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Market Update


This Market Could Grow 33% a Year for the Next Decade

The Internet of Things could be worth as much as $3 trillion once it hits its fullest potential.

What's more, it's sparked an exciting new sub-segment, "wearapeutics," which could be worth nearly $100 billion in its own right.

Here's the smartest move to play all of it...

Market Crash

During the Next Stock Market Crash, Don't Panic… Profit

The next stock market crash will be caused by the same catalyst that's creating this stock market surge: central banks.

This is how the next crash will happen - and how you can profit.

Market Crash

The Biggest 2016 Stock Market Crash Warning We've Seen Yet

We received a 2016 stock market crash warning earlier this week.

It came from one of the most famous investors in the world, which means it could be our biggest warning yet.

Here's what you need to know about why we're headed for a crash this year...

Market Crash

Stocks Are Sky-High – Here's How to Profit from the Big Fall

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which ought to know a thing or two about behavioral disorders, once defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

By that definition, the world's central bankers – "hopium" pushers to the global markets – are all barking mad.

They've continuously inflated assets to stratospheric heights in a doomed quest for growth and inflation that never, ever comes.

And what's really insane is that they have absolutely no idea how to stop what they're doing… without sending those "hopium"-addicted markets into a lethal tailspin.

They'll get the tailspin anyway. Or should I say, we will – central bankers never lose.

The U.S. is a perfect example of what central bankers have wrought on the markets.

That's going to come to an end, and markets will get ugly when it does. Here's how to profit.

The Three Things That Could Move This Strange "Go-Nowhere" Market

The mid-July, post Brexit run-up has given way to a mild pullback and… wait for it… another sideways box.

For more than two weeks, the S&P 500 has been stuck in an amazing, maddening range of less than 1%.

This is an almost unheard-of level of inaction.

In fact, I went back through 10 years of data and could not find any other occurrences of a two-week range that was this tight.

This is really strange. But the good news is, it can't last.

Here's what I think will happen...

Market Crash

The Worse Banks Get, the More This Easy Trade Pays You

The global economy is about to be dealt one "double whammy" of a knockout blow.

It's because of two different emerging trends that are fast approaching collision: financial repression and the uncontrolled expansion of the financial sector.

Financial repression has vastly contributed to the pain the middle class is feeling now. Historically low, even negative, interest rates have eaten into returns and helped decimate pension funds and punish everyone from savers to bondholders.

At the same time, massive banks have been allowed to grow in size and power, totally unchecked. And they've used this growth period to inject huge, totally unsustainable amounts of leverage into the system via trillions of dollars in derivatives contracts and bad loans.

Either of these would be bad enough, but I want to show you how these trends are converging to unleash a firestorm of capital destruction on the unwitting. That's something we're just beginning to see in Europe right now, but it sure won't stop "over there."

The way to avoid it? Don't be unwitting. Take a look at this easy-to-trade profit play I'm recommending right now.

The worse banks get, the more it pays...

Market Crash

How Soaring Corporate Debt Could Lead to the Next Financial Crisis

Global corporate debt is swelling to absurd levels – almost $51 trillion. And it could rise to $75 trillion by 2020, according to a new report from Standard & Poor's Global Ratings.

And this debt, if not managed properly, could easily cause the next financial crisis...

Market Crash

Is This Market Rally a Sign the Next Stock Market Crash Is Coming?

Some investors are worried the markets' unwarranted surge to new record highs could lead to a stock market crash.

Here's what you should expect...

Market Crash

Here's How Much Cash You Should Hold Right Now

Cash isn't the most exciting or dramatic asset you can hold, but, aside from gold itself, there's not much that's more vital or versatile – especially right now.

Here's why…

First, if you have cash, you can buy those distressed assets that have to be sold by overleveraged owners when they're forced to sell. In this way, when things go wrong, you're a "liquidity provider," much like Warren Buffett who famously made some of the best, most favorable deals of his entire life in the crisis years of 2008 and 2009. Buffett pulled off this coup by being flush with cash when hardly anyone else was.

Cash also tends to hold its own against assets that are inflated by high levels of debt, like real estate and stocks are right now. It tends to depreciate against gold, but it will do much better than overpriced financial assets like stocks when the dam breaks.

And of course, if things finally get so bad that even CNBC or Barron's admit as much, you can use cash to buy items essential to survival, like food, water, and a complete set of "The X-Files" Blu-ray discs. 

So I want to show you an unbeatable cash strategy right now. You'll see how much cash to hold at any one time, and just as important, how to hold it; there's more to "cash" than pictures of dead presidents.

But in order to get all the advantages that a right-sized cash position offers, you have to understand why the dollar is strong and getting stronger...


There'll Be No Economic Recession This Election Year – Here's Which Candidate Will Benefit

There's almost no chance of an economic recession during this election cycle, according to one economic indicator.

And that will benefit one presidential candidate hugely before November....