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Market Update

Market Correction

Prepare for the Next Stock Market Correction with This 1-Minute Guide

Investors panicked over the August 2015 stock market correction. Many didn’t know whether to sell their stocks or wait out the huge dip in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In the following video, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani talks about how investors can get ahead of the next stock market correction…

Market Correction

The Biggest Threats to Spark a Stock Market Correction Right Now

U.S. markets have been propped up by the Federal Reserve since the 2008 financial crisis.

Eventually, interest rates will rise.

And when they do, Americans could face a huge stock market correction.

The Fed is just one hazard…

Watch the following video as Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani describes the biggest threats that could bring about a U.S. market correction right now...

week in review

Market Corruption Becomes Business as Usual

Week after week, the news is filled with reports of law-breaking by institutions and individuals that hold positions of trust in society. Last week, FIFA, the body that rules the multi-billion dollar business of soccer, was hit by indictments of many of its senior officials who were charged with running a multi-year corruption scheme. The […]

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Stock Market Today

Pre-Market Movers: American Airlines (Nasdaq: AAL) to Join S&P 500

Good morning! Stock futures for Tuesday, March 17, forecasted a 52-point decrease from yesterday's close. The DJIA Index surged 228 points Monday, a day ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) second meeting of the year. Notable pre-market movers are American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AAL), Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: KPTI), and these…

The FOMC meeting today will focus on when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.

Here's why AAL is one of today's pre-market movers, what else is happening in stock market news, and your "Money Morning Tip of the Day"...

Stock Market Today

U.S. Stock Futures Down Slightly as Big Money Leaves Apple Stock

U.S. stock futures for Wednesday, Feb. 18 were down 20 points from yesterday's close as investors seek clarity on the Greek debt situation.

This morning, investors will be looking ahead to this afternoon, when the Federal Reserve will release minutes from its January meeting. The focus will center on whether the FOMC has changed any language of its policy statements to hint a sooner-than-expected interest-rate increase.

Here's what else you should know about the stock market today - including your "Money Morning Tip of the Day" - to make it a profitable Wednesday...

Your Money

How to Use Money Market Funds to Shield Your 401(k) from a Crash

American workers with 401(k) plans are right to dread a stock market crash that would wipe out a big chunk of their hard-earned balances.

But instead of living in fear, it's possible to do something about it – thanks to the option of money market funds, which almost every 401(k) plan offers.

And the best part is, reallocating 401(k) investments to a money market fund couldn't be any easier.

Here’s how to get started…

Precious Metals

Turn the Tables on the Market Manipulators

In theory, we have free markets, where manipulation is illegal and punishable.

We've found that's not often the case in the financial markets.

Unfortunately, this web of "disruptive practices" and "market rigging" is not likely to change any time soon.

Despite a government "crackdown" on illegalities that occasionally makes the headlines.

The problem may be especially manifest in the futures market.

But you don't have to be a victim...


Merck (MRK) Shares Rise, Pfizer (PFE) Stock Slumps on Mixed Earnings

Two American pharmaceutical giants reported earnings this morning, both showing flagging sales – but one ended the day with a gain.

And amid a busy M&A year for the healthcare sector, both PFE and MRK grabbed headlines on potential big ticket deals, although for different reasons….

Money Markets

$900 Billion in Capital Is About to Move

Six years after the financial crisis, the SEC finally concluded a four-year battle with financial industry lobbyists to toughen regulations governing money market funds. Readers may remember that a run at the $62.5 billion Reserve Primary Fund during the 2008 financial crisis brought the multi-trillion money market industry to a standstill. And it required federal […]

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Stock Market Today

GSK, YHOO, DE, and NFLX Are Today's Pre-Market Movers

Premarket movers today, May 14, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to a new closing record on Tuesday of 16,715.44. The S&P 500 hit a record intraday high, touching over 1,900 for the first time ever.

Here’s what to know about the stock market today to make your Wednesday profitable: