Today's Amazon Stock Price Rally Is Tied to This One Number

The Amazon stock price hit an all-time high of $766 today after posting its third consecutive record profit and fifth straight period of profitability.

Still, the AMZN stock price rally is tied to this one number.

And it's surging...


Amazon Stock Price Hits an All-Time High and the Rally Isn't Over

The Amazon stock price hit an all-time intraday high of $757.34 Tuesday amid excitement over Prime Day.

What's even better is that the Amazon stock price rally is far from over.

Here why...


Should I Buy AMZN Stock After Amazon Prime Day?

With AMZN stock near a 52-week high today, investors want to know if Prime Day tomorrow will boost shares over the long term.

But massive Prime Day sales is only one reason why we see the stock price heading higher in 2016.

Here are three other bullish factors for the Amazon stock price...


Here’s How to Play Amazon Stock Ahead of Prime Day

The Amazon stock price netted a quick gain for investors last year after its first-ever Prime Day event.

The 2015 Prime Day offered deals on baby products, home appliances, and electronics.

It was so popular that 398 items were ordered per second. So now that Prime Day is back in 2016, how should you invest in Amazon stock before July 12? Here's what you need to know...


Amazon Stock Price Can Climb Further After This Retailer's Bankruptcy

The Amazon stock price continues to climb even though the stock market as a whole is lagging behind.

In the last 12 months, AMZN is already up 65%.

And because of a recent bankruptcy, Amazon could generate billions in sales from its displaced customers. Here's what you need to know...


Why the AMZN Stock Price Is Climbing Today – and What's Next

The AMZN stock price climbed more than 2% to $710.73 today on news the e-commerce behemoth will start selling its own brand of snacks, diapers, teas, vitamins, detergents, and more.

The move will increase the online retailer's already dominate reach and presence.

It's also expected to boost Amazon's revenue stream...


Amazon Stock Price Soars 12% Today – and This Is Just the Start

The Amazon stock price jumped nearly 12% this morning after the company reported extremely bullish earnings and forward guidance.

And this is just the start of gains for Amazon.

We've been bullish on Amazon for months and have plenty of good company...


Should I Buy Amazon Stock After Q1 Earnings?

Yes, the Amazon stock price has rocketed 40.7% over the last year.

But some investors worry shares of the e-commerce giant are about to peak after its Q1 earnings report.

Here's everything you need to know ahead of the highly anticipated report this Thursday...


Why the Microsoft Stock Price Fell Today – and Why That's Good

The Microsoft stock price fell as much as 9% today after the company's Q3 earnings disappointed Wall Street.

Earnings missed expectations by $0.02, and Microsoft lowered guidance for the current quarter. Both helped drive the MSFT stock price down.

But there's more to these Microsoft earnings than it appears. Here's why the long-term case for MSFT stock remains intact...


Amazon Stock Just Received Major Catalyst in New Streaming Service

The Amazon stock price today started to climb after the company announced the introduction of its newest video subscription plan.

Consumers can now directly subscribe to Amazon's movie and TV collection for just $8.99 a month.

But Wall Street is only looking at the short-term nature of this deal. There's a much bigger revenue growth catalyst that's being completely overlooked, and we share it exclusively with our readers here...