The Perianne Boring Interview III: Bitcoin's Hidden Washington Allies

In Parts I and II of the Money Morning exclusive interview with Chamber of Digital Commerce President Perianne Boring, she talked about how her work in Washington and the importance of having more women in Bitcoin.

At 27, Boring has become one of the pre-eminent voices in the world of Bitcoin.

In Part III of our interview, we discuss the many regulatory challenges Bitcoin faces - and the many hidden allies the digital currency has on Capitol Hill.


The Perianne Boring Interview II: Why Bitcoin Needs More Women

In Part I of the Money Morning exclusive interview with Chamber of Digital Commerce President Perianne Boring, she talked about how she got to Washington and the work of the CDC.

The 27-year-old has certainly made a name for herself in the world of Bitcoin.

She founded the CDC in July of last year. The trade association's purpose is to advocate for Bitcoin not just on Capitol Hill, but amongst the regulatory maze that is Washington.

In Part II of our interview, we discuss the role of women in Bitcoin...


The Perianne Boring Interview: How the CDC Is Teaching Washington About Bitcoin

Most people are still trying to find their place in the world when they're 27 years old.

Not Perianne Boring.

She's the president and founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a trade association designed to advocate for Bitcoin not just on Capitol Hill, but amongst the regulatory maze that is Washington

We recently had the chance to sit down with Boring and talk with her about how she's managed to achieve so much in such a short time, Washington's evolving relationship with Bitcoin, and more.

Here's Part I...


Bitcoin News Today: Goldman Sachs Puts Its Money Behind the Blockchain

Bitcoin News Today: After a recent string of good news, the price of Bitcoin has inched up some – and remains stable.

After hitting a recent low of $177 in January, the Bitcoin price looks to be stabilizing around $240.

More importantly, though, some major players are sniffing around the cryptocurrency – and are beginning to take it more seriously… with cash.

Take Goldman Sachs, for example...


Why U.S. Bitcoin Exchange itBit's Approval Is a Big Step Forward

Startup itBit Trust Co. has become the first U.S. Bitcoin exchange able to offer its services in all 50 states.

It's another major step toward mainstream adoption for the digital currency.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) granted a trust company charter to New York-based itBit last Thursday.

The launch of the itBit exchange is part of a larger trend that shows Bitcoin is the future of finance...


Price of Bitcoin Creeps Up on Wave of Major Developments

A rapid-fire string of good news over the past week has help nudge up the price of Bitcoin.

A week ago the Bitcoin price was hovering around $225, somewhat disappointing since just six weeks earlier it was threating to break through the $300 level.

But then we started to get some major positive Bitcoin news. Over the past few days, the Bitcoin price is up about 7%, trading in the neighborhood of $240

The biggest jump came Thursday with the largest and most direct vote of confidence for Bitcoin from Wall Street yet…


VC Investing in Bitcoin Rises to the Fastest Pace Yet

The amount of money venture capitalists are investing in Bitcoin continues to accelerate, demonstrating their faith in the potential of the digital currency.

In the first quarter of 2015, venture capitalists poured $229 million into Bitcoin startups. That was more than double the $144 million invested in Bitcoin in Q4 of 2014.

And now venture capitalists are concentrating on the most promising Bitcoin startups.

One company set a Bitcoin funding record last month and has venture capitalists swooning...


The Price of Bitcoin Is About to Get a Little Government Help

The price of Bitcoin stands to get a boost this year from an unlikely source – state and local governments.

At least two states, New Hampshire and Utah, have bills under consideration that would make it possible for citizens to pay taxes and fees in Bitcoin. New York City has proposed similar legislation.

The likelihood of some governments taking Bitcoin payments gives the digital currency a stamp of legitimacy. And the added confidence that brings ultimately will have a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin.

But that's not all it would do...


Bitcoin Price Prediction: Why It's Only Now Finding the True Value

Don't be fooled when you see a Bitcoin price prediction that calls for a collapse in the digital currency based on its steep price decline from a bubble that burst.

That's not really what the charts are saying, although it's easy to see why they'd get it wrong.

The critics only can see a long slide into oblivion. They believe Bitcoin has no value, and that its demise is inevitable.

But these critics miss several key points...


How to Buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM

Knowing how to buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is a good skill to have as the digital currency goes mainstream.

Today about 82,000 merchants accept Bitcoin – more than double the number just one year ago. As more merchants accept Bitcoin, there's a growing need to buy Bitcoin "on the go."

That's where Bitcoin ATMs come in. But using a Bitcoin ATM isn't like using a traditional bank ATM.

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