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How to Rent a Fortune

With a 37% gain in The Blackstone Group LP (NYSE: BX) since late July, we’ve done really well with our targeted investment in real estate.

And with very quick gains of 9% in Brazilian-food processor BRF SA (NYSE ADR: BRFS), 5.2% in South American agricultural play Adecoagro SA (NYSE: AGRO) and 1.6% in high-tech agribusiness player  Neogen Corp. (NasdaqGS: NEOG), we’re doing well with our plays on (pockets of) accelerating U.S. inflation.

Today we’re going to combine the two concepts and employ a very simple formula we believe will add to your profits…


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  • Investing in Platinum: Demand to Hit Record High in 2013

    Industrial firms, Wall Street hedge funds, and any big money investing in platinum anxiously await Johnson Matthey's semi-annual review of the platinum industry – and they got incredibly interesting reading in the group's most recent report, released Tuesday.

    In its Platinum 2013 Interim Review, Johnson Matthey said the platinum market this year is moving toward a supply and demand deficit of 605,000 ounces – the largest deficit since 1999. That's up from a 340,000-ounce shortfall in 2012.

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  • Gold News: China Poised to Overtake India as Biggest Gold Consumer

    The latest gold news out of China is yet another bullish development for investing in the yellow metal…

    Increasing gold demand in China has put the Asian nation on track to become the world's biggest consumer of the precious metal.

    According to the World Gold Council, China's gold consumption is on pace to increase to a record 1,000 tons this year, up 29% year over year, surpassing India as the leading global user of gold.

    Imagine what this will do to the price of gold over the next few years...

  • "Democratize" Gold and Give the Government a Black Eye

    We all know that, so long as the Fed keeps the printing presses on, the risk of a worldwide currency crisis gets even higher.

    Gold, of course, is the timeless hedge here – for all the reasons you and I know.

    But are we truly prepared for a currency crisis?

    Much of the gold in the United States is owned by big institutions: the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and bullion banks. So, if a currency crisis hits, their 8,900-ton hoard won't do us a bit of good.

    But there is one country whose "democratic" approach to gold ownership will allow its people to survive a currency crisis, literally, in fine style.

    Not only that, but this country's people are giving their government a whopping black eye for its heavy-handed ways in the process.

    Here's what's going on there...

  • Make a "Precious" Exception for This $4 Stock

    You know exactly where I stand on gold, and what my stance is on silver.

    You know I'm bullish on palladium, too. And platinum.

    But metals don't have to be shiny or precious to make you money.

    Indeed, the only "precious" thing about the metal I'm recommending today is its profit potential.

    It's huge.

    And Mick Davis knows it...

  • Why Gold Prices Are Up Today

    Gold moved sharply higher Tuesday thanks to a weaker-than-expected September jobs report – and our country's employment situation is yet another reason why gold prices are up today and will resume their climb…

    Perhaps anticipating a weak number, gold prices began moving higher shortly before the jobs report. Gold moved up $5 to $1,320.80 two minutes before the release.

    Following the report, gold surged.

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  • Why Gold Prices Fell Yesterday

    Gold prices seem to have stabilized today, trading once again above the $1,300 an ounce mark.

    This follows a tumble yesterday of more than $40 an ounce to as low as $1,284 an ounce. That price was nearly a two-month low and put the precious metal down 23% in 2013.

    At that level, gold was trading more than $50 below its 50-day moving average. To technical analysts, this confirmed the downtrend in the precious metal, bringing about a wave of selling by those who strictly follow the charts.

    However, there were factors at play in gold's selloff other than technical selling.

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  • Investing in Silver Now Is Outshining Gold

    Precious metals investors are investing in silver now at a higher rate than gold – and the price is rewarding them.

    The physically backed iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV) took in $88.2 million in new money last month, according to data from IndexUniverse. UBS expects holdings in major silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) worldwide to grow by 10 million ounces (311 tons) this year.

    That's a stark contrast to the $227 million of outflows in the gold-backed SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE: GLD) and $6.66 billion among fixed-income funds.

    Here's why those bets will pay off.

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  • Higher Gold Prices in 2014

    Gold prices today continue to bounce up and down based on speculative headlines.

    A possible U.S. attack on Syria, a possible quantitative easing (QE) taper by the U.S. Federal Reserve – these possibilities have meant daily volatility in the price of gold.

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  • Investing in Silver: Why the White Metal Will Continue to Outperform

    Anyone investing in silver last month enjoyed gains as silver exchange-traded funds such as the ETFS Physical Silver Shares Trust (NYSE Arca: SIVR) were among August's top-performing funds. The funds followed the price of silver upward during the month, which surged about 20%.

    Silver has now gained 29% from a 34-month low hit on June 28.

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  • Silver Price News Today

    Topping silver price news today is how the flight-to-safety trade is back on, as evidenced by recent moves in commodities.

    Despite some profit taking Friday, silver prices rose roughly 5% this week and 1% last week. That helped the white metal log a sterling 21.3% gain for August and nearly 30% over the last nine weeks.  

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