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Today's GOOGL Stock Price Rally Is Just the Start

The Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL) stock price is soaring today (Friday) after the tech titan posted a 24% increase in quarterly profit.

Today's staggering gains are just the start.

Here's why GOOGL has much more room to run...


GOOGL Stock Price Climbs on New Video Service and Is Headed Higher

Earnings in Q1 2016 didn't live up to Wall Street's expectations, and the GOOGL stock price has dropped over 5% this year.

But unlike Wall Street, we're looking at Alphabet's long-term outlook.

If you're a GOOGL stock owner or plan to invest in the company, you can't miss this exclusive report we made for our subscribers...


Alphabet Stock Just Received This "Cordless" Buy Signal

The Alphabet stock price has fallen more than 6% since early April.

But there are several catalysts that will send the Alphabet stock price on a long-term rally.

And the company just announced a highly profitable catalyst today...


The "Earnings Recession" Just Gave Us Two Big "Buy" Opportunities

With Q1 2016 earnings meeting bearish expectations, we've entered an earnings recession. That's not great news – but it does mean two of the best tech stocks are trading at a discount.

These are the kind of shares you want to buy and hold for the long term - and now's the perfect time to buy...


Should I Buy GOOGL Stock After Q1 2016 Earnings?

The GOOGL stock price today is slightly down right before Q1 2016 earnings are announced on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

The tech giant has rewarded investors over the last 12 months with returns over 45%, but it's not a guarantee Alphabet will beat expectations in this quarter.

So right before earnings are announced, we had to make sure our readers knew if GOOGL was a good investment in 2016. Here's what we found...

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This Week's Google Stock Price Drop Is Just a Short-Term Hiccup

Google shares have slipped this week, but investors ought to look past the Google stock price's latest hiccup.

The company continues to be an innovator and its stock an outperformer.

Here's why we're bullish on GOOGL...


GOOGL Stock Benefiting from $200 Billion Cloud-Computing War

The GOOGL stock price is up over 33% in the last 12 months, but the company is lagging behind in the cloud-computing war.

In fact, the tech giant only has 4% of the market.

But Google just made an announcement that's a major growth catalyst for the GOOGL stock price. Here's what you need to know...


Why Alphabet Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

Alphabet stock is the Money Morning Pick of the Week.

Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL, GOOG) is still better-known as Google, which now is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company created last fall.

The stock is up 26% over the last eight months as earnings have outperformed.

But success has only made Alphabet hungrier. And that's a big part of why Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton calls GOOGL a "legacy stock"...


Google's "Other Bets" Are THE Reason You Want to Own GOOGL Stock

Alphabet Inc.'s Q4 2015 earnings surpassed expectations for both revenue and profits. That's great… considering the best is yet to come.

Analysts are having trouble with something Google calls "other bets" and the fact that those investments cost the company a whopping $3.5 billion in losses.

A lot of individual investors, meanwhile, find it hard to imagine GOOGL stock going too much higher, let alone a lot higher.

Both groups are missing something really critical that we talk about all the time...


Alphabet Stock Crushed Q4 Earnings Because of This One Reason  

In its latest Q4 earnings report, Alphabet beat all analyst expectations and grew its revenue 18% over the year. Alphabet continues to prove its ability to turn a profit even as the global economy remains sluggish.

Nearly four weeks ago, Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton predicted on CNBC that Alphabet stock would outperform its sector in early 2016.

Barton was on CNBC again Monday to talk about why Alphabet stock is doing better than the broader markets. GOOG is now up 1.6% for the year, with the Dow down about 8%.

Here's the one big reason Alphabet stock is up - and why shares will continue this rise in 2016...