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A Brexit Today Could Mean a President Trump Tomorrow

If the UK "Brexits" today, it could have swift implications for Donald Trump's presidential election campaign.

After all, the two movements are eerily similar in ideology and promise...


Why the Price of Gold Is Falling Today Ahead of Brexit Vote

Despite the pullback, we remain bullish on gold prices in 2016.

Here's what to know with the Brexit results just hours away...


Forget China – India Is the Next Hub of Tech Profits

These days, India boasts the world's most dynamic economy. It's also ripe for tech investment, with 6 million new Internet users added every month.

And this little-known tech firm is best positioned to spearhead this massive growth - and capture the ensuing profits. Get the ticker here...


China Roils After Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea

The South China Sea is known for its fair share of territorial disputes. But this latest clash between China and the U.S. was hardly expected.

Especially since it happened after a joint military exercise...

Global Markets

When Will Brexit Results Be Revealed?

Although the vote takes place on June 23, we won't know the Brexit results until June 24.

That's because voting stations close at 10 p.m. and the ballots have to be delivered to 382 counting venues.

So ahead of this historic vote, Money Morning wanted to make sure that all of our readers know exactly how the Brexit voting process works...

Global Markets

Dame Buller: Our Country Is Significantly Less Safe with a Brexit

Ahead of the Brexit vote on June 23, campaign efforts are ramping up among pro-EU groups and pro-Brexit groups.

But one very important woman believes the people of Britain could be in danger if the vote goes through…

She is known as Dame Buller, and she has held a lot of positions of power and responsibility over the last several years. Now, she's ready to speak out against the Brexit and what it could do to national security...

Global Markets

George Soros: A Brexit Will Lead to a Currency Crash

George Soros announced today that a Brexit would lead to a currency crash more disruptive and worse than the fall on Black Wednesday.

And that's not the only unsettling outcome likely to come from Brexit.

Brexit could also mean the end of global central banks...

the Fed

Why the Brexit Could Be the End of Central Banks

The markets' worry over the possibility of a Brexit – that the United Kingdom may actually pull the trigger and leave the world's biggest economic bloc – has been driving volatility for weeks.

Here's the thing… For all the coverage and attention the Brexit is getting, no one's talking about the most frightening prospect – by far – that's going to happen if Britain exits the European Union.

I addressed it on FOX Business' "Making Money with Charles Payne" last Wednesday and got Charles to admit he hadn't heard anyone ever discuss it.

Well, that's because no one's thought about it. Make no mistake – this possibility is out there, and it's the ultimate black swan.

That's a move the ECB can't afford, and it could ultimately lead to the collapse of the ECB and all central banks, including the Fed.

Global Markets

Ahead of Brexit Vote, 5 Must-Know Facts for Investors

Global stock markets rallied Monday following a new poll about the upcoming Brexit vote scheduled for Thursday, June 23.

Despite the new Brexit poll news, the outcome is far from certain.

Here are 5 must know facts ahead of the Brexit vote...

global markets

Your Handy Brexit Vote Cheat Sheet

The Brexit debate keeps raging now that we're only three days away from the referendum.

The benefits and consequences of Britain leaving have been tirelessly debated for months now.

That's why we made this handy Brexit vote cheat sheet that breaks down the fiasco in layman's terms...