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Oil Prices Are Lower – and You're Richer

Here's what's next for oil prices – and what to do with your winning USO position. And if you don't have a USO position, here's how to get one.

Because we've got more bad news that, for us, is actually good news.

And you don't want to miss out on how we're profiting from these low, low oil prices....

oil stocks

How Has the Chevron Stock Price (NYSE: CVX) Performed in 2015?

Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) reports its second-quarter earnings before the opening bell tomorrow (Friday).

These earnings are significant because the Chevron stock price has suffered more than any other Big Oil stock this year.

Here's everything you need to know about the oil giant ahead of earnings...

oil prices

OPEC Shorts Are Driving Down the Price of Oil

The conflict between OPEC and U.S. shale/tight oil producers has entered a new phase. And the result has been an accelerated decline in the price of oil.

There is excess supply on the market and a correction has been in order even without the latest OPEC move.

Here's our take on the international scheme to keep oil prices down...


A Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Could Upset Global Dollar Hegemony

There's a lot at stake in the recent Iran nuclear deal.

And it's not just about hard feelings or the possibility of Iran attaining nuclear weapons capability.

It has the ability to threaten U.S. dollar supremacy...


Why the Brent Crude Oil Price Is Down Today

Why the Brent crude oil price is down today: Oil prices dipped lower today after an unexpected rise in reserves.

The supply data adds to the picture of a worldwide glut that has deflated prices recently.

But despite today's drop, oil prices will follow a very particular pattern the rest of the year...


[Chart] Crude Oil Price History Since 1862

The past year has delivered one of the worst crashes in crude oil price history. Prices have slumped 47% since July 2014.

But oil price volatility is not a new concept.

This chart provides a glimpse into the history of oil volatility dating all the way back to the Civil War...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Down Today

The WTI crude oil price today is on track to close under $50 for the first time in four months amid bearish sentiment from inventory data and the Iran nuclear deal.

Yesterday, WTI closed at $50.91, the lowest settlement since March 19.

Here's a breakdown of why oil prices are still declining today...


Iran Nuclear Deal Will Lead to Inevitable Petrodollar Challenge

The Iran nuclear deal will be discussed in Congress over the next 60 days, subject to the same political back-and-forth it always has been.

So what exactly is in this Iran nuclear deal, and how should markets digest it?

The real story of intrigue, many may think, is oil. But investors should really be paying attention to the petrodollar...


Why the Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Stock Price Is Down in 2015

The Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) stock price has struggled in 2015.

It's down 10.1% so far this year. Shares saw their largest quarterly drop in Q2 since falling more than 16% in Q2 2012.

Here's everything you need to know ahead of the North American energy giant's earnings report today...


Why Crude Oil Futures Are Up After the Iran Deal

Crude oil futures surprisingly surged higher today after Iranian negotiations finally culminated in a landmark nuclear deal.

The deal allows Iran to start exporting more oil, which analysts worry will flood the already oversupplied market.

But there's one fundamental reason why prices won't dip lower...

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