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Precious Metals


Why the Silver Price Will Rise in This Post-Brexit Environment

The silver price is coming off of a wild week thanks to Thursday's historic Brexit vote.

Britain's decision to leave the EU sent silver prices toward the important $18 mark.

And despite short-term volatility, we see prices heading higher in 2016 and beyond...


What's Next for Silver Prices in 2016 After Brexit

Silver prices have climbed in 2016 because of economic uncertainty, and the Brexit vote is pushing prices up even higher.

But it's important not to get caught up all the mania surrounding Brexit.

That's why Money Morning wants all of our readers to focus on the long-term outlook for silver prices from our resource specialist...


Will Gold Prices Rise After the Brexit?

Gold prices have seen a big rally this week thanks to the Fed's interest rate inaction.

But another big event – the Brexit – is coming up, and investors want to know how it will affect gold prices.

Here's why we think gold will rally if the UK decides to leave the EU...


The 4 Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now in June 2016

With gold prices up 18.82% year to date and heading higher, we've got the four best gold stocks to buy now in June 2016.

All have posted impressive year-to-date gains yet have more room to run.

Here are the four best gold stocks to buy now...


The Truth About Silver Prices for Today

Silver prices for today have gotten to this level on five factors.

We outline those factors here... continue on to get all this silver price info for 2016.


Expectations for 2016 Silver Prices

The 2016 silver prices move has been largely in our favor as metals investors. There is some weakness ahead, though.

But long term, silver will climb. Here's why the price of silver is in a bull market...


The Price of Silver Will Head Lower Before Rising Again in 2016

The precious metals sector has experienced a broad sell-off over the last month.

Unfortunately, the price of silver may see more losses in the short term.

But our long-term forecast tells a much more bullish story...


Why Are Silver Prices Rising?

Why are silver prices rising?

Here are the reasons, so you are the richest, smartest silver investor there is...


Where Are Silver Prices Headed?

Where are silver prices headed in 2016?

There are a few factors that will make them move.

Here's what they are, how they will affect silver, and how you can monetize the move.


Why Are Gold Prices Affected by Interest Rate Hikes?

Gold prices are thought to be hindered when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

And all the headlines you will see in the news will tell you that gold prices have peaked for 2016.

But that's not what is really going on. If you want to learn more about the real value of gold, make sure you read this...