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Precious Metals

gold prices

What Makes the Price of Gold Move

The price of gold can move due to a number of different reasons. But understanding them helps you know if gold prices are going to keep moving in the direction they're headed.

Here we have a handful of the factors affecting the gold price...

gold prices

What to Know About the Gold Coin Sales Tax

There's a gold coin sales tax that some states recognize, and it could affect you.

The laws change from region to region, but we put together the most up-to-date info.

Check out this gold coin sales info here...

gold prices

Is There a Downside to Investing in Gold?

Investing in gold is an excellent portfolio decision for most investors. But even the most experienced should be doing research before they buy gold.

And buying gold isn't risk-free…

Here's an overview of some important facts to know before gold investing...


Gold Prices Will Receive a Boost in 2016 from This International Event

Gold prices have rallied higher this week, nearing their highest level in 15 months.

The gains are all thanks to the U.S. Federal Reserve and U.S. dollar.

But there's one international event that will dictate where prices go in 2016...

Wall Street

How to Protect Yourself from Deutsche Bank's "Gold and Silver Fix"

Deutsche Bank just admitted that it and other Big Banks conspired to rig gold and silver prices.

Investing when you can't trust the markets is tricky, so here's how to protect yourself when investing in gold and silver now...

global markets

Billions in Gold Is Stashed… Under the Streets of New York?

Is there gold under the streets of New York? Yes, actually — billions of dollars' worth.

The New York Fed holds the gold reserves of other countries and international agencies, free of charge.

But when Germany had trouble getting its precious metal back, a lot of gold conspiracy theories took off. And now people are beginning to question if the Fed really has any gold at all...

gold prices

Top Gold Stocks by 2016 Gains

Gold stocks are another way to profit from a rise in the price of gold. But not all gold stocks are good buys.

Let's start with a look at the best-performing gold stocks of 2016 so far... here the top five.

gold prices

Top Tips for Buying Gold in 2016

Buying gold is a great way to use part of your portfolio. But it's not always as clear what to do as when you buy stocks.

Here are some tips for gold buying this year so you make the most out of your money...

gold prices

Gold Coins Are a Good Investment – Know This Before Buying

Gold coins can be a great way to own gold and hedge your investments. But not everyone knows everything they should before buying.

You can be a smart gold coin buyer with this info here...


The Gold Price Is Manipulated by These Two "Types" of Money

The gold price continues to indicate a new emerging bull market.

And there are several factors that have driven gold prices 2.5% higher in recent weeks.

But there are two "types" of money that will dictate where gold is headed in 2016...