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Your Handy Brexit Vote Cheat Sheet

The Brexit debate keeps raging now that we're only three days away from the referendum.

The benefits and consequences of Britain leaving have been tirelessly debated for months now.

That's why we made this handy Brexit vote cheat sheet that breaks down the fiasco in layman's terms...

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Marc Faber: Brexit Is "Best Thing to Happen to Britain"

There are pros and cons to the idea of the Brexit, but Marc Faber, an economist known as "Dr. Doom," has taken a bold stance…

Far from his typical pessimism, Faber predicts that a Brexit would be the best thing to ever happen in Britain's history.

Here's why...

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The Next 3 Countries to Drop Out of the EU If the Brexit Referendum Passes

Brexit referendum polls are showing that a Brexit is likely. And although this concerns many economists, they're far more worried about the"domino effect" of a successful Brexit.

Other countries could follow Britain's lead if it leaves the EU.

Here are three of the most likely...

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BREXIT CHART: The Largest and Smallest Economies in the EU

The European Union (EU) is seeing renewed interest by investors because Britain wants to leave.

The EU referendum vote on June23 will determine whether the United Kingdom will remain in the EU.

Use our refresher to identify the 28 member countries in the European Union. We also showed the largest and smallest economies in the group...

Profit Alert: How to Play the Market's Brexit Anxiety

There are just 10 trading days left until voters across the United Kingdom cast ballots to decide whether the UK will stay in the European Union… or make a "Brexit." Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and the mainstream UK political establishment are spending huge amounts of political capital, with Cameron putting his premiership on the […]

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We're On the Verge of a Global Financial Crisis, Warns Japanese PM

We're on the verge of a global financial crisis.

At least according to Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Here's what he showed his G-7 counterparts today...

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As Global Economies Slump, So Does Alcohol Consumption

As global economies slump – particularly emerging ones – so too does the sale of alcohol.

Here's a look at some of areas hit hardest by this kind of drought...

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Time for More Double-Digit Gains from "the Country of the Future"

"Boom and Bust" Brazil's long political drama is reaching a fever pitch. Yesterday morning, the Brazilian Federal Senate voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. While the Senate still has to convict her, she'll be suspended from office until her trial ends.

Rousseff stands accused of being at the very heart of a vast web of corruption that's brought South America's biggest, most diverse economy into a biting recession.

Rousseff and her many supporters call the impeachment proceedings "a coup," while her opponents call it "justice." Brazil's divided society has taken to the streets with near-daily demonstrations and violence between the two sides.

What's more, all of this is taking place against a backdrop of plunging commodities, double-digit inflation and interest rates, a collapsing real, and, yes, even the dreaded Zika virus.

In other words, conditions are perfect for what could be the contrarian play of the year.

Remember, the United States has seen low growth, political gridlock, and social upheaval, all while its stock market went stratospheric. The effect in Brazil is likely to be stronger and more lucrative; GDP shrank 3.95% last year, but Brazilian stocks have surged 35% in the past three months alone, and they've historically shot up by more than 1,000% at times like these.

There's always opportunity in chaos, if you go where the growth is. And we're going to get huge exposure to that growth, with almost none of the downside, on this play...

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What Happens to Olympic Host Cities After the Games Leave?

What happens to Olympic host cities after the games leave town?

Here's a look at how host cities survived the Olympics - and an outlook for Brazil hosting Olympics 2016...

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What's Going On in Brazil

Exactly what's going on in Brazil?

Here's a quick guide to one of the most complex political scandals in modern history and the impeachment vote for embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff...