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Save Yourselves Before the Fed's Next Big Failure

Volatility finally visited the stock market last week after the dullest summer in two decades as the hydra-headed Federal Reserve played Hamlet regarding its intentions regarding interest rates. That description of the increasingly feckless Fed may constitute a mixed metaphor, but that is a small sin compared to the damage the group of former tenured […]

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Will There Be a Fed Rate Hike in 2016?

The next Fed rate hike could happen in 2016.

We've dissected Fed speeches, data, and FOMC meeting minutes to nail down the most likely date.

Here's what we've found...

The Fed

September FOMC Meeting: What to Watch for Now

The September FOMC meeting is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for market watchers.

That's why we're highlighting what to watch for at the Sept. 20-21 gathering.

While an interest rate hike is unlikely, here's what the Fed could do...

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Capitalism Might Not Survive the Fed's Next "Big Idea"

At the Fed's Jackson Hole symposium last month, there were strong hints from Fed Chair Janet Yellen and Vice Chair Stanley Fischer that they want to raise rates in the near future, but they have broken such promises before.

Those broken promises are likely what lead investors to continue their staggering complacency, and they missed some very disturbing noises about the Fed's plans to deal with the next recession.

These plans are unconstitutional and dangerous, but they're only the next step in a quiet revolution that's already being waged by central banks worldwide.

Credulous, complacent investors put themselves at risk of catastrophic losses as this "revolution" moves further along toward its only logical conclusion…

The wholesale destruction of free markets – and the wealth that people have parked there…

But it's the Fed's most recent move that could destroy everything. Here's the best move you can make in this environment to protect your money...

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How a Single Word from the Fed Can Wipe Out Markets

The Committee to Destroy the World opened is hydra-headed mouth one too many times last week.

The result was the biggest drop in stocks since Brexit.

The Dow Jones Industrial average fell nearly 400 points or 2.1% on Friday while the S&P 500 dropped nearly 54 points or 2.5% and the Nasdaq Composite Index also shed 2.5% and nearly 134 points.


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Will a September Federal Reserve Rate Hike Happen?

Disappointing economic data has left investors with no idea whether there will be a September Federal Reserve rate hike.

While odds are still unlikely for a rate hike this month, it is always difficult to interpret the Fed's intentions.

Here's what to expect from the September FOMC meeting and for the rest of the year...

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Fed's Fischer Says Negative Interest Rates "Seem to Work" – He Is Completely Wrong

Negative interest rates seem to be working, according to Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer.

With decades of financial experience, one would assume the Fed vice chair would know what he's talking about.

But are negative interest rates really working? Here's everything you need to know...

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Why the Odds of a Fed Rate Hike in September Just Soared

The odds of a Fed rate hike in September are rising. In fact, a Fed rate hike is looking much more likely now after U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she believes arguments for a rate increase have strengthened in recent months.

But whether or not the Fed actually raises rates, the central bank is having a dangerous impact on the markets right now.

Here's what investors need to do now...

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Central Banks Are Willfully Destroying This Critical Market Function

With central banks owning $25 trillion of financial assets and sovereign wealth funds owning countless trillions more, it is time to ask whether capitalism as we know it is a thing of the past.

These non-economic actors have different motivations than traditional investors who buy assets in order to earn a profit over a reasonable period of time.


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Burying Our Future at Jackson Hole

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is set to speak in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, today.

When she does, she'll say one thing - but this is what she really means...