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How to Safely Get Your Share of the Trillions About to Flood China's Markets

The Hangzhou G20 summit was China's coming-out party as a global economic superpower. China's yuan will join the IMF's basket of global reserve currencies next month.

Trillions in institutional money will flood Chinese markets after that. Here's how you can profit.


Russia and China Taunt NATO with Show of Friendship in the South China Sea

Russia and China are prepping for joint sea naval drills in the disputed South China Sea.

We believe the move is intended to send a strong signal to NATO...


Alibaba Stock Price Just Hit a 52-Week High and Is Headed Higher

The Alibaba stock price hit a 52-week high of $103.36 today (Tuesday) and it's heading higher.

The company continues to expand its scale and scope.

That's why we think BABA is poised for more growth and profits...


Philippines: China Will Be the "Loser" in South China Sea

The South China Sea dispute got even more heated…

The Philippines' foreign minister just issued a bold warning to China if it ignores The Hague ruling.

Here's what he had to say...


Satellite Images Show China Building Massive Military Hangars in South China Sea

The South China Sea dispute is getting even more controversial.

Now, it appears China is building massive military jet hangars in the area, based upon several satellite images.

And they're near completion...


The Chinese Government Just Landed This Secret Deal to Access Our Smartphones

The Chinese government just made a massive secret deal in order to gain unprecedented access to the global Internet economy…

And to our cell phones...


China Defies Hague Ruling, Warns of "Disaster" If Challenged in South China Sea

In another act of defiance to international law, China is closing down parts of the South China Sea to conduct naval exercises.

The Red Dragon also offered a stark warning for countries that wish to interrupt its exercises...


Will the U.S. Go to War with China Over the South China Sea?

Will the U.S. go to war with China in the South China Sea?

After Tuesday morning's tribunal ruling, there are several outcomes that could now play out...


China Roils After Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea

The South China Sea is known for its fair share of territorial disputes. But this latest clash between China and the U.S. was hardly expected.

Especially since it happened after a joint military exercise...


Alibaba Stock Price Receives Major Catalyst Today from $1 Billion Acquisition

Before we get into what today's $1 billion acquisition means for the Alibaba stock price, here's some details about the potential packed deal.

The transaction opens up a whole new growth area for Alibaba.

Here's what you need to know...