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China Investments


Will China Lower Interest Rates?

With the Shanghai Composite tumbling 16% this week alone and rattling global markets, readers are asking us, "Will China lower interest rates?" The simple answer is that they already have.

The Shanghai Composite finished in the red today (Wednesday) for the fifth consecutive day. The index was up as much as 4% at one point, but finished the session down 1.3% to 2,927.29.

Here's why another rate cut might have little effect on steadying China's markets...


Chinese Stock Market Falls Again Today Prompting Interest Rate Cut

Chinese stock markets suffered another punishing day Tuesday on the heels of a steep drop Monday.

Hours after stocks closed in China, Beijing moved to support markets with an interest rate cut and bank reserve requirement.

Here's what's next for the Chinese stock market and for global markets...

Stock market crash

How Did Global Stock Markets Do Today? Check Out These Numbers

How did global stock markets do today? China's unexpected yuan devaluation over the past couple weeks sent the market into a huge sell-off.

From the Nikkei to the French CAC, stocks plummeted, shaking investors in every industry.

Here are a few of the affected markets, as well as which commodities were jostled...

Stock Market Crash

What to Do as China's Stock Market Drags Down Shares

On Aug. 19, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani called China's stock market "a canary in the coal mine" and warned of a crash in the immediate future.

Last night, as markets in Asia plunged even further, FOX Business' Stuart Varney of "Varney & Co." gave Shah credit for predicting the dive. Then he asked: What's next for the stock market?

Here's what Shah is recommending investors do now...

Stock Market Crash

China's Stock Market Crash Leads to Global Sell-Off

China's stock market crash of 8.49% Monday fueled a sell-off in markets worldwide.

The rout was sparked after China's central bank failed to intervene to prop-up the country's slowing economy and stocks. Rattled investors all over the globe retreated from equites.

Here's everything investors need to know about today's stock market crash...


[Chart] How China's Stock Market Crash Has Impacted Global Markets

During China's stock market crash, the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen more than 26% since June 12.

And as the world's second-largest economy, China's stock market crash is now weighing on global markets.

Here's a look at how other global stock markets have performed since China's stock market began crashing...


China's Stock Market Plunges 6.2% Today amid New Yuan Concerns

China's stock market plunged 6.2% Tuesday amid new fears about Beijing's commitment to steadying equities.

Fears over further yuan currency devaluations likely set off the rout.

Worries are also mounting that the world's second-largest economy is facing a serious slowdown...


Chinese Currency Explained: Renminbi vs. Yuan

Chinese currency has two names: the renminbi (RMB) and the yuan. The two are oft confused and used interchangeably. And this misunderstanding has amped up as of late…

You see, unprecedented action from China's central bank this week caused the biggest drop in Chinese currency in decades – and counting.

The move is all over financial news and noticeably sparked disparate "renminbi vs. yuan" use in headlines.

So now is a great time to take a look at exactly what is the difference between yuan and renminbi...

Top News

Will the Yuan Currency Devaluation Cause a Stock Market Crash?

Stocks tumbled again early today (Wednesday) after a second round of yuan currency devaluation by the Chinese central bank.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as much as 250 points, or 1.5%, in Wednesday morning trading. That decline followed a 193-point loss (1.1%) Tuesday.

And it raises the question of whether the yuan devaluation will trigger a broader U.S. stock market crash.

At least one market observer believes we're now on a path to a stock market crash as bad as the one in 2008...

Stock Market Today

How China's Currency Move Changes the Investing Landscape

The markets got carried out feet first this morning in early trading that saw the Dow plunge more than 230 points, the S&P 500 shed more than 25 points, and the Nasdaq crater a massive 90 points. Then, as logic and common sense prevailed, the major averages fought their way back in one of the most gut-wrenching days in a long time.

Still, there are a lot of jangled nerves out there, and China is being pilloried for its actions – which is exactly why I wanted to reach out to you today with an explanation of what's really driving this, and how to capitalize on the situation.

China's currency move was absolutely brilliant for two reasons...