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WTI Crude Oil Price Today Falls Alongside Chinese Yuan

The WTI crude oil price today fell to a six-year low in the wake of China's decision to devalue its yuan this morning.

Although China touts it as a reform measure, the devaluation raises concerns that the nation's government is panicking.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movements...


Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Are Down Today

WTI crude oil prices sunk lower today as concerns about the Chinese stock market and excess supply perpetuate the month-long free fall.

Despite today's decline, supply is about to start drastically shrinking in the coming months.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movement...


Oil's Tumble Means a Fast 30% Gain with This Trade

My wife and I were just at a children's birthday party. You know, the kind where everyone gets together to sing "Happy Birthday," and then the adults drift off into their own groups to chat.

Naturally, I fell in with a group of several wealth managers, and you'd better believe we started talking about the markets.

When the subject turned to oil shares, you could have heard a pin drop.

You see, some of those folks could be looking at a mighty lean year, depending on their oil exposure.

But as we know, there's an opportunity to make money as share prices fall. Today I want to show you how to book a quick and easy 30% gain on some very big, very liquid oil shares, even as the stock tumbles down.

It's the perfect energy play for markets like this...

oil prices

The Four Real Reasons Oil Prices Are Slipping

Oil prices are declining once again. Small oil operators are hurting. Throughout the decades, these small E&P outfits have endured market downswings, vicious weather, and profit constrictions.

But this year all these crises have come at once.

Here's why the price of oil is slipping out of control...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Up Today

The WTI crude oil price slightly recovered today after falling below $50 during yesterday's session.

Despite recent drawbacks, oil prices are on track for a long-term rebound over the next year.

Here's what you need to know about today's moves - and why prices will hit the $70 range by December...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Down Today

The WTI crude oil price is down 1.4% today (Friday) after a report from Reuters indicated production from OPEC continues to grow.

The monthly survey indicated that OPEC production hit 32 million barrels per day (bpd) in July. That was up 140,000 bpd from June.

Here's where prices are headed now...

oil prices

Oil Prices Are Lower – and You're Richer

Here's what's next for oil prices – and what to do with your winning USO position. And if you don't have a USO position, here's how to get one.

Because we've got more bad news that, for us, is actually good news.

And you don't want to miss out on how we're profiting from these low, low oil prices....

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How Has the Chevron Stock Price (NYSE: CVX) Performed in 2015?

Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) reports its second-quarter earnings before the opening bell tomorrow (Friday).

These earnings are significant because the Chevron stock price has suffered more than any other Big Oil stock this year.

Here's everything you need to know about the oil giant ahead of earnings...

oil prices

OPEC Shorts Are Driving Down the Price of Oil

The conflict between OPEC and U.S. shale/tight oil producers has entered a new phase. And the result has been an accelerated decline in the price of oil.

There is excess supply on the market and a correction has been in order even without the latest OPEC move.

Here's our take on the international scheme to keep oil prices down...


A Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Could Upset Global Dollar Hegemony

There's a lot at stake in the recent Iran nuclear deal.

And it's not just about hard feelings or the possibility of Iran attaining nuclear weapons capability.

It has the ability to threaten U.S. dollar supremacy...