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China Investments


Tesla Stock Price Today Climbs After Reporting Record China Sales

The Tesla stock price today (Monday) climbed as much as 2% from Friday's close after the company announced record sales in China for Q3.

Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) sold 1,345 vehicles in China this quarter. That beat Q2 China sales of 883 vehicles and Q1 sales of 797.

And that's not the only reason to be bullish on the Tesla stock price...


Why Chinese Interest Rates Were Slashed Again Today

China's central bank on Friday cut both Chinese interest rates and banks' reserve requirement ratio. It's an effort to boost China's slowing economy.

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) trimmed its benchmark lending and deposit rate by 0.25% each. They are now at 4.35% and 1.5%, respectively.

The cut in Chinese interest rates comes just days after China reported its slowest GDP growth rate since the Great Recession...


No One Believes China's GDP Numbers… But They're Not The Real Takeaway

China reported its most recent GDP figures as 6.9% growth versus the officially targeted 7% everybody was expecting.

Now the media's going to spend the next 72 hours talking about that China's GDP "miss" as if it's a real number. Ignore them.

Instead, focus on the data I'm going to share with you today. China's going to fuel the world's best businesses for decades to come.

And, in the process of doing so, create yet another round of millionaires. I want you to be one of them.

Global Markets

America Is About to Import a Global Debt Crisis

A global debt crisis is coming. The warning signs have been emerging for months.

"This market instability is not going away. It's been building for six years. It can only end one way – with a 'Super Crash,'" Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael E. Lewitt told readers back on Sept. 8. "It's not just China that's creating this next (much worse) sell-off. It's also the massive, $200 trillion global debt bubble that's driving the world economy to its knees."

Now, it seems, major media outlets are finally catching on…

This week, an award-winning investigative journalist for Salon wrote a well-researched piece that concluded "trillions of dollars of investment in emerging markets has been fueled by cheap credit - and the bill's coming due"...


China Monetary Policy Moves Continue to Fall Short

The China monetary policy has seen numerous manipulative moves over the last several months as the government tries stimulate growth and stabilize the crashing Chinese stock markets.

So far, results have been uninspiring as China's growth continue to wane.

Here are some of the China monetary policy moves and how they have failed to pay off so far...


Why the Chinese Stock Market Climbed 2% Today

The Chinese stock market reversed an early loss Monday and finished up nearly 2% even as other Asian stock markets stumbled.

Investors counting on more government intervention, however, will likely get burned.

Here's why there is more trouble ahead in China...


China's Inflation Is Rising – but All Eyes Are on Deflationary Risks

The latest data out of China today shows China’s inflation is rising. However, it’s China’s deflation risks that have everyone talking.

The National Bureau of Statics said today (Thursday) that China’s consumer price index (CPI) rose 2% year over year in August and reached a one-year high.

But that wasn't the only statistic investors are eying today...

Market Crash

How U.S. Stocks Could Take Another Hit from China's Crash (and What to Do About It)

The shockwaves from the Chinese markets' total meltdown are rippling through the "globalized" markets right now.

Clearly, they've got American investors scared, too. It's easy to see why…

The markets seem to be in unknown territory with China, but, as you'll see, there's really no mystery to what has happened – and what will follow.

Shah gave us a special video exclusive to detail just how much damage we can expect on American markets as "China sneezes and the world catches a cold," plus some trading strategies he suggests to keep your money safe...


More China Stimulus Sparks Global Stock Market Rally

Global stock markets rallied today (Wednesday) as investors continue to speculate about additional China stimulus measures.

The Shanghai Index rose 2.93%, Hong Kong added 4.10%, and Japan jumped the most in seven years with a 7.7% gain.

Here's what additional actions the government in China could take...


The Real Threat from China's Stock Market Crash

Conventional wisdom at the moment says that China's coming unglued and that the country's stock markets pose a grave danger to global investors. It's communist, it's a Ponzi scheme, it's ruled by insiders, it's leveraged up to its eyeballs, ghost cities… all the usual tired old arguments are being rolled out as if they're somehow new again.

In reality, the real risk isn't being reported. In fact, it's not even being talked about.

I want to focus on this disconnect today, because the China-bashing crowd is right about one thing – that country's current challenges definitely affect your money.

Just not the way most people think.

In fact, it's not even being talked about...