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Stock Market Crash

Peter Schiff on U.S. Dollar Crisis: "The Dollar Bubble Is Going to Burst"

Peter Schiff, economist, best-selling author, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, believes a U.S. dollar crisis is underway.

"The dollar is very overvalued…and the dollar is a bubble," he told Newsmax Prime on Aug. 11. "This dollar bubble is going to burst."

Indeed, two weeks later and Schiff's prediction proved timely. The U.S. dollar index has suffered a fourth-straight loss, and U.S. markets have plummeted in the worst weekly sell-off in four years.

Many blame the surprise yuan devaluation. But Schiff believes investors should be worried about the United States, not China...

Global Economy

U.S. Financial War with Iran to Trigger Dollar Collapse

The U.S. is waging a dangerous financial war with Iran right now.

And if it's not managed carefully, it could embolden the dollar's enemies to mount a counterattack on the U.S. currency.

Such a move could destroy the U.S. dollar as we know it...

U.S. Dollar

U.S. Dollar Value Under Attack – By the Federal Reserve

It is a common misconception that the Federal Reserve can protect against a U.S. dollar collapse.

In fact, Fed policies actually hurt U.S. dollar value.

Take a look at these numbers and you'll see how the dollar is under fire...

U.S. economy

Catalyst #5: The Fed Can No Longer Stop a U.S. Dollar Collapse

Since November 2008, the Federal Reserve has used quantitative easing to keep the U.S. dollar from collapsing.

But the Fed’s safety net is no longer available to prevent a U.S. dollar collapse.

This video explains what has changed at the Fed that would keep it from performing its role…

U.S. economy

Catalyst #3: China Gold Reserves Threaten the U.S. Dollar

China gold reserves have been kept secret – but we know China is stockpiling faster than ever. And with enough of the yellow metal, China gold reserves could actually harm the U.S. dollar.

Watch the video to see how analysts know China is secretively stockpiling gold - and exactly why that poses a threat…


Why This Euro Rebound Won’t Stop Euro-Dollar Parity

Euro-dollar parity is still coming. Don’t be fooled by this sudden rebound.

The fundamentals support a fast dive to euro-dollar parity. But the technical traders simply won’t allow it to fall to those levels so quickly.

Here’s why euro-dollar parity will still happen, even if there are some snags on the way down…


How to Buy a 100% Gain on the Dollar… for Just $0.50

Recently, some new neighbors moved in just down the street, and with new neighbors come changes.

The most apparent changes always happen outside of the house, and within a few months the house transformed as a pool, a patio, and even a sunroom became (welcome) additions. Indeed, so much changed that the neighbors around us started to talk.

You see, most people don't like change – but I welcome it.

Indeed, as traders, we actually need change in order to find a potential to profit.

And in the case of my new neighbors, changes led me to an opportunity to double up on an investment in the world's most important currency...

Stocks to Buy

Strong-Dollar Stocks to Buy While the Greenback Is King

Not all U.S. companies have been hurt by the dollar's year-long rally. Companies that share one key trait – let's call them strong-dollar stocks – are thriving.

Many multinational companies have seen the strong U.S. dollar eat into their earnings over the past few quarters. But we'll hear a different story from the strong-dollar stocks. This group of companies has little or no exposure to foreign markets.

And the factors feeding the strong dollar won't change any time soon.

That means these strong-dollar stocks are good bets for the foreseeable future...


Cash Hoarding Corporations Hurt by Strong Dollar

Larry Fink says the strong dollar is bad for the U.S. economy. That's no surprise. But the Blackrock boss didn't mention, in his April 6 interview with the Financial Times, that the skyrocketing dollar could trip up the biggest tech companies – those that thought themselves smart for parking squillions overseas to avoid U.S. taxes.

Full Story

U.S. Dollar

Stocks to Buy When the Dollar Is Strong

The U.S. dollar is the strongest it's been in a decade.

It can be good and bad for U.S. stock markets – depending on the company.

Now is the perfect time to shop for stocks to buy when the dollar is strong. Here's what one of our experts says is a good buy...