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Why Silver Prices Today Are Climbing Back Over $20

Silver prices today are climbing and have topped the important $20 mark once again.

Silver prices are moving after the U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged and trimmed its projection for future growth at the conclusion of its two-day meeting on Wednesday.

That's bullish for silver prices. In fact, we see silver prices rising double digits before the end of the year...


The Best Gold Investment to Make Now as Demand Soars

Gold and gold stocks are among 2016's best market performers and remain in hot demand.

And it's not just individual investors piling into the yellow metal. Global central banks are buying gold at an astonishing rate.

That's why we are bringing readers the best gold investment to make now as demand soars...


Why Silver Prices Today Are Falling and Where They're Headed Before 2017

Silver prices today (Friday) are falling following reports that U.S. inflation pressures are heating up, giving the U.S. Federal Reserve fewer reasons to remain on hold when it discusses interest rate hikes next week.

Still, we see more double-digit gains for silver before the end of 2016.

Here's how high we see silver climbing and the best way to profit...


The 3 Top Silver Stocks to Buy Now Before Prices Climb Again

Silver prices are off 4% over the last five trading days, but we see prices rising double digits by year's end.

That's why we're featuring the top three silver stocks to buy now before prices climb again.

The trio are up substantially year to date and poised for more gains...

Why Gold Prices Today Are Climbing and What's Next in 2016

Gold prices today continued this week's strong performance with another gain of 1% in morning trading.

Here's what has been moving the gold price higher this week, and what we see having the biggest impact on gold for the rest of the year...


Three Tips on How to Buy Gold

Buying gold is a smart move for many investors. Knowing how to buy gold the right way is key to huge profits.

Here are three tips to get you started on gold buying...


Let's Explore our Silver Price Forecast in 2016

Our silver price forecast shows additional gains coming for the precious metal coming before the end of 2016.

Silver has been outperforming the markets because of market volatility and the recent Brexit announcement.

But there are other factors that will continue driving silver prices higher this year...


Why the Silver Price Will Rise in This Post-Brexit Environment

The silver price is coming off of a wild week thanks to Thursday's historic Brexit vote.

Britain's decision to leave the EU sent silver prices toward the important $18 mark.

And despite short-term volatility, we see prices heading higher in 2016 and beyond...


What's Next for Silver Prices in 2016 After Brexit

Silver prices have climbed in 2016 because of economic uncertainty, and the Brexit vote is pushing prices up even higher.

But it's important not to get caught up all the mania surrounding Brexit.

That's why Money Morning wants all of our readers to focus on the long-term outlook for silver prices from our resource specialist...


Will Gold Prices Rise After the Brexit?

Gold prices have seen a big rally this week thanks to the Fed's interest rate inaction.

But another big event – the Brexit – is coming up, and investors want to know how it will affect gold prices.

Here's why we think gold will rally if the UK decides to leave the EU...