Bitcoin Stock Exchange Could Be "More Valuable than Alibaba"

When (Nasdaq: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne launched a wiki page to explore the possibility of a Bitcoin stock exchange, it was hard to imagine the project getting past the idea stage.

But Patrick Byrne is a man on a mission.

Driven by a deep mistrust of Wall Street, Byrne has announced the creation of a division within his company charged with making this dream a reality.

Called "Medici," the system will use Bitcoin's public ledger of transactions, the blockchain, to bypass Wall Street's institutions.

This directly threatens the status quo…


"The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" Is Way More than a Geeky Currency Story

For people having a hard time grasping what Bitcoin is all about, deliverance is at hand.

A new Bitcoin documentary – “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” – makes this abstract form of money easier to understand. And you don’t need to be a geek to get something out of it.

Along the way, “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” also does a thorough job of detailing the history of Bitcoin, beginning with its creation by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

But here’s the reason why this film matters…


Forget the Bitcoin Price – These Are the Trends That Matter

On Sunday the Bitcoin price hit a 2014 low of just under $291 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, but as of this afternoon (Wednesday) it had bounced back above $340.

It's just another week in the volatile life of Bitcoin.

But despite all the digital currency's wild ups and downs, the trends that matter have stayed on a remarkably consistent path, utterly unfazed by the gyrations in the Bitcoin price.

Just look at what’s been going on…


Why “End of Bitcoin” News Headlines Are a Positive Sign for the Digital Currency

When you start seeing a lot of Bitcoin news headlines declaring that the digital currency is dead or dying, it can only mean one thing.

Bitcoin prices are bottoming out and will soon start rising.

That’s not the conclusion one would normally draw from a Financial Times story that just pronounced the “end of Bitcoin,” but in this case it’s correct.

To make sense of this, we need to turn to science…


Bitcoin Price Gets 9% Lift from "Monumental Moment" with PayPal Deal

The Bitcoin price jumped as much as 9% today (Tuesday) after PayPal announced partnerships with the three largest Bitcoin payment processors – BitPay, CoinBase, and GoCoin.

The news arrested a two-month slide in the Bitcoin price that had dropped the value of the digital currency from more than $600 to under $400. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index was hovering around $434 in mid-afternoon trading after reaching a high of $443.38.

Here’s why the announcement moved Bitcoin prices so much higher…


First U.S. Bitcoin Derivative Reduces Risk for Businesses

A major stumbling block to wider Bitcoin adoption was removed today (Friday) with the launch of the first regulator-approved U.S. Bitcoin derivative.

Summit, N.J.-based TeraExchange announced that trading of U.S. dollar/Bitcoin swaps started today following approval by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The availability of a Bitcoin derivative means businesses will be able to hedge against the risk of Bitcoin price volatility, which had made many merchants reluctant to accept the digital currency.

But that’s not all this new Bitcoin instrument will do…


Why the Bitcoin Price Is Stuck in a Rut for Now

There's no sugarcoating it: The Bitcoin price has plunged nearly 29% over the past two months.

While few in the Bitcoin community are panicking over this decline, many are puzzled. Despite the lack of any unusually bad news, the price keeps trending down.

It's actually not as perplexing as it appears. At this point in Bitcoin's evolution, the market forces pulling the Bitcoin price down are stronger than those pushing it up.

Here’s what’s been going on – and why it won’t last forever…


CEO Envisions Bitcoin Stock System to "Wipe Out" Wall Street (Nasdaq: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne wants to create a Bitcoin stock trading system to make Wall Street obsolete.

Last month he created a wiki page on the Internet to solicit help in creating a decentralized, purely digital stock trading system that would use Bitcoin's blockchain – the mechanism that records and verifies all the transactions – as its foundation.

But while Byrne has made progress, he faces huge obstacles…


The True Bitcoin Value Is About to Be Unchained by This Tiny Startup

The true Bitcoin value proposition has long puzzled those outside the Bitcoin community, but a small San Francisco startup could soon change all that.

This six-month-old company, Chain, is offering simplified access to Bitcoin's underlying infrastructure, known as the blockchain, so other companies can build a whole range of applications on top of it to exploit the real potential of the digital currency.

We’re about to enter a brave new world…


Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling – and Why It's Not a Crisis

While everyone wants to know why the Bitcoin price is falling, no one is panicking.

There are many reasons for that, such as the rising number of merchants accepting Bitcoin and the millions of dollars in venture capital that continue to pour into Bitcoin startups.

But the latest crash in the Bitcoin price took many by surprise, as it followed weeks of stability.

It turns out the most likely explanation is one that most seasoned investors will recognize...