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Global Markets

What's Going On in Brazil

Exactly what's going on in Brazil?

Here's a quick guide to one of the most complex political scandals in modern history and the impeachment vote for embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff...

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Tax Havens Are the Devil, Now Say 300 Economists from 30 Countries

Over 300 economists warned global leaders about tax havens today.

They claimed these institutions serve absolutely no purpose but to keep the world's poor even poorer...

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The Top 5 Ways ISIS Makes Money

You already know one of the ways ISIS makes money is through its oil operations.

But did you know that there are four other HUGE revenue sources for the terrorist organization?

You'll be shocked to learn exactly how ISIS funds its terrorist campaigns, especially considering some of the financial support comes from within the United States...


How China Will Trigger a Global Stock Market Crash

Although some fear that the Chinese government is deliberately working to create a global stock market crash that would make their country the most dominant economy, the reality is much more frightening.

You see, China's 30-year economic boom has been built on a very shaky foundation. And that foundation is on the verge of collapse.

Here's why the Chinese economy is on the brink of spinning out of control...

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"ISIS Corporation" Operates a Lot Like Big Oil

ISIS has had to drastically change its spending habits to respond to lost oil profits.

Because of the efforts of U.S. and coalition planes to bomb refineries in Syria, ISIS is starting to lose profits from its massive oil revenue.

But surprisingly, the terrorist organization is responding to the loss in profits just like big oil has been...

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How ISIS Makes Money Will Surprise You…

How ISIS makes money is often presented as a simple answer: Oil.

In fact, the U.S. Treasury Department believes ISIS makes up to $500 million a year selling oil.

You see, what most people don't know is that oil only accounts for a quarter of the terrorist group's income. But there's actually a much more sinister way ISIS funds terrorism that we discovered through a leaked document...

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What Is Brexit and How Will It Impact Investors in 2016?

"What is Brexit?" is a question readers have been asking us throughout 2016. The term "Brexit" has been making headlines all year, and this will continue to be one of the biggest financial stories of 2016.

That's why we've answered the question "what is Brexit?" And we've also dug deeper into what exactly a Brexit will mean for your money this year.

First, here's the definition...

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This "Contrarian Dream" Market Is All Upside Right Now

For decades, Argentina was radioactive for investors – a black hole for capital.

But a complete political shift has happened, and a brand-new president has instituted investor-friendly market reforms in a bid to return his country to its former economic glory.

This contrarian dream market is about to go on a bull run for the history books.

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How the ECB Interest Rate Cut Will Affect U.S. Stocks

Another ECB interest rate cut is coming after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi unveiled his most daring stimulus package yet today (Thursday).

Part of this package is another ECB interest rate cut that will affect U.S. stocks. The cut will hurt some U.S. companies and help others.

But before we get to that, let's look at what Draghi's stimulus package entails....

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The Next Wave of Stimulus Brings Us This Multitrillion-Dollar Opportunity

Eight long years of excruciatingly accommodative monetary policy have done a lot to inflate asset prices and concentrate some $112 trillion in wealth in the hands of just 34 million people… but it hasn't come anywhere close to the goal of stimulating broader economic growth.

Now instead of admitting the mistake and trying structural reforms, politicians and bureaucrats have come up with yet another crackpot idea to spend their way to growth.

That means there's likely some serious "helicopter money" headed our way.

It might not achieve growth, either, but it is going to be a powerful profit catalyst for the investment I'm about to show you...