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How the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Could Burn Oil Stocks

The Obama administration's indefinite delay of the half-finished Dakota Access pipeline has far-reaching implications, all of which are negatives for U.S. oil stocks.

The delay is bound to have a chilling effect on future oil and natural gas pipelines. It means any similar project is at risk of rejection even after it has made it through the permitting process and construction has started.

And that's put these oil stocks in the crosshairs...


Raw Footage of SpaceX Rocket Explosion Spawned These 2 Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories surrounding last week's SpaceX rocket explosion abound across the world wide web.

Was it a UFO? A drone? Or just a plain ol' accident?


Roger Stone: I Have Intel on Julian Assange's "October Surprise" for Clinton

Controversial off-the-books Trump adviser Roger Stone had more scandalous revelations to share this past weekend.

Here's what he revealed about exiled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's "October Surprise" for Hillary Clinton...

Global Markets

What's Going On in Brazil

Exactly what's going on in Brazil?

Here's a quick guide to one of the most complex political scandals in modern history and the impeachment vote for embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff...


These Skull and Bones Society Records Should Make Your Summer Reading List

The Skull and Bones Society is one of America's most famous secret societies.

And soon, thousands of pages from its vault may be available to the public...


Did the U.S. Government Plot to Take Down Cuba with "Cuban Twitter"?

Was there a secret U.S. government plot to take down the Cuban government through a Twitter-like social media platform?

That depends on who you ask…

U.S. officials adamantly deny that there was a secret plot, but after reading excerpts from the documents obtained by AP, we're not so sure...


G20 Conspiracy Theory: The Secret "Shanghai Accord" to Kill the U.S. Dollar

The Shanghai Accord conspiracy theory surfaced recently.

It links several of the world's central bank policymakers to a plot to kill the U.S. dollar.

If there's any truth to these allegations, then we'd say the secret plan seems to be working out quite well...


FBI Recruits U.S. Educators to Inform on Your Child's Political Affiliations

The FBI wants to study your child's behavior to assess his or her risk of becoming a domestic terrorist.

And it's asking school administrators for help.

Here's what the agency is looking for...


Dealergate: Did the Obama Admin Target GOP Auto Dealers in the 2009 Bailout?

As the "Dealergate" conspiracy theory goes, the White House overstepped its bounds in the 2009 auto bailout to shut down GOP car dealerships.

Here's a look at how this conspiracy spread like wildfire from the net to the media to the White House.

And how part of it is still alive and well today in U.S. Federal Court...


3 Shocking Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories That Remain Unsolved

As one Denver airport conspiracy theory goes – the international hub is really a secret bunker unit for the government's elite.

Also, it's a propaganda gallery for Nazi-themed artwork.

Here's a look at the many "alleged" uses of and theories about the famed Denver International Airport...