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Global Markets


Satellite Images Show China Building Massive Military Hangars in South China Sea

The South China Sea dispute is getting even more controversial.

Now, it appears China is building massive military jet hangars in the area, based upon several satellite images.

And they're near completion...

Market Correction

My Chart Shows Why We Can’t Trust These Market Highs

Good news is good news again – for now.

The Labor Department's announcement that July unemployment held steady at 4.9% while adding a better than expected 225,000 jobs was enough to snap the four-day pullback and get traders in the mood to buy.

Those numbers don't necessarily reflect the street reality of the economy, but of course they were enough to get the S&P 500 to yet another new all-time high, even if the Nasdaq Composite, Dow Jones Industrials, and the Russell 2000 didn't quite make it.

This is a near-term bullish development, especially when you consider that, before this recent upward trend, we've gone 14 months between all-time highs.

But... when you see the chart I'm about to show you, you'll agree it's not quite time to pop the champagne corks...


Crude Oil Prices Will Rally from This Country's Demand – and It's Not China

Crude oil prices have fallen more than 16% since June as investors worry about increasing supply.

But global demand will rise over the long term and offset any increase in production.

And the majority of this demand will come from one Asian country - and it's not China...


How "Bizarro Finance" Has Given Us More Than Double the Markets' Gains Since 2015

If negative-interest-rate policies (NIRP) sound like some kind of esoteric, unknowable concept, that's not by accident.

It's exactly what central bankers would like you to think.

In the same way people consider money something difficult to define, negative interest rates suggest some sort of complicated economic theory.

In fact, it's very simple. Instead of being paid to lend money, negative rates mean it costs you to lend. It's like the laws of physics have been turned upside down, as though gravity began to push rather than pull.

This "Bizarro finance" underlying NIRP couldn't exist without fiat money and central bankers hell-bent on destroying its value. I first mentioned this last year, when I recommended a negative rate protective profit play that's since gone on to do better than double the markets' return. At that point, negative rates were already eating into Europeans' savings.

The situation has only gotten worse in the meantime, with trillions more in sovereign debt under negative rates, and as you'll see, more banks "offering" their depositors a negative rate.

What's worse, the idea of negative rates is growing more popular among the global central banking set… including, ominously, Janet Yellen's U.S. Federal Reserve.

That's right: NIRP could be the next hot European import, and the results could be devastating to the unprepared. But it will also work to turbocharge that protective profit play I told you about..

Global Markets

5 Unusual Incidents Ahead of 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies

For the 2016 Summer Olympics, there have been plenty of concerns raised over safety.

This is nothing new, as leaders from all over the world are normally critical of any host city.

But there have already been five shocking events that happened in Rio even before the games have started. You aren't going to believe this...


The Chinese Government Just Landed This Secret Deal to Access Our Smartphones

The Chinese government just made a massive secret deal in order to gain unprecedented access to the global Internet economy…

And to our cell phones...


Terror and Chaos Can’t Stop the Markets, but I Know What Will

Uncertainty seems to be the only sure thing in the world these days. Friday's failed, bloody military coup attempt in NATO ally Turkey comes at the worst possible time in the West's fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, just one day after the terror group pulled off a horrific attack in the south of France.

Here at home, we've had several high-profile incidents of violence and civil unrest during one of the most heated, tense presidential election campaigns in modern history.

Yet if you only follow stock markets, you'd barely know anything was amiss. With record highs on the Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 500, there seems to be no stopping this thing.

But I'm not expecting this to last.

I'll show you what we're going to do when we get our pullback, but first I want to show you why these markets are so strong right now...


China Defies Hague Ruling, Warns of "Disaster" If Challenged in South China Sea

In another act of defiance to international law, China is closing down parts of the South China Sea to conduct naval exercises.

The Red Dragon also offered a stark warning for countries that wish to interrupt its exercises...


Your Engraved Invitation for Triple-Digit Profit Potential

Investors focused on events in the U.S. markets are missing an opportunity with huge profit potential over in Japan.

The last time we set this trade up, it led to a 150% gain...

Global Markets

A Stock Market Crash Is Waiting, Paid for by the BoJ

You won't hear much news about a stock market crash after Japan's prime minister announced plans for a new economic stimulus package.

Shinzo Abe wants to pump a reported $99 billion into the Japanese economy.

While this sounds like great news for the world's third-largest economy, the policies of the Bank of Japan could trigger a complete economic meltdown. This is the dangerous policy you need to know about...