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Best Investments 2014: Canada's Northern Claim Heats Up the Arctic Oil Race

Is Santa Claus Canadian?

According to the Canadian government, yes.

Last week, Canada claimed the North Pole is under its jurisdiction, damaging relations with Russia and kicking off a new "Cold War."

This is a huge opportunity for investors...

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Why Shale Gas Spells Trouble for the Russians

It seems the shoe is on the other foot for a change, making for some interesting developments here in Moscow.

It's the sixth time in as many years that I've been invited to give a briefing during the annual policy meetings held by the Ministry of Energy. This trip, however, is not like all the rest.

Instead of the usual certainty, there is a noticeable indecision in where Moscow plans to move next.

and how it could be an opportunity to profit...

Energy Investing

This Will Change the Way You Think About Investing Forever

We've already made good money playing publically traded oil and gas companies.

125% on Cheniere… 200% on Halliburton… 210% on Western Refining… 542% on Westport Innovations… 300% on Golar LNG…

And given energy's across-the-board potential, our focus on growth isn't going to change.

In fact, it's about to expand.

Something huge just slipped under the radar.

It was so significant that it promises to change how you think about investing forever – especially in oil and gas.

A late-summer change in the rules now allows for expanded access by retail investors into the lucrative world of venture capital.

It's called direct investment, and it goes far beyond just buying stocks, bonds, and options…

It opens up the potential for all of us to make some serious money. It really is a whole new ballgame.

And for you, it starts this Thursday – perhaps even sooner. (I'll let you know.)

Like I said, this is huge...

Energy Investing

Finding the Best Energy Investments: Intel from Rio de Janeiro

If this is Thursday, it must be…Brazil.

I returned home late last night from Baltimore where we were putting the final touches on one of the best energy investments yet, a huge new precedent-setting play we'll be releasing very shortly.

But my wife Marina and I are now into a very hectic travel schedule.

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How China's Rise to Top Oil Importer Affects Global Markets

China has surpassed the U.S. as the No. 1 importer of oil, and current indications are that Chinese oil demand will average 1.9% higher annually through 2035.

Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors joined CCTV News

oil prices

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"The Best Opportunity of the Decade"

From the Editor: You're receiving special access to Private Briefing today because it contains a crucial conversation between Bill and Dr. Kent Moors, who uncovered the massive new energy demand source you've been hearing about. This particular briefing details one of the longer-term beneficiaries in the natural gas space…

In this column, we're keeping that promise...

Energy Investing

Why It's Time to Invest in Energy, Today's "Must Have" Market

Right now, many investors are getting swept up by trendy, headline-making companies like Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) or Twitter.

Investing in stocks like these can be risky if the timing is wrong. That's especially true now, when U.S. budget battles can trigger stock market volatility that sends trend-based stocks like Facebook into a free fall.

Instead, investors should look at low-risk, high-gain "must-have" markets.  

Here's one sector that every country on the planet will be pouring money into for decades to come...

Energy Investing

How to Invest Today in the Rapidly Shifting U.S. Natural Gas Market

The U.S. natural gas industry is undergoing seismic changes that are inverting the traditional gas supply-and-demand map of the United States – literally redrawing it.

And this offers the opportunity to make even more money than before for those who know how to invest in natural gas today.

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The Big (and Profitable) Changes in MLPs

From the Editor: Shares of MarkWest Energy Partners (NYSE: MWE) are up 63% since Kent recommended them in Energy Advantage. Genesis Energy LP (Nasdaq: GEL) is up 71%. But the MLP market is about to get much more interesting, according to Kent. That's why he's targeting the "clones" now…

From the tax advantages to their high-paying yields, it's hard to beat the returns of a Master Limited Partnership (MLP).

And the good news for us is that this market is about to heat up again, especially when it comes to energy-based MLPs.

You see, the shape and focus of these MLPs is changing fast and for the better – even though it hasn't drawn much attention outside of these pages quite yet.

However, don't expect all of this to remain under the radar for too much longer.

In fact, new "MLP clones" are beginning to emerge that are going to hand us some interesting investment options in the coming months.

For MLP investors, what is about to hit is really something quite new...

Energy Investing

How to Invest in Natural Gas Today

There's a new global capital shift that's affecting how to invest in natural gas today for maximum profit.

You see, there was a time when U.S. manufacturing companies invested heavily in the Middle East because of the region's low-cost energy sources.

Today, that money is coming back home.

International companies have noticed that the United States is a cheap source of natural gas. That's because the rise of hydraulic fracturing triggered a boom in U.S. natural gas production.

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