Where Crude Oil Prices Are Headed After the Algeria OPEC Meeting

Crude oil prices are going to remain volatile in the short term because OPEC could not reach an agreement at its September meeting.

Members of the oil cartel are still going to produce as much oil as they can, making oil prices cheap and limiting profits.

But this won't last long. In fact, we have a very bold oil price prediction for the rest of 2016...


September OPEC Meeting: What You Need to Know Today

The September OPEC meeting gets underway in Algiers today (Monday) as OPEC and non-OPEC members meet for an informal yet crucial energy summit.

Hopes are growing that some kind of deal will be reached.

Here's everything that investors need to know about the September OPEC meeting...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Today Is Up Over $45 a Barrel

The price of crude oil today spiked over $45 a barrel on fresh hopes that major producers might clinch a deal to limit production and help reduce the glut pressuring prices for more than two years.

OPEC members are meeting this week to discuss the world's oil supply/demand situation.

Here's why oil prices will be volatile this week...


Here Are All of the 2016 Oil Bankruptcies… So Far [LIST]

The bout of 2016 oil bankruptcies is not about to disappear soon.

There is, however, some good news about the flailing industry... depending on how you look at it...


The Real Goal Behind Next Week's OPEC-Russia Meeting

Next week's OPEC-Russia meeting won't free crude from its tight trading range.

Here's what the meeting's really about - and when OPEC will finally change its strategy...


Why Crude Oil Prices Are Soaring Today

Crude oil prices are surging today (Wednesday) after an unexpectedly large decline in U.S. crude inventories and as an oil service workers strike in Norway endangered North Sea output.

Today's outcome of the FOMC meeting could also impact crude oil prices.

Here are all the details you need to know...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Higher Today

The WTI crude oil price jumped Monday after Venezuela said a deal to steady global supply is imminent.

Also lifting prices was news a military conflict in Libya affected the country's oil exports.

Oil prices are expected to be volatile through the end of the month and will then head higher...


What Energy "Experts" Don't Want You to Know About Oil

TV pundits busy rehashing oversupply mantras are ignoring that range-bound oil is close to breaking free.

Discover what's really happening with crude, right here...


What Wall Street Doesn't Get About Friday's Oil Price Drop

The oil price's 23% rally was stopped in its tracks last Friday, and now scaremongers are calling for even lower prices.

They're blaming the weather - but here's why you can safely ignore them...


I'm Not Worried About This Round of Oil Price Volatility

Kent's oil price prediction of mid-$50s by the end of this year is holding firm. Two new signals are supporting the gradual uptrend.

With volatility on the rise and short runners heading for the door, now is your chance to get in for some good profits...