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The $600 Million Signal That Oil Prices Are About to Rise

Oil "sages" everywhere are now calling for $40 to $50 a barrel of oil by mid-year, calling on vague rumors of a Saudi-Russia production deal, costly shale oil producers collapsing, or the energy debt crisis as proof.

But they're overlooking one crucial thing – the main signal that oil prices are turning around. You see, the largest move of its kind ever just took place in oil markets… $600 million worth in one day.

Pundits may have missed it, but that doesn't mean you have to. It's a clear sign that oil prices are turning around - and that it's time for you to get back in the game...


Falling Oil Prices Are Making This "Middleman" Company Rich

The drop in oil prices over the last year has lost oil companies billions of dollars.

But there's one company banking huge profits from oil's free fall.

In fact, it just posted a 14% increase in revenue thanks to the volatile commodity.


Here's the Real Reason Oil and Stocks Are Moving Together

For a long time there wasn't much of a connection between oil and stocks, and there was even an inverse relationship between them.

But since the turn of the century, and especially over the past two years, they've begun to move in lockstep, diving and rising together.

Naturally, everyone wants to explain why oil and stocks are moving together, but they're wrong. The truth is, they're missing the sinister reason for the tight connection...


The Best Oil Stock Investing Strategy for 2016

Investors are hesitant to search for a profitable oil stock as prices remain near a 12-year low of $30.50 a barrel.

But there's one oil stock investing method that will yield big profits thanks to the long-term rebound in oil prices.

Here's how you can tap into this moneymaking strategy...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Is Down Today

The price of crude oil struggled to stay above the $30 mark today as Big Oil firms report weak earnings and hopes of a production cut from OPEC fade.

But there are five reasons why investors shouldn’t avoid the energy sector in 2016.

First, here's what you need to know about oil's movement today...


Exxon Earnings for Q4 2015: One Reason to Hold the Stock Now

Exxon earnings were released before the opening bell today, and the oil giant beat analyst expectations.

Although XOM stock is down after the report, we recommend holding it if it's in your portfolio.

That's because it boasts one quality that can make you money no matter where the price goes in 2016...


Saudi Arabia's Oil "Proposal" – Here's What's Really Going On

Last week, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak claimed that Saudi Arabia had proposed a 5% cut in oil production.

That set the oil price roller coaster off and running, with crude prices shooting up to levels not seen in a month.

There is only one problem. My contacts in OPEC and Saudi Arabia tell me that things look very different behind the scenes.

Here's what's really going on...


Two Bright Spots for Exxon Stock After Q4 Earnings

The Exxon Mobil Corp. earnings report comes out tomorrow.

Analysts expect Exxon stock to fall after the oil titan reports what could be its worst earnings report since 2009.

But there are two reasons to hold onto shares of the world's largest oil firm despite initial volatility after the report...


Oil Prices Are Tightly Correlated to Stocks – But for a Different Reason Than Before

Oil prices and the stock market are in lockstep right now.

The correlation between Brent crude oil prices and the S&P 500 is at its highest level since 1990.

And there's one reason why the two have been moving in tandem with one another lately...


Don't Sell Exxon Stock in 2016 for This One Reason

Exxon Mobil Corp. will report its fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Investors want to know how Exxon stock will react to what's likely to be its worst earnings report of the decade.

There's one reason to keep shares in your portfolio, though, despite the bleak earnings predictions...