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Precious Metals


The "BANG Stocks" Are the Next Group of Profit-Doublers

The market-leading FANG stocks – Facebook,, Netflix, and the former Google, now Alphabet – haven't had a great 2016, with returns in the neighborhood of -15% to just under 5% for the year.

Don't get me wrong – they're still good "holds" for investors wise enough to take the long view and accumulate big, steady gains over a period of years.

Those anemic gains aren't surprising, given that we're all but "officially" in the depths of a bear market.

But… like the old adage goes, "there's always a bull market somewhere," and I believe that's especially true of the basket of stocks I'm about to show you. As uncertainty and volatility rule the markets, these shares have already delivered bona fide breakout gains that most investors would kill for right now.

But you haven't missed out; there's a new technology just hitting its stride right now that could multiply these players' profits exponentially.

And the best part is they're all still available at real bargain prices.

They won't stay that way, though...


This Metals Play Will Reward Investors for a Long View

Most of the time, platinum costs about 30% more than gold. That's been the average for the past 40 years.

But every once in a while, that relationship gets distorted. When that happens, platinum surges powerfully, producing huge returns for investors who get in at the right time and stay the course through any volatility that comes our way over the next few months.

But… that distortion is unfolding now, so it's time to make a move to play platinum.

We won't get another chance like this for years...


A Spin-Off and a Second Catalyst Will Make These Shares Soar

It looks like a terrible time to invest anywhere near the materials space. Sell-offs have tanked the price of gold and silver, along with industrial metals like copper and nickel, and even commodities like cotton.

But there's one materials play that will allow you to buck that trend. It's a "pure play" on metals that is all but guaranteed to return double digits thanks to an upcoming spin-off and a second major catalyst.

Here's how to invest in this materials firm before its shares soar...

Gold Prices

Gold Prices Today Near 3-Week High on Chinese Yuan Fears

Gold prices today (Thursday) are down slightly after climbing to a three-week high yesterday amid yuan fears, a softer dollar, and a global equity rout.

The yellow metal finished Wednesday up $15.60, or 1.41%, at $1.123.20 an ounce. That marked the fifth consecutive session in which the gold price ended higher.

Here's what you need to know about gold prices today, and why they're headed higher...

Silver Prices

Why Silver Prices Are Falling This Week

Bearish sentiment is at all-time, which is why silver prices are falling this week.

Global stimulus has pumped up markets, strengthened the dollar, and threatens to plunge silver to uncomfortably low levels.

But as the world economy prepares for more money printing, here's why silver has more promise than the world economy...

Precious Metals

Of All Safe Haven Investments, Gold Reigns Supreme

Of all safe haven investments to choose from, gold is the best.

No matter what mainstream media says, history has shown time and time again that having the right amount of the yellow metal in your portfolio serves as the perfect hedge…

Precious Metals

One of the Best Precious Metals to Buy Before 2015

Back in March I spoke about the precious metal palladium, and why this rare metal was headed higher.

At the time, it traded at $780/oz. Yesterday, it was trading at $886/oz. at mid-day, so the predicted upturn played out true to form.

Still, there's another rare precious metal that's set to do as well as – or better than – palladium, but that isn't on too many investors' radar yet.

Here's why it should be…


This Metal Problem Could Ignite China's Smoldering Crisis

China is about to step on the gas and boost bank lending once again.

That's despite both the IMF and World Bank thinking it's unnecessary.

But concerns of China's growth moderating and housing prices dropping 5% this year aside, this might be the real reason for renewed easing:

Recent reports indicate that copper and aluminum used as loan collateral may have been rehypothecated or, worse, may never have existed at all…

Full Story...

Precious Metals

Profit from the Huge Price Surge… That You've Created

It's been five months since we last checked in on palladium, the precious metal so critical to the consumer electronics we use hundreds of times a day.

At the time I said I was bullish for a number of market reasons.

As it turns out, there were even more…

Now it's time for another close look, since the bullish forces are only picking up speed.

What's more, some new ones have materialized, pointing to a massively profitable palladium spike


This "Workhorse" Metal Is Ready for a Breakout

It's not surprising that precious metals get the most attention.

They're considered "precious" thanks to their scarcity, beauty, and history as a store of value.

That's all true. But industrial metals do the really hard work.

There's one base metal used worldwide to produce rustproof steel, in a variety of alloys, and even as a health supplement. It's not often spoken of as a great addition to your investment portfolio.

Here's the thing: It's poised to break out of a low multi-year price range and challenge the better-known metals in producing profits.

In fact, a stunning rally is in the works… and a great opportunity to seize an upside that others will miss, blinded by focusing on this metal's shinier counterparts…

Full Story