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How the Government Will Force You to Give Up Your Cash

You may not realize it, but the government's war on cash has already begun.

And it's happening not just in the United States, but all over the world. In fact, many countries are well ahead of the U.S. in the war on cash.

It would be easy – and a mistake – to dismiss the government's war on cash.

But here's why the death of cash represents a serious threat to every citizen...


How a Government Shutdown Affects Defense Stocks

For the second time in two years, Americans face another government shutdown.

Oct. 1 marks the first day of fiscal year 2016 – the deadline for funding. But debate over financing nonprofit reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood threatens to halt the nation if no measure is passed to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30.

If a government shutdown does happen, we know one thing for sure: defense stocks will get hit – hard.

Here's what happened in late September and early October 2013 as the last shutdown became inevitable - and what investors can do to this turn lemon into lemonade...


The No. 1 Reason to Love a Government Shutdown – Double-Digit Profits

We stand on the verge of yet another government shutdown. The last shutdown, as costly and embarrassing as it was, was profitable for savvy investors. This one will be, too.

Playing this sector with one of our favorite trading strategies could create some quick double-digit profit opportunities.

These three picks will get you started...

government secrets

A Day in the Life of Being Spied On

We're all being spied on. It's common knowledge here in the U.S… And some folks just accept it.

But they don't know how and how often they're being watched.

If you're one of these folks, then tell: Are you ok with the NSA tracking your whereabouts?

If not, then read on. Because you're definitely being watched. We all are. Probably right now...

The U.S. Government

What Is the Government Hiding from Us?

Just what is the government hiding from us? It's a question on many people's minds, though conspiracy theorists are the ones doing the asking.

Since they know full well the government isn't going to respond with a litany of honest answers, they have to do their own research.

Here are four of the most investigated rumored cover-ups...


Crowd-Watch State of the Union 2015 for These Five Epic Moments

U.S. President Barack Obama will address the condition of the nation and outline his legislative agenda in his State of the Union 2015 on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

He will touch on a major tax overhaul, cybersecurity, and economic recovery. But serious issues aside, millions of television viewers watch the address for more than intellectual debate…

They also tune in for a little social experiment. When you round up a heavily fractioned 535 Members of Congress in one room and force them to listen to a speech from our lightning-rod President, it is nigh-guaranteed some antics will occur.

Here are the top five most entertaining things to watch for in the crowd of State of the Union 2015.

Keystone pipeline

Keystone Pipeline Vote Will Leave President Obama Nowhere to Hide

President Barack Obama will be forced to make some kind of decision on the long-delayed Keystone pipeline within the next few weeks.

A Dec. 6 runoff election for a Louisiana Senate seat pushed a Keystone pipeline vote to the top of Washington's "to do" list. Both houses are expected to approve the legislation and send it to President Obama.

At that point, the president will no longer be able to delay a decision.

And he'll feel a lot of pressure to sign a Keystone pipeline bill...

Election 2014

What the Election Results Mean for Your Money

In our Baltimore offices, yesterday's sweeping Republican electoral victories across the country were not someone else's story.

Long a Democratic stronghold, Maryland voted in just its fourth Republican governor in the last 60 years when it overwhelmingly chose to send Larry Hogan to the State House in Annapolis.

Here in the Free State that will have a clear impact on taxes, but more importantly what impact will the national victories have on the markets and your money?

We checked in with some of our experts to find out...


The Growing Threat to Capitalism

American exceptionalism, the country's qualitatively demonstrable advantage over other nations, used to be characterized by individualism.

Not to mention egalitarianism, republicanism, and populism.

All of this was supported by the government's laissez-faire approach to America's capitalist economic system.

That's all changed. And not for the better.

Now, top-down technocratic government manipulation of civil liberties, and the American economy, is pushing the nation towards the pernicious charms of socialism.

And America, investors and non-investors alike, will suffer from its impact...


I Can't Believe the U.S. Government Wants to Unleash This on the Public

You've no doubt seen their commercials. They used to be all over the tube hawking their high-yielding certificates of deposit. Now they're all over the tube with their "no hidden fees" campaign.

Ally FinancialI like the one where the woman is afraid to try new things because she's had bad experiences before. Her mechanical dog sparks a fire when he drinks water and her trainer hooks her up to electrodes that zap her. I like these commercials; they're funny.

all the more outrageous...