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Oil Price Crash Could Lead to Emergency OPEC Meeting

There has been a big oil price crash over the last few months.

Thanks to a worldwide supply glut and weakening Chinese economy, crude oil prices have fallen nearly 30% since May.

Now, one country is desperately trying to develop a strategy to save oil prices before its economy collapses...


Brent Crude Oil Price Soars Today on Stock Market Rebound

The Brent crude oil price surged today as stock markets rallied for the second consecutive trading session.

The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Shanghai Index saw huge gains following yesterday's historic rebound.

Here's what you need to know about today's oil price movements...


WTI Crude Oil Prices Will Soar from M&A Activity in Late 2015

WTI crude oil prices edged lower today after a supply report from the EIA showed a slight decline in oil stockpiles.

The agency stated U.S. oil supplies fell, but inventory is still near an 80-year high.

But there's a "wave" washing over the sector that will boost oil prices by the end of the year...

oil stocks

BHP Billiton Profits: Should You Invest After Earnings? (NYSE ADR: BHP)

Australian oil and mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd. reported earnings yesterday (Monday) for the full year ending this past June.

The firm posted its weakest annual earnings since 2003 in the face of a painful commodity price rout.

Here's whether or not you should invest in BHP stock on the dip...


Will Brent Crude Oil Prices Rebound from the "Black Monday" Crash?

Brent crude oil prices slid into a free fall this morning and hit their lowest level in more than six years.

The plunge came on historic declines in U.S. and Chinese stock markets as "Black Monday" ravages the financial world.

Here's what you need to know about Black Monday's effect on oil prices...


[CHART] Where Does the U.S. Get Its Oil From?

Where does the U.S. get its oil from?

Most Americans think the U.S. gets most of it from Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia.

Here's why they couldn't be more wrong...


What the Iran Nuclear Deal's "Secret Agreement" Means for Oil Prices

There's a bombshell new development in the Iran nuclear deal.

The Associated Press reported that Iran will be permitted to use its own experts to inspect Parchin, one of the country's most suspicious testing facilities.

Here's a breakdown of the news and how it will affect oil prices...


What's the WTI Crude Oil Price After Today's EIA Supply Report?

The WTI crude oil price sunk lower today after the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its weekly supply report.

Despite the drop, today's low prices give us the perfect opportunity to buy certain oil stocks at a discount before prices begin to rise.

Here's how you can play today's movement...


The Two Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now with Prices Near $42 a Barrel

Oil prices have fallen 56.4% in the last year – but there are still great oil stocks to buy now at a discount.

In fact, there are two in particular that are set to surge as M&A rocks the sector and prices rise over the long term.

Here's why these two picks are going to profit from chaos in the energy sector...


3 Ways to Play the WTI Crude Oil Price Drop

The WTI crude oil price continued its three-month-long decline today on poor economic data from Japan and new price forecasts from Morgan Stanley.

Despite today's fall, there are still some easy ways to profit from the oil sector's turmoil.

Here are the three best ways to play today's oil price drop...