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China Warns U.S. Over South China Sea Presence

China warns U.S. officials about an agreement that was just made between North America and the Philippines.

The treaty calls for an increased U.S. military presence in the South China Sea.

It is beginning to look more and more like a blinking contest in the South Pacific...


When China's Stock Market Crashed, It Sent This Desperate Email to the U.S. Fed

China's stock market crash last July prompted Red Dragon officials to make a surprising move.

They asked the U.S. Federal Reserve for help.

Specifically, China wanted to know how we contained the stock market crash of 1987, which proved remarkably similar to China's crash.

Here's how the U.S. Fed responded...


Why the Chinese Economy Is Not Out of the Woods

The new year started with sharp declines in the Chinese stock market that spooked investors around the world. But in recent weeks, conditions appear to have stabilized.

But the news is not all good for the Chinese economy. And one very telltale instance of the "rats leaving the sinking ship" shows you the true story...


Here's How Donald Trump Would Force China into "Disappearing" Kim Jong Un

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, North Korea's recent threats are indeed a big problem – but they're China's big problem.

"China has tremendous power over North Korea and they take our money so we have power over China," the Republican favorite said.

Here's how he intends to make the Red Dragon take care of Kim Jong Un...


Here's What the Fallout from a China Stock Market Crash Looks Like

Chinese officials have tried their best to quell skeptics over a looming China stock market crash… But the G20 Summit last weekend left investors none the wiser about the specific measures China intends to take to bolster its economy — the second-largest in the world. "Investors feel disappointed over the lack of good news from […]

It's important to know what to expect, and what to avoid, when it bursts...


What Investors Need to Know About the South China Sea Showdown

The South China Sea showdown took a turn toward even more tension this month, with Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric and Taiwan's missile jitters making a bad situation worse.

Every investor needs to know their risk here.


Why the Chinese Yuan Was Lowered Today – and What That Means for Your Money

The Chinese yuan tumbled to a three-week low against the U.S. dollar today (Monday), and that's having a ripple effect throughout global markets.

China's central bank cut reserve requirements for most major banks today in a move aimed at boosting growth in the world's second-largest economy.

Here's what that means for you and your money...


China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada

China issued a warning to the U.S. about electing GOP front-runner Donald Trump just one day after "The Donald" won by a landslide in Nevada…

Sounds a bit like China's not much of a Trump fan, though we suspect the feeling's mutual.

Here's more on what Red Dragon authorities had to say...

Market Crash

What Today's China Stock Market Crash Means for Your Money in 2016

There was another China stock market crash today (Thursday) as worries about market liquidity in the nation intensified.

For U.S. investors, the China stock market crash hits close to home, because every major sell-off in China will have a massive impact on global stocks in 2016.

But first, here's why the Chinese stock market crashed today...


New Silk Road Will Exert China's Influence as the Largest Economic Scheme on Earth

China's New Silk Road offers more than new trade possibilities.

Similar to global mega-infrastructure projects of the past, the Red Dragon initiative represents myriad opportunities – including military and political influence.

Here's a look at the New Silk Road and how it compares to the Marshall Plan, the Panama Canal, and the Interstate Highway System...