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Get Ready for the Cheapest Memorial Day Gas Prices in Over 10 Years

We're about to see the cheapest gas prices in over a decade this Memorial Day weekend.

In fact, the whole summer could see us saving at the pump...


How Crude Oil's New "Floor" Sets You Up for Big Gains

The anxious pundits on TV worried about crude oil surpassing $50 are missing a crucial point.

Oil's price floor is the key to profits - and crude's just established a new one. Here's where - plus what it means for your money...


[CHART] How the Crude Oil Price Affects Spending

The crude oil price has plummeted 55% over the last two years.

That means American consumers have been spending less at the gasoline pump.

This chart shows where Americans are spending that money they've been saving...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Up Today

The WTI crude oil price today (Monday, May 16) is on track for its highest close in six months.

The U.S. benchmark jumped more than 3% to $47.68 during midday trading.

And it's all thanks to a surprisingly bullish prediction from this Wall Street bank...


The Price of Crude Oil in 2016 Will Climb Because of These 3 Factors

The price of crude oil has rocketed from its 13-year low in February.

WTI crude oil prices are up 59% to $46 a barrel today.

And there are four factors that ensure the rally will keep going in 2016...


The Secret to Predicting Oil Prices – and Cutting Through the "Expert" Hype

These four factors are the secret to accurately predicting oil prices – and cutting through the media's smoke and mirrors.

The second one threatens thousands of jobs here at home, so it's important to take a look at what's really happening with crude...


Crude Oil News: These Companies Just Ditched $2.5 Billion to Avoid Bankruptcy

The biggest crude oil news stories are always movements in day-to-day oil prices.

But the 58% crash in prices over the last two years has forced many firms to make difficult decisions.

That brings us to this important story being overlooked this week...


Why No "Silver Bullet" Will Ever Kill Crude Oil

The dominance of crude oil as an energy source is waning, but no silver bullet will emerge to replace oil as a new primary player.

This time, the energy sector is undergoing a different type of transition. Here's what to expect...


Crude Oil Prices Today Fall After Saudi Arabia Shakeup

Crude oil prices fell more than 1% in early-morning trading today.

At 9:45 a.m., WTI prices were down near $44.15, while Brent prices were trading at $44.66.

And it's all due to a massive government shakeup in the world's largest oil country this past weekend...


3 Reasons We Just Raised Our Oil Price Forecast for 2016

Oil prices have skyrocketed more than 70% over the last three months.

What's even better is that our new oil price forecast sees prices going even higher this year.

And there are three bullish factors that will make it happen...