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This Tech Pick Is One of the Best Investments for 2016

Tech stocks have widely outperformed the S&P 500 over the last several years and are poised for more gains.

But not all tech stocks are created equal, and that's why it's important to be in the sector's best.

That's why we are highlighting one of the best investments for 2016 in the tech sector...


Increase Your Return on Investment with This One Easy Strategy in 2016

You don't need a ton of money to increase your return on investment in today's volatile market. You just need the right strategy.

In fact, the best way to squeeze the most return on investment from an unstable market is through discipline, not wealth. That's according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, a seasoned market analyst with over 30 years of investing experience.

Fitz-Gerald has one trading strategy that's built to endure market turbulence best. It will help you build your stake in a company, without investing any extra money.

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This "Boring" Income Play Could Get You 76%, Even in This Market

We're sharing this Private Briefing with you because it's quite simply the perfect opportunity for these market conditions. To claim your 50% Member discount, and get all of Bill's Private Briefing recommendations for any and every market, click here. Now here's Bill…

In journalism circles, there's an axiom that tells writers that it's usually better to "show" than to "tell."

It's a nifty bit of wisdom that I've shared with dozens of young writers through the years.

In this Private Briefing report, I'm taking my own advice.

Yesterday, we told you that that high-yielding dividend stocks were one of the best ways to navigate this whipsaw market.

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"Death Cross" Signal Isn't the Bearish Harbinger Everyone Thinks

The word "death cross" has been making the rounds in financial headlines recently as the Russell 2000 has breached this technical indicator.

But for all the fear that surrounds the ominous death cross, it doesn't have really have the kind of reputation would warrant such a spooky moniker.

Here’s why traders fear the dreaded death cross signal, and what it really means for the markets…

Best Investments

The Three Best Chinese Stocks to Buy Now (and They're Not Alibaba)

Investors looking for Chinese stocks to buy in 2014 got an amazing opportunity with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA), the largest IPO in U.S. history, when it started trading Sept. 19.

While Alibaba (which is actually based in the Cayman Islands, not China) is the biggest player in the Chinese e-commerce market, it's not the only company with huge growth potential in the country.

We’ve found three of the best companies in China, other than Alibaba, with huge growth opportunities ahead of them…

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If You Own Only One Investment, Make Sure This Is It

For a change of pace today I wanted to tell you a personal story.

Twenty years ago, when I was working as a business reporter in upstate New York and covering Eastman Kodak Co. for Gannett Newspapers, I decided it was time to start saving for a house.

So I concocted a plan.

I wasn't exactly getting rich as a journalist, but I was doing okay. Even so, I knew I'd need an actual plan that I could commit to if I really was going to amass the needed down payment.

My plan was simple. In the years that followed, every time my bosses gave me a raise, I started a new mutual fund.

By the time I got a job at The Baltimore Sun in 1998 – and Robin and I moved to Maryland – I had more than $25,000 set aside from this plan and some other money I'd saved. And we could start looking for our first house.

I also learned a valuable lesson: A little discipline can take you a long way.

I was thinking about this the other day when Radical Technology Profits Editor Michael Robinson and I were talking about the "one investment you should never sell."

It's a perfect investment for house down payments, college funds, retirement, a vacation house, a boat, or the cruise of a lifetime – in short, the kind of big-ticket purchases that come along a couple times during a lifetime.

Let's take a look...

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Put These Investing Classics on Your Vacation Reading Short List

As we move into late July – and find that August is right in our windshield – we're also hitting prime vacation season. And if you're like me, you want to use that time to catch up on your reading. Consider including a business book or two on that list. The time invested will have […]

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Resource Investing

We've Examined These Huge Winners Up Close

It was Aug. 13, 1902, and upstate New York's A.B. Bouvier found himself far from civilization – in Ontario, Canada's Mine Centre district. He was there to check out some mining property. And as he recounted in two letters to a friend of his – a woman named Emma – the trip hadn't been an easy one.

The two letters are part of a small group of historic documents that I've amassed through the years. The two scrawl-covered pages tell quite a story. And the collector I got the notes from filled in some of the other details.

The first letter tells of a trip across Lake Superior – one that left everyone on the boat (except Bouvier) feeling seasick.

"Lots of the passengers were so sick they could not get up," Bouvier wrote. "I managed to get to breakfast and that was all."

The rolling and pitching Great Lakes boat trip turned out to be the easiest part of his journey north of the border. It illustrates the hard work involved with locating an opportunity…

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Why Trailing Stops Are One of the Most Important Investment Tools Ever

Today I want to offer a deeper explanation of one of the very best investment tools: trailing stops.
Every single one of Money Morning's experts advocates using them, and for good reason. A "trailing stop" serves a dual role: It allows investors to capture profits and protect capital from catastrophic loss.

Here’s exactly how this investment tool works – and the best strategy for putting them to work in your portfolio today.

Stock Market Today

Before the Bell: Stock Market News Today and Earnings to Watch

Five Stories to Watch in the Stock Market Today, Jan. 27:

  • The Global Sell-Off Continues: Global markets fell again on Monday. Turmoil continues to spread through Argentina, India, Brazil, and Turkey amid a selloff in developing-market currencies. This complements a growing concern over a Chinese credit crunch. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Emerging Markets ETF Volatility Index spiked 40% last week, the single largest weekly increase since September 2011, according to Bloomberg. The Volatility S&P 500(VIX) is now up more than 47% in the past 30 days amid concerns of global turmoil ripping across emerging markets.

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