Gold Prices Today Keep Climbing After Fed Decision – Here's What's Next

Gold prices today are climbing again today, after a strong week of gains for the precious metal.

Gold prices received a very bullish catalyst this week when the Fed decided to leave interest rates unchanged once again.

Here's what else has been moving prices and what's next for the metal in 2016...


The War on Cash Is Still Good for Gold

A new book out now is promoting a war on cash, yet eliminating paper money would pose a direct threat to citizens' economic liberty.

One asset that would benefit from killing cash is gold.

Here's why gold prices skyrocket in currency crises...


Gold Prices Are Extremely Volatile, but We're Still Bullish

TV pundits busy rehashing oversupply mantras are ignoring that range-bound oil is close to breaking free.

Discover what's really happening with crude, right here...


Price of Gold per Ounce Rallies This Week – Here's What's Next

The price of gold per ounce has rebounded this week, but it's still too early to tell if the gold price correction is officially over.

In the last week, gold prices have gone from $1,310 all the way back to $1,350.

Here's what has been moving gold prices and where we expect gold to end 2016...


3 of the Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now

Gold stocks will keep climbing with gold prices – and are actually presenting a rare buying opportunity right now that maximizes profit.

We go over why here – and look at three of the best gold stocks to buy now to take advantage of this trend.

Get started here...


Gold Prices Today Offer a Great Buying Opportunity Ahead of the Next Rally

Gold prices today are finally rebounding after a rough month of August for the precious metal. Here's a look at what was moving the price of gold last week, as well as gold prices today.

Plus, here's our outlook on the price of gold throughout the rest of 2016 and the factors that will have the biggest impact on the precious metal...


The Best Gold ETF You Can Buy Today as Prices Keep Climbing

Gold prices are up about 25% year to date, with more gains expected.

You see, a number of factors will continue to drive yellow metal prices into the end of 2016.

That's why we're bringing investors the best gold ETF to buy today as gold continues to climb higher before the end of the year...


3 of the Best Stocks to Buy in September 2016

September is historically the worst month for stock markets, so investors need to be selective.

And with markets trading near record levels, bargains are hard to find.

That's why we are sharing the three best stocks to buy now for September 2016...


One of the Top Gold Stocks to Buy Now for a Potential Profit of 49%

Gold prices and gold stocks are among the best-performing assets classes this year, and their run is far from over.

We've got one of the top gold stocks to buy now for a potential profit of 49%.

And what makes this stock so special is that it doesn't need gold prices to soar for it to bring you profits...


What Country Has the Most Gold Reserves Now?

The gold-buying at some central banks has accelerated in recent years, prompting the question, "What country has the most gold reserves now?"

The concentration of gold among the top 15 countries is startling. This small group holds 83.2% of the world's gold reserves.

But some central banks have been boosting their gold reserves at a breakneck pace.

Here are the countries buying the most - and why...