Gemini Bitcoin Exchange from the Winklevoss Twins Is One Step Closer to Launch

The Gemini Bitcoin exchange, another Bitcoin-related Winklevoss twins project, took a major step forward last week.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed an application with the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSFD) for the Gemini Bitcoin exchange to operate as a trust company.

Here's why the Gemini Bitcoin exchange matters...


Bitcoin Value Today Surges on Buying from China

The Bitcoin value today jumped 8.5% in 90 minutes as buying on Bitcoin exchanges in China surged.

The surge sent the Bitcoin price from $269.11 to $291.98, fell back to the mid-$280s then surged again to $295. That's the highest level for the price of Bitcoin since mid-March.

Here's why China is buying up Bitcoin faster than ever...


The Real Bitcoin Price-Greek Debt Crisis Connection

Over the past week, the Bitcoin price has made is strongest move to the upside in three months – a move that took place just as the Greek debt crisis escalated.

But are these two events a true cause and effect?

Here's why the Greek debt crisis is behind the rise in the price of Bitcoin - but not in the way you might think...


How to Buy Bitcoins with Cloud Mining

Of all the ways how to buy bitcoins, cloud mining may be the most unusual.

With Bitcoin cloud mining, you don't buy bitcoins or the actual hardware used to "mine" it. You buy a contract for a certain amount of mining power, known as "hashing power" for a certain period of time.

While it can be risky, cloud mining does have a romantic appeal. Here's what you need to know...


Universe of Where to Buy Bitcoins Is Rapidly Expanding

Where to buy bitcoins is one of those chicken-and-egg issues that has slowed the broader adoption of the digital currency.

Now imagine if places where you can buy bitcoins were as common as bank ATMs or convenience stores.

In some countries, people don't have to imagine it.

That's because they can buy bitcoins from tens of thousands of locations right now...


Looking for a Bitcoin Stock Symbol? We've Got Them All

Looking for the Bitcoin stock symbol is not as straightforward as you might think.

Technically speaking, there's no such thing as a "Bitcoin stock symbol," although there are several tickers associated with Bitcoin.

So here are all the known Bitcoin stock symbols - those associated with the trading of the digital currency itself as well as related investments.


How the Bitcoin Market Cap Explains a $1 Million Price Prediction

The Bitcoin market cap plays a key role in making sense of Bitcoin value predictions of $10,000, $100,000 and even $1 million.

As of today, the Bitcoin market cap is $3.2 billion. That's 14.22 million bitcoins times $225, the price of Bitcoin on Monday afternoon. That's not a lot of money for a technology that's expected to revolutionize the world of finance.

But the way Bitcoin is designed will force the Bitcoin market cap higher as time goes on...


The Perianne Boring Interview III: Bitcoin's Hidden Washington Allies

In Parts I and II of the Money Morning exclusive interview with Chamber of Digital Commerce President Perianne Boring, she talked about how her work in Washington and the importance of having more women in Bitcoin.

At 27, Boring has become one of the pre-eminent voices in the world of Bitcoin.

In Part III of our interview, we discuss the many regulatory challenges Bitcoin faces - and the many hidden allies the digital currency has on Capitol Hill.


The Perianne Boring Interview II: Why Bitcoin Needs More Women

In Part I of the Money Morning exclusive interview with Chamber of Digital Commerce President Perianne Boring, she talked about how she got to Washington and the work of the CDC.

The 27-year-old has certainly made a name for herself in the world of Bitcoin.

She founded the CDC in July of last year. The trade association's purpose is to advocate for Bitcoin not just on Capitol Hill, but amongst the regulatory maze that is Washington.

In Part II of our interview, we discuss the role of women in Bitcoin...


The Perianne Boring Interview: How the CDC Is Teaching Washington About Bitcoin

Most people are still trying to find their place in the world when they're 27 years old.

Not Perianne Boring.

She's the president and founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a trade association designed to advocate for Bitcoin not just on Capitol Hill, but amongst the regulatory maze that is Washington

We recently had the chance to sit down with Boring and talk with her about how she's managed to achieve so much in such a short time, Washington's evolving relationship with Bitcoin, and more.

Here's Part I...

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