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Two China ETF Picks to Get You Started on China Investing Today

Looking to start investing in China? These two China ETF picks are a god place to start.

One is a broader play that invests in China as whole. The other targets what may be the most exciting market trend that will emerge in China over the next decade.

After all, you can't go wrong with a solid China ETF in your portfolio...


Alibaba IPO Makes Founder Jack Ma China’s Richest Man – by a Wide Margin

The Alibaba IPO date is still at least two weeks away, but Alibaba's Chairman and co-founder Jack Ma is already feeling the impact of the massive IPO.

According to the Bloomberg's Billionaire Index, Ma's net worth has been calculated at $21.9 billion, making him China's wealthiest citizen – by a wide margin.

Here’s how Ma’s wealth stacks up against other Chinese billionaires, and how the Alibaba IPO will pad his lead…


China Holds the Keys to the Gold Market

Last year China's private-sector demand for gold reached a record level of 1,132 tonnes, and according to the World Gold Council (WGC), the Asian nation could easily dominate the gold market once again, as they predict demand growing 20% by 2017.

This updated projection from the WGC confirms that China's love for the precious metal remains robust.

Here's what's driving China’s ever-growing hunger for gold...

Tech Investing

The Hottest Investment Market on Earth

China has been dominating the headlines in recent days… And not in a good way.

Since late last week, worries about slowing growth, financial-system shenanigans, and the potential for an "Asian Contagion" type spillover have whacked global stocks – and have left folks wondering if the Chinese Miracle is over.

But China's kind of like a still-young tech venture: There are going to be reversals, it's going to be volatile, and it's normal to expect this kind of whipsaw market action.

And let me tell you something else: While it's true that Beijing has some big problems to solve, investors who just write China off are going to miss out on one of the biggest profit opportunities in global technology.

Even as the broader economy there slows (meaning it's still growing – just at a slower rate than before), there's a tech-focused slice of that country's market that continues to advance at a scorching pace.

In fact, if you look at the numbers, I bet you'll agree with my assessment that we're looking at the hottest investable market on earth.

Today I'm going to tell you all about this market… and I'm going to show you exactly how to play this for maximum gain.


The Golden Yuan Is Coming – Here's How to Play It

The U.S. dollar has been the world's de facto reserve currency for almost 90 years.

But this financial dominance may be nearing its end.

In recent years, China's been floating the idea the yuan should take on the dollar's role as the world's reserve currency.

In fact, the Chinese have already negotiated numerous bilateral trade deals that completely bypass it.

And they've even called for efforts to "de-Americanize" the global economy.

Whatever happens, China's economic rise foreshadows increased influence.

It's a trend that not only has serious implications, but also great profit opportunities,

U.S. Economy

Don't Fear China and Japan Owning More U.S. Debt

The U.S. Treasury Department said today (Thursday) that total foreign holdings of U.S. debt rose 1.1% in November to $5.72 trillion, putting foreign holdings 0.1% below the all-time high of $5.76 trillion it reached in March 2013.

In particular, China's holdings reached record levels, increasing 0.9% to $1.32 billion, and so did Japan, which boosted its holdings by 1% to $1.19 trillion. The two countries are the largest and second-largest foreign buyers of Treasury debt, respectively.

To watch the video, click here...

Investing Tips

This "Spark" Could Help Fetch a 935% Gain

Editor's Note: Sid's new Small-Cap Rocket Alert is off to a terrific start. His first recommendation is up more than 35% in less than 30 days. And the shares he recommended this week could also climb quickly. Sid's projecting a 935% potential gain over the next 15 months. The move will be driven by a series of "sparks," or catalysts, like the one he's going to show you today…

We hear Wall Street's wizards pontificate, on and on, about the true value of a company all the time. They support their claims with a wide range of ratios.

Or something even more powerful...

Global Economy

This Latest Chinese Investment Trend Is Heating Up Social Strife Abroad

China is hungry and looking outside its borders for ways to feed its 1.35 billion citizens.

In recent years Chinese companies and investors have become some of the largest players in the vertical supply chain for global agriculture. It's a Chinese investment trend that will only accelerate as the country's population increases.

According to the Heritage Foundation, Chinese investors have pumped $27.9 billion into the agricultural sectors of more than 30 nations.

But one aspect of this Chinese investment trend has stirred some concern. The Asian giant has bought vast tracts of farmland in nations across Asia and Africa.

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Top News

Here’s Why China's Fat Finger Trade Matters

China's Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSE) frankly went a little crazy yesterday afternoon, as shares swung up by nearly 6% – with a 53% jump in volume in a matter of about two minutes.

But it soon came to light that Everbright Securities Co. Ltd., one of the largest securities brokerages in all of China, had placed an erroneous buy order – a fat-finger trade – for securities worth $1.13 billion.

These revelations caused more chaos; Everbright's shares were suspended, while shares of the parent company, China Everbright International Ltd., lost as much as 8.5% of their value. The Shanghai Composite dropped overall.

The volatility ruined a lot of afternoons.

All of this from one fat-finger trade.


I Just Uncovered Some Shocking Numbers About China

There are few things more exciting in the investment business than finding a golden opportunity staring you in the face.

That's why I do a lot of research. Because I know that the more I dig, the greater the chance I will find something that others miss, that leads to big opportunity.

Just like when I revisited China's recent economic data, looking for something in there that indicates whether the country's economy is any closer to reviving its engine of growth.

And its stock market, too.

The Chinese stock market has fallen 40.9% since August 2009, leading Oppenheimer to refer to it as a "dead animal" and millions of investors to conclude it's a lost cause.

All the more reason to dig…

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