the Fed unfathomably more in additional interest that comes right from the federal budget.

Were it to hike rates, the central bank would cut its own feet off, too. The Fed's bond inventory is so massive, Goldman Sachs estimates it would take a $250 billion haircut on a 1% hike.

So I feel pretty confident that we won't see anything but a token increase – if that – anytime soon.

So, now more than ever, investors need to find a nice, secure source of yield among the slim pickings available; something with the wherewithal to hold up under uncertainty and change.

I'm going to show you the best one I know. And the best part is, its "secret ingredient" is more than powerful enough to overcome any interest rate hike, whether it comes from the Fed or the market. 

The income is great, and you'll love the capital gains, too...

The Fed

This Market Is Counting on Two Things That It Absolutely Shouldn't

The Fed's every move is just causing more and more harm to the economy and market. There's a lack of political and moral courage to raise interest rates.

But investors, and of course the mainstream financial press, are completely oblivious to what's about to happen...


Upcoming IPOs to Watch This Week Include MRT, NTNX, FLGT

Our upcoming IPOs calendar for September has been filled to the brim.

Now, there are five more companies looking to go public before October.

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Gold Stocks to Buy Now

The best gold stocks to buy now will have room to climb, even though they've done so well this year.

That's because, as we show you here, gold is going to keep going up. And these gold shares will rise along with it.

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September OPEC Meeting: What You Need to Know Today

The September OPEC meeting gets underway in Algiers today (Monday) as OPEC and non-OPEC members meet for an informal yet crucial energy summit.

Hopes are growing that some kind of deal will be reached.

Here's everything that investors need to know about the September OPEC meeting...

Wall Street

The Unintended Consequences of These New SEC Rules Could Kill the Rally – or Worse

When these new SEC rules kick in next month, they won't just affect institutional investors – they could end up killing the markets.

Here's everything you need to know...