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Federal Reserve System

Wall Street

These Two Big Central Bank Lies Are Propping Up Global Markets

Central banks around the world are telling lies so that markets won't panic. But when bank leaders say all's well with the banks they "regulate" while those same banks are asking for life support, it's the beginning of the end.

And these two central bank lies are in reality a dire market warning of the first order...

Market Crash

3 Reasons a July 2016 Stock Market Crash Could Be Headed Straight for Us

Investors are getting too comfortable and ignoring the signs of a July stock market crash.

The global markets are experiencing a short-term rebound after the Brexit results, but there are even more triggers for an economic collapse ahead.

That's why today, we had to make sure our readers knew the three reasons why we are headed straight for a stock market crash...

The Fed

I Called the Fed's Latest Fumble Back in January… Here's What's Next

Following the June FOMC meeting, a CNBC journalist asked Janet Yellen why anyone should trust the Fed when it consistently declines to raise rates.

Her response was one for the ages. Here's what she said - and what it means for your money...

the Fed

Why the Brexit Could Be the End of Central Banks

The markets' worry over the possibility of a Brexit – that the United Kingdom may actually pull the trigger and leave the world's biggest economic bloc – has been driving volatility for weeks.

Here's the thing… For all the coverage and attention the Brexit is getting, no one's talking about the most frightening prospect – by far – that's going to happen if Britain exits the European Union.

I addressed it on FOX Business' "Making Money with Charles Payne" last Wednesday and got Charles to admit he hadn't heard anyone ever discuss it.

Well, that's because no one's thought about it. Make no mistake – this possibility is out there, and it's the ultimate black swan.

That's a move the ECB can't afford, and it could ultimately lead to the collapse of the ECB and all central banks, including the Fed.


Don't Wait for the Yellen Speech to Make This One Investment

In every Janet Yellen speech, you are going to hear why she is optimistic about the U.S. economy.

And even though the Federal Reserve didn't raise interest rates in June because of economic turmoil across the globe, Yellen still sees the U.S. economy growing.

But investors need to be skeptical of anything the Fed says. There are a lot of reasons to believe another economic crisis is approaching, and this is the best way to protect your portfolio from the storm...


The Best Stock to Buy Now Before the Next Fed Rate Hike in 2016

The best stock to buy now will help mitigate losses in your portfolio from the next Fed rate hike. After the fallout from the last Fed rate hike, this stock actually gained 10% as the S&P 500 lost 10%.

And this stock could very well do that again...

The Fed

Here's Your Federal Reserve Cheat Sheet – and What's Coming Next

With the markets hanging on to every word coming out of the Federal Reserve, it's important for investors to pay close attention, too.

So here's a breakdown of everything the Fed's currently saying - and a roadmap for how to play the markets when it all comes to fruition...

The Fed

End the Fed… and Move the Country Forward

The name "Federal Reserve System" is supposed to conjure up nice, comforting images of a safety net, of a system to safeguard the economy of the United States. In fact, its creators were adamant about not calling it a bank… because banks and bankers were feared and loathed then – as they mostly are now.

But the truth is, the Federal Reserve System (remember, it's not a bank, it's a "system") is killing this country.

And the damage control we heard from Janet Yellen yesterday just proves how screwed over everyone who lives, works, pays taxes, has a bank account, or invests in this country really is, all thanks to the Fed.

They're false prophets with a god complex - the most dangerous kind...

The Fed

No Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike Makes This ETF a Buy Now

After the disappointing May jobs report, a Federal Reserve interest rate hike is likely off the table this month.

And we've found one exchange-traded fund that's sure to yield profits during this low interest rate climate.

This is the best investment to make with no June rate hike...


You'll Be Shocked How Many Times the U.S. Fed Has Been Hacked the Last 5 Years

The U.S. Fed has fallen prey to several "cyber espionage" attacks over the years.

Here are the details of this disturbing revelation, made public just today...