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The U.S.' New Trade War with China

Yesterday China decried a decision by the U.S. to impose massive new 522% tariffs on exported steel goods.

Will America's bold move lead to a trade war?


China Just Bought a "Secret" Gold Bank in London

China's state-owned ICBC Bank just purchased a massive gold vault in London.

And no one knows where the vault is actually located.

Well, except China...

Market Crash

China's Insane Debt Could Cause the Next Stock Market Crash

After the worst start ever to a year for markets, stocks have rebounded and some investors have grown complacent.

But a stock market crash could be coming thanks to China's insane debt.

Here's what you need to know and how to take cover...


Why China Says Trump Likely to Beat Clinton

China issued a statement this morning in the wake of Trump's big win.

The Red Dragon had some surprising thoughts on the outcome of the 2016 presidential race...


Donald Trump Sums Up China-U.S. Relations with One Inflammatory Remark

GOP front-runner Donald Trump likened the U.S.-China trade relations to a seriously heinous crime this weekend.

His incendiary commentary sparked a media firestorm.

Here's what the billionaire businessman said and precisely how much we as a country owe the Red Dragon...


Here's Why China Is Hoarding Oil

China is hoarding oil at the fastest pace in over a decade.

The nation added 787,000 barrels a day to its stockpiles in the first quarter of this year – the most for the period since at least 2004.

Here are two theories - one of which is arguably startling - as to why the Asian nation needs so much oil...


Russia and China Warn U.S. Over New Installation in Korea

Russia and China teamed up to issue a stern warning to the U.S. today.

Both countries are taking issue with a new American effort in South Korea.

Here's what the two foreign officials had to say...

market crash

Another Stock Market Crash Warning Sign Just Came from China Today

Some investors have grown complacent amid the 14% recovery in U.S. equities following the worst ever start to a year.

But a stock market crash could be coming thanks to China's insane debt load.

Here's what you need to know...


Why China Is Secretly Rooting for a Donald Trump Presidency

After all the nasty things he's said about China, Donald Trump should be the most hated American there.

But he isn't. Despite Trump's campaign promises to get tough on China, many people of that nation – including the leaders in Beijing – are actually hoping Donald Trump wins in November.

As strange as it seems, the Chinese actually have a lot of good reasons to cheer for Donald Trump...


How China Will Trigger a Global Stock Market Crash

Although some fear that the Chinese government is deliberately working to create a global stock market crash that would make their country the most dominant economy, the reality is much more frightening.

You see, China's 30-year economic boom has been built on a very shaky foundation. And that foundation is on the verge of collapse.

Here's why the Chinese economy is on the brink of spinning out of control...