Facebook IPO


The FB Stock Price Just Received Another Major Catalyst

The FB stock price is trading near all-time highs, which is a turn off for value investors.

Facebook stock is already up 20% in 2016, and some believe there isn't much room left to make a profit.

But once again, Wall Street missed a major catalyst that is going to help this tech stock skyrocket. Here's everything you need to know...


Ahead of Facebook Stock Split, This Is How You Play FB

You won't hear much about the Facebook stock split in the mainstream media.

Shareholders voted to approve the split on June 20, making sure that no one could challenge CEO Mark Zuckerberg's voting power.

And if you own Facebook stock or are thinking of investing, we wanted to make sure you are prepared ahead of the official Facebook stock split date. Here's everything you need to know...


Facebook Blamed in $1 Billion Lawsuit for Helping Terrorists

Facebook is being sued for a massive $1 billion in a lawsuit that claims the social media site helped terrorist organizations arrange attacks.



The Facebook Stock Price Is Headed for $250

The Facebook stock price is falling this week after an analyst from Citron Research announced a short position in Facebook stock.

The analyst stated Facebook is losing its relevancy, as well as facing growing competition from Snapchat.

But even though FB stock is down this week, we are focused on the bigger pictures. Here's why FB stock will trade for $250 per share by 2020...


New FB Stock Catalyst in China Could Be Worth $65 Billion

The FB stock price has skyrocketed over the last several years, but revenue growth is still being held back because of Facebook's ban in China.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in overdrive to lift the ban, however, and he just returned from a very important meeting with China's Propaganda Chief Liu Yunshan.

You see, if Zuckerberg gets his dorm-room creation into China, he just opened up a potential $65 billion growth catalyst for FB shareholders...


Facebook Stock Price Set to Skyrocket on New $150 Billion Catalyst

The Facebook stock price has been very volatile over the last 12 months, even though the company reported strong earnings in Q4 2015.

After opening at an all-time high of $115.27 in early February, FB stock has fallen 7.09%.

But while the global markets are volatile now, we just found a $150 billion catalyst that we had to make sure our readers know about right now...


Facebook Earnings for Q4 2015 Released Today

Facebook earnings for Q4 2015 will be announced today (Wednesday) after the closing bell.

The company has beaten Wall Street's expectations in the past, but a bearish market has shareholders especially anxious about this earnings report.

But before anything is announced, we highlighted for our Money Morning readers exactly what will move the FB stock price up or down.


Should I Buy FB Stock After Q4 Earnings?

After earnings are released on Jan. 27, the FB stock price will immediately climb or fall based on the results.

The Facebook stock price is down 8% in 2016, so the results from Q4 2015 will set the stage in investor's minds for how the stock will perform this year.

Here's everything you need to know about Facebook before tomorrow...


The Facebook Stock Price Today Still Down Despite Less Volatility

The Facebook stock price today is trading below $100, despite more stable economic conditions in China.

The last time FB stock traded for below $100 was in October 2015, and investors are wondering if this is a time to add more positions or a time to sell.

The stock may be down 5.83% in 2016, but we found an additional revenue source for Facebook that Wall Street isn't talking about...


Why the Facebook Stock Price Dropped Today, and Why We're Bullish

The Facebook stock price today is down because investors are dropping stocks from their portfolios and aren't adding any new positions before 2016.

The Facebook stock price may be down today, but that isn't the story investors need to focus on.

Here's what you really need to know about the Facebook stock price today and what shareholders should expect from the Facebook stock price in 2016...