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Global Markets

Global Markets

Brexit: What Happens Next? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's the trillion-dollar question on everyone's mind about Brexit: What happens next?

Here's an infographic outlining the lengthy negotiations ahead...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Climbs Higher as Brexit Woes Ease

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is climbing once again as panic from the Brexit is starting to fade.

The banking and technology sectors are starting to rally after initially crashing after the Brexit vote.

But that's not the only news you need to know about today- here's all the important stock market information for June 29...

Global Markets

Keith Fitz-Gerald on Brexit: What to Watch, Who to Buy, Where to Profit

This was recorded from a "Facebook Live" event on June 28, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. EDT.



Why the Price of Gold per Ounce Is Falling Today

The price of gold per ounce is declining today for the first time since Thursday, June 23.

Despite today's losses, there's still one reason why every investor should keep gold as a long-term investment.

Here's what you need to know about where gold is headed in 2016...

Global Markets

7 U.S. Stocks to Avoid as Brexit Results Rattle the Markets

The Dow has fallen roughly 900 points over the last two days in the wake of Brexit.

The selling has been indiscriminate, but there is a select group of U.S. stocks to avoid following Brexit's win.

Here's seven...

Global Markets

Brexit Impact Makes These 3 Investments Must-Haves in 2016

No one knows how the Brexit impact will affect the markets in the long term, but that hasn't stopped investors from panicking right now.

Currencies around the world and the U.S. stock market are taking a plunge because Britain no longer wants to be in the European Union.

There are plenty of articles telling you how bad things can get. But Money Morning provides you with three must-have investments during these uncertain times...

Global Markets

Here's the Brexit Loophole That Could Keep the UK in the Bloc

There's a "Brexit Loophole" that could keep the UK from officially exiting the European Union.

You see, the decision isn't necessarily about the "popular vote"...

Global Markets

What the British Pound Collapse Means for Markets Today

The British pound fell to a 31-year low against the U.S. dollar Monday as investors bet the Bank of England will cut rates.

After Brits voted Thursday to leave the European Union, the British pound has been in a free fall and global stocks have swooned.

Here's what ahead for the pound and what its collapse means for markets...

Market Crash

Is This the Start of a Stock Market Crash After Brexit Vote?

With global stock markets plummeting and the pound dropping sharply after Britain voted to leave the European Union, investors are asking if this is the start of a stock market crash.

Without question, the world has changed after Brexit and will change more.

Here's how to protect your investments...

market crash

Is a Stock Market Crash Coming After Brexit Vote Results?

Investors around the world are anxiously awaiting the results of the Brexit vote today.

If Britain leaves the EU, it will be one of the biggest stock market crash warnings of the year.

Unfortunately, we've found four other factors that could lead to market turmoil in 2016...