A Pure Play for the "World War 3.0" Cyber Arms Race

President Obama and his generals have consistently put cybersecurity at or near the top of U.S. strategic defense priorities.

Ever since, the military and government have had their work cut out for them, fighting relentless, daily waves of computer attacks, in many cases against vital national interests.

The private sector is in the trenches, too, as state actors and individuals press attacks to get trade secrets or customer identity data.

Now, recent high-profile cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee, most likely by Vladimir Putin's intelligence services, have pushed the issue into "six o'clock news" territory.

But the problem goes so much deeper than the media is reporting. This country is embroiled in nothing less than a full-scale global cyberwar right now. There may not be any casualties (yet), but everything is up for grabs and the stakes are very high.

For instance, the cost of fighting this war is set to eclipse $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, making the battlefield one of the largest new markets on earth.

I'm going to show you how you can profit from our efforts to win, but first let me peel back the curtain on a huge conflict that's largely hidden from public view...


One Billion Reasons Why This Company Is Good for Another 100% Profit

Delta Air Lines executives and the mainstream media are looking at Aug. 8's catastrophic systems failure as an equipment outage, which would be great if that's all it truly turns out to be.

Only problem is… I don't believe in coincidences.

Today's airlines – like many critical systems we live with daily – depend on complicated, overlapping, and exceptionally large amounts of data so critical that even the smallest snafu has global implications.

That makes them susceptible to, well, everything.

There's no doubt in my mind that two-bit cyber terrorists around the world are watching the situation very carefully – and learning from it. And that means, in turn, that preventing more Delta-like situations is a high priority.

One company I'm tracking stands to make billions by doing something unique.

I think the stock doubles as a result... again...


The Dangers of Thinking You're Prepared… If You're Not

Most investors don't give a second thought to the dangers of data theft – but they should.

We have five tips to help protect your data - and one stock to play the growing cybersecurity trend...

Wall Street

If You Want an Accurate Financial Forecast, Ask a Waiter

Many investors really start to study the markets this time of year in an effort to divine what's next for global markets and, by implication, their portfolios.

But for an accurate financial forecast, I turn to the world's top steak houses, which are known haunts for global traders anxious to blow off some steam and have a fabulous meal.

Today I'm going to talk about what's not"on the menu" – pardon the pun – and why. Then, I'll highlight an investment poised for profits as a result.

Here's what waiters can tell you that economics can't.


Why FireEye (Nasdaq: FEYE) Stock Dropped 23% This Week

FireEye Inc. (Nasdaq: FEYE) stock dropped nearly 23% Thursday amid mixed Q3 results and a tepid full-year outlook.

After sinking to a 52-week low intraday, shares ended yesterday's session down 22.8% to $22.46. FEYE stock rebounded slightly today (Friday), up 4%, but it's still down 26% year to date.

Here's why the stock continues to drop...


[WARNING] China-Taiwan Meeting Threatens U.S. Cybersecurity

The unprecedented China-Taiwan meeting is set to happen this Saturday, and there's a reason why the U.S. ultimately wants China to get its way…

You see, an independent Taiwan means an upset China.

And an upset China means serious cybersecurity threats to America...


Apple Hack Makes This Cybersecurity ETF (NYSE: HACK) a Fund to Own

Reports of cybercrime are growing by the day and could cost the global economy as much as $575 billion.

It's a harsh reality that companies, countries, and individuals need to protect themselves.

Read on to learn more about the cybersecurity ETF that every investor needs to know about.


This National Security Project Will Help Us Double the Market

Several high-profile data thefts have finally jolted the government out of its slumber.

It's beginning to get serious about cybersecurity, and it's looking to one company in particular.

Most investors don't even realize it's a huge player here...


Don’t Buy FireEye Inc. (Nasdaq: FEYE) Stock Just Because the Headlines Tell You To

FireEye Inc. (Nasdaq: FEYE) stock closed today (Friday) up 6.4%.

But, FEYE stock wasn’t alone in the crowd of top-tier cybersecurity stocks that received a boost. Palo Alto Networks Inc. (NYSE: PANW) stock was up 2.9% on the day. And Fortinet Inc. (Nasdaq: FTNT) stock soared 3.9%.

This was all driven by the news cycle, but don’t let that also cloud your investment judgment on this important sector…


15 of the Biggest Cyberattacks Launched on U.S. Sites This Year

One of the biggest cyberattacks ever happened to the State Dept. recently. And it made national news.

But not every cyberattack breaks headlines. Do you know how vulnerable you are to a cyberattack?

Turns out many cyberattacks have happened already in 2015, but not much of a deal was made about them…