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How to Rent a Fortune

With a 37% gain in The Blackstone Group LP (NYSE: BX) since late July, we’ve done really well with our targeted investment in real estate.

And with very quick gains of 9% in Brazilian-food processor BRF SA (NYSE ADR: BRFS), 5.2% in South American agricultural play Adecoagro SA (NYSE: AGRO) and 1.6% in high-tech agribusiness player  Neogen Corp. (NasdaqGS: NEOG), we’re doing well with our plays on (pockets of) accelerating U.S. inflation.

Today we’re going to combine the two concepts and employ a very simple formula we believe will add to your profits…


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  • Special Report: New CEO Dudley Isn't the Long-Term Answer at BP, Expert Says

    When readers ask me how Dr. Kent Moors could be up nearly 60% on a portfolio that he only launched July 6, I don't give them an answer.

    I tell them a story.

    When the BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) CEO-replacement saga began to unfold earlier this week, and the Money Morning news team was working the story, I contacted Dr. Moors to ask him if he knew anything about anointed successor Robert Dudley.

    With that response, Dr. Moors underscored, yet again, why he's the ultimate energy-sector insider: He doesn't just know about Dudley – he actually knows him.

    In fact, Dr. Moors went on to give me an analysis of the new CEO's managerial style, including Dudley's strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Moors even went as far as highlighting the elements of Dudley's managerial proclivities – and the elements of BP's strategy – that pose the biggest risks to the Big Oil company's turnaround.

    For the full story on BP’s new CEO, please read on…

  • Money Morning Mailbag: U.S. Drilling Ban Could Be Permanent for BP

    The U.S. government's deepwater oil drilling ban, which resulted from the BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) Gulf oil spill, prompted some readers to question how far U.S. authority reaches regarding offshore business, and what kind of international repercussions could result.

    Q: Where do international waters begin for the Gulf of Mexico? I read somewhere if we didn't drill for oil in the Gulf that China was going to do so. When you are talking international business, does U.S. President Barack Obama have the authority to shut it all down?

    - John M.

  • We Want to Hear From You: Will BP's Makeover Restore the Oil Giant's Image?

    BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) confirmed Tuesday that embattled Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward is being replaced by Robert Dudley – an American and a company insider – in a move that's intended to improve the oil giant's battered image.

    Dudley, who takes over Oct. 1, will have to take on a double-edged challenge. He has to continue the cleanup effort that he's headed since June. And he must also persuade the U.S. government that BP should be allowed to continue offshore drilling work in the Gulf of Mexico – the region it has targeted for 25 of its 40 future production operations over the next five years.
    Because he's led the BP oil-spill-response efforts since June, Dudley has developed a much closer rapport with U.S. officials than his predecessor. Make no mistake: The respect he commands was a key reason for BP's swap at the top.

  • BP Hopes for a CEO Savior in American Robert Dudley

    BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) plans to oust Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward from the top spot and to appoint Robert Dudley – an American and an insider – in an attempt to regain U.S. trust after a highly criticized, ineffective response to the Gulf oil spill.

    BP is expected to announce the change today (Tuesday) when it releases its second-quarter financial report and Hayward addresses shareholders. The official appointment would be effective Oct. 1 – following a transition period that would give BP time to permanently seal the massive oil leak and to clean up most of the five million barrels of oil that have polluted the Gulf region as a result of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

  • Money Morning Mailbag: Relief Wells Near Finish, But Oil Spill Blame Game Continues

    While BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) closed in this week on finishing relief wells to permanently plug the oil spill, stormy weather threatened to delay the final steps as clean up crews were called in to shore.

    BP capped the blown-out Macondo well last week and has been conducting pressure tests to ensure the cap's strength. A relief well is close to completion but work has been halted until the storm passes. All work could be stopped for 10 – 14 days if the area is evacuated.

    While the leak may finally be close to plugged, the financial aftermath is far from over. Corporate entities and the U.S. government continue to point fingers at each other.

  • The BP Relief Wells … And the Two Nightmare Scenarios to Fear

    Although the global energy sector is entering its most-promising stretch in decades – with more new technologies and more investment opportunities than ever before – I just can't seem to get away from BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) and its problems.

    Take last Thursday, for instance. I began the day at FOX Business News, where the interviewer wanted me to explain what will happen if the BP relief wells fail. Then I spent an hour as the guest on a radio talk show from Johannesburg, South Africa, detailing what options are available to BP. Later still, I served as a consultant to a Wall Street investment crew – via conference call – once again on the status of the BP relief wells.

    The BP relief wells are right now the dominant topic on everyone's mind. But there are two potential scenarios – of "nightmare proportions" – that investors need to know about.

    Let me explain…

    To understand the possible nightmares that BP faces in the months to come, please read on…

  • The "New" Global Energy Sector: "The Profit Opportunity of Our Lifetime"

    Oil prices will reach a record $150 a barrel, sending gasoline prices to $3.80 a gallon. Commercial nuclear power is making a comeback – but in "nuclear batteries," instead of in hulking power plants of the past. New global-warming regulations will turn air-pollution credits into financial assets that can trade like stocks or bonds. And China's zooming growth will turn the global energy sector upside down.

    If this sounds like a view of the distant future – the global energy sector's own version of "Future Shock" – think again.

    All of these "predictions" are becoming a reality, even as you read this. And while these transformative events will likely make the global energy sector more volatile and confusing than ever, they are also creating the largest wealth-creating opportunities that most investors will ever see, says Dr. Kent Moors, a career energy-sector consultant who works with governments and corporations throughout the world.

    For all the details on Dr. Moor's energy-sector predictions, please read on…

  • The 'New' Energy Sector: Windfall Profits for Investors, Energy Independence for the U.S. Economy

    The BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) oil spill has been a wakeup call for energy-sector regulators.

    But it's been an even bigger wakeup call for investors.

    Years from now, investors will look back at this period as a turning point – the start of the greatest profit opportunity of this generation. And that's not all. The post-oil-spill period will go down in history as the period during which the United States was finally able to break its dependence on foreign oil, says Dr. Kent Moors, a career energy-sector consultant who works with governments and corporations throughout the world.

    Investors who understand the energy-sector shifts that are taking place "will make more money in energy investments over the next several years than in any other sector during any other period in their lifetimes," says Dr. Moors, who is also the editor of the Oil & Energy Investor newsletter. With the changes he's currently projecting, "a large measure of energy independence for the U.S. becomes possible. And I'm not just talking about a mere economic 'recovery' here. We'd be looking at a standard of living that's 60% higher, an economy expanding at 5% to 7% a year and – most important of all – a future that we could dictate."

    To understand the top trends unfolding in the new energy sector, please read on…

  • Free Report: The New Global Power Broker in Oil

  • Louisiana Judge Blocks Offshore Drilling Ban

    A federal judge in Louisiana today (Tuesday) blocked a White House moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, MarketWatch reported. The White House said it would appeal the decision immediately, according to reports.

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell filed papers Sunday in a New Orleans federal court petitioning for the six-month deepwater oil drilling ban be lifted in 30 days. The papers said that lifting the ban would avoid "turning an environmental disaster into an economic catastrophe."

    "Even after the catastrophic events of Sept. 11, the government only shut down the airlines for three days," Caldwell said.