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Will Oil Prices Rise in 2016?

The biggest question on every investor's mind right now is, "Will oil prices rise in 2016?"

That's because oil prices are having their biggest impact on the broader market in nearly three decades.

This chart shows the distinct correlation between oil and the S&P 500 right now...


The One Oil Stock Investing Strategy to Follow in 2016

Most investors are afraid to search for a profitable oil stock now that prices are hovering near $32.

But there's one oil stock investing method that can lead you to substantial profits while prices begin their long-term rebound.

Here's why every energy investor should follow it in 2016...

Trading Strategies

Mark Your Calendar: Oil Profits Start Again on February 14

In fact, it's likely that oil will head even lower than $28 a barrel before it climbs any higher – and that's almost certain to take some time.

But that doesn't matter to me. I'm not in the business of calling bottoms: I'm in the markets because I love to trade and I love to make money.

That's why I was so excited to find this oil and energy pattern. It's unlocked the potential of nice profits even with cheap oil.

Here's what I mean...


This "Smelling Salt" Will Pull Saudi Arabia from Its Oil Glut Deathbed

Saudi Arabia is shifting its focus to mend its oil-glut woes. The country and its neighbors stand to save as much as $87 billion if they achieve goals in this particular sector.

And there's an opportunity to profit as these countries work to do so.

Here's more on how to invest in Saudi Arabia - and the world's - new energy focus...


How to Cash In (Big) on Russia's Unique Oil Problems

The Russian financial situation is heading south again – and fast.

Crude oil prices of less than $30 a barrel are bad enough, but Russia can't even fetch that. The country's "sour" high-sulfur export blend, Urals Export Blend Crude (UEBC), is trading at $26 a barrel – or less. Natural gas is faring even worse.

The fact is, Russia is dependent on oil and natural gas exports to buoy its unwieldy central budget. So the world's largest country is in trouble, and serious trouble if it can't find a way out.

There is a way out, though there's only one option, and it's far from certain whether Putin can make it happen.

What is certain is that there's a juicy profit opportunity for us. Let me show you...


A Barrel of WTI Crude Oil Now Costs Less Than the Actual Barrel

WTI crude oil prices sank below $28.20 a barrel today – making the oil in the barrel cheaper than the barrel holding it.

That's just one of many surprising items more expensive than the price of oil today.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of items selling at a premium to a barrel of oil right now...


How to Invest in Oil Stocks in 2016

The question of how to invest in oil this year has become increasingly difficult to answer as prices continue to spiral out of control.

But that doesn't mean you should run away from the energy sector just yet.

Here are the two most profitable methods for investing in oil stocks in 2016...


These Negative Oil Prices Are Brought to You by the Koch Brothers

Negative oil prices are here – all thanks to the billionaire Koch Brothers and their refinery, Flint Hills Resources LLC.

You see, Flint Hills is charging producers to take their oil off their hands.

Here's more on how the whole scheme works and how negative oil prices happened in the first place...


WTI Crude Oil Falls Today Following Lifted Sanctions

WTI crude oil continued its month-long spiral today in response to the lifting of Iran's economic sanctions over the weekend.

Despite the ongoing oil "crunch," investors shouldn't run away from the energy sector just yet.

Here are some ways you can make money from today's oil price movement...


Why Is Crude Oil Down to $29.56 Today?

Crude oil prices plummeted below the critical $30 mark today as investors remain concerned over Iran's oil operations.

Today's monster sell-off comes ahead of a report from the IAEA on the state of Iran's nuclear program.

But there's one reason why Iranian oil won't hit the market anytime soon...