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The Best High-Yield Investments to Make Today

Today we profile the top high-yield investments to make now.

These best high-yield investments are less risky than where many investors are putting their money today…

Take a look and start making more than you were before...


WTI Crude Oil Price Today Remains Volatile – Here's Your Profit Play

After jumping more than 5% on Monday, the WTI crude oil price was falling today (Tuesday).

Oil prices are expected to trade in a narrow band for a while.

Here's why oil prices are back down today, and how to profit from this lackluster oil price environment...

Economic Data

11 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Move to Texas

The Lone Star State is home to 26.9 million residents – as well as low unemployment rates, barrelsful of crude oil, and a bustling tech sector.

Those are just a few reasons why so many people want to move to Texas.

Here are nine more...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Today Is Falling

The price of crude oil today fell as worries of a U.S. interest rate increase as early as next month moved through an already nervous market.

Traders are also guarded ahead of a crucial OPEC meeting next month.

Here's how to play this range-bound oil market...


The OPEC Oil Deal Is Coming… but Not When the Pundits Expect It

Markets don't expect an OPEC oil deal in September, but that doesn't mean it's completely off the table.

Here's why a deal is coming - just not when the pundits expect it...


Saudi Aramco Chart: The History of the World's Biggest Company

Saudi Aramco is the world's biggest and most valuable company.

But the state-owned energy giant wasn't always the behemoth it is today.

This Saudi Aramco chart provides a glimpse into the history of the energy company from 1962 to now...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Today Broke Its Seven-Day Winning Streak

The WTI crude oil price today declined for the first time in seven sessions.

Although prices are down, they've stabilized in the $40-$50 range.

And we found the best way to make money from this stable price range...


Oil Price Today Hits a Seven-Week High on OPEC Meeting Anticipation

The crude oil price today jumped to its highest level in nearly seven weeks.

The gains come as investors hope OPEC will cut or freeze output at next month's meeting.

But there's one non-OPEC nation that wields tremendous influence over the outcome of that meeting...


The Simple Reason Why OPEC Won't Strike a Deal on Oil

Every OPEC member feels the pain of cheap crude – but don't expect an oil deal any time soon.

There's one simple reason why a production cut won't happen...


Where the Price of Crude Oil Is Headed After 4-Day Rally

The price of crude oil rallied for a fourth consecutive day Monday, propped up by rumblings that major producers may be aiming to help stabilize the oil price rout with a production freeze.

Coupled with a bullish report from the IEA last week, oil prices are poised for more gains.

Here's where we see oil prices heading...