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What Royal Dutch Shell's Billion-Dollar "Free Gas" Project Means for You

Earlier this week, oil and natural gas giant Royal Dutch Shell announced multibillion-dollar project in western Pennsylvania.

The boosted employment and tax revenue for the region is great news. But even more important is the nature of the project itself – and what it means for the future of natural gas.

It'll also lead to some fantastic investment opportunities...


Investors Face This Risk from Coal's Quick Death

Coal is struggling and unpopular in all but a handful of regions where they actually pull it out of the ground.

But simple economics rather than public perception is what's set to deal coal its death blow.

Coal's limited economic importance likely won’t be enough to overcome the latest wave of bad news buried in a series of recent reports – the most dramatic indication yet that coal is dying even faster than expected.

You see, a relative newcomer to U.S. electricity production (you guessed it: natural gas) is pushing down prices for old stalwarts like coal, and even nuclear power.

Simply put, the black rock has 12 to 18 months at the outside before conditions get so bad that coal (and nuclear) plants begin closing in earnest.

And that's when shareholders get burned.

So it's time to make sure you limit your exposure and protect yourself from the shares I'm going to name here...

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One of the Best Natural Gas Companies to Invest in This Year

Natural gas companies are trading near their lowest level in seven years.

But these firms are poised to see handsome gains in 2016 as demand outpaces growing supply.

And one stock will be one of the best natural gas investments of the year, especially after making history last month...


Natural Gas Companies Could Lose Trillions from This Global Threat

Of all the energy sectors, oil and natural gas companies have taken the worst beating this year.

These firms are expected to spend nearly $2 trillion on drilling projects over the next five years.

But there's a UN meeting this week on an issue that could make it an insanely dangerous investment...


Why the Airgas Stock Price Hit a 52-Week High Today (NYSE: ARG)

The Airgas stock price rose 1.2% to a 52-week high of $139.22 today after the company agreed to be bought by France's Air Liquide in a $13.4 billion deal.

Airgas stock has now climbed more than 45% since Friday's opening price of $94.58.

Here's what you need to know about Airgas stock now...

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Natural Gas Price Forecast: Will Prices Rebound from This Week's Crash?

Natural gas is having its roughest week in three years as futures struggle to stay above $2.

But our natural gas price forecast shows three huge "game changers" sending the market into a decades-long rally.

Here's everything you need to know about where natural gas is headed after this week's crash...

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Piedmont (NYSE: PNY) Stock Price Soars 38% After Duke Energy Merger

The PNY stock price surged 38.7% today after the company was acquired by Duke Energy.

According to Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors, M&A will continue to wash over the energy market.

In fact, this merger is just the latest in a string of huge deals Moors saw coming...

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These Three Factors Will Change Natural Gas Investing Forever

It hasn't been a good year for natural gas investing. Prices have cratered 21.8% so far in 2015.

But the market is on the verge of a huge rebound as new outlets for natural gas consumption are developed.

Here are the three factors that will transform the natural gas market...


This Natural Gas Stock Will Surge from Yesterday's Historic Discovery (NYSE: E)

Eni SpA (NYSE ADR: E) is the most talked about natural gas stock right now.

That's because the Italian energy company just made a "supergiant" find in the Mediterranean Sea.

Here's everything you need to know about this historic discovery...

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Here's What Will Guide the Future of Investing in Natural Gas

Investing in natural gas is going to be a major source of energy profits in years to come.

But to know where the profits are, you must understand how the industry is evolving.

Here are the major factors in place to guide natural gas prices - and profits - in years to come.