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Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Falling Today

The WTI crude oil price is down for the fourth straight day.

Prices fell nearly 1% despite a surprisingly bullish report from one of the world's top energy agencies.

But we've outlined five reasons why prices won't stay low for much longer...


Five Reasons Why Today's Oil Price Dip Won't Last

Crude's impressive trend upwards since February has some predicting a quick spike to $60 per barrel.

That won't happen, but the weakness in the oil price is finally drawing to a close. Here are five reasons why prices will - in fits and starts - keep rising from here...


Today's Oil Price Breaks Above $50 for First Time Since November

Today's oil price pushed above $50 for the first time since November.

Both WTI and Brent crude oil prices gained more than 1%.

And it's all thanks to the confluence of three events happening in three different parts of the world...


A Barrel of WTI Crude Oil Still Costs Less Than the Actual Barrel

The WTI crude oil price has seen a massive rebound since its February lows.

In fact, it has surged a whopping 85% to $48.42 a barrel.

But most investors will be surprised to hear that today's oil price is cheaper than a men's sweatshirt...


This Is How an OPEC Meeting Typically Affects Oil Prices

The OPEC meeting concluded today, and as expected, there was no agreement on an output ceiling.

This caused oil prices to fall roughly 1.5% in early morning trading.

But most investors don't understand that this drop isn't nearly as bad as the average decline for all meetings...


New Saudi Oil Minister Steps into OPEC Lion's Den

The new Saudi oil minister, Khalid Al-Falih, was unsuccessful in convincing Iran to stop its excessive oil production.

OPEC met today in Vienna, but was unable to reach an agreement. Because of the excessive oil production, prices could be on the verge of plummeting.

This was Al-Falih's toughest assignment so far as the new oil minister, but this OPEC saga is far from over...


Crude Oil Prices Today Fall Below $48 Ahead of OPEC Meeting

Crude oil prices today declined by more than 2% to below the $48 mark.

The price drop comes as investors remain anxious ahead of one of the biggest oil meetings of 2016.

Here's more on the first OPEC meeting of 2016 tomorrow - and what it means for the cartel's future...


Saudi Arabia's Success Is About to Kill OPEC

Saudi Arabia's oil strategy appears to be working, but it may well kill OPEC in the process.

Here's how that's going to affect the June 2 OPEC meeting in Vienna...


The Fed Is Set to Slaughter Debt-Laden U.S. Oil Producers

The market is moving up nicely today, with the S&P 500 running on two-month highs toward 2,100. But investors are playing a special kind of Whack-a-Mole, only with the U.S. Federal Reserve Board instead of those cute little plastic guys you see on the boardwalk.

Of course the preeminent question is whether the Fed will raise interest rates soon. But either way, the U.S. energy sector, already under pressure, is about to feel a whole lot more of it – no matter when the Fed raises rates, or how many times it raises them in 2016.

In fact, no matter how you slice it, a wide swath of American oil and natural gas producers are going to catch it in the neck; bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, and of course asset sales (one step ahead of the sheriff) will be the order of the day. 

This much chaos and consolidation means one thing: There are big profit opportunities for those who tread carefully...


This WTI Crude Oil Price Floor Will Yield Profits in 2016

The WTI crude oil price just hit a seven-month high of $49.40.

Despite the recent rally, investors should actually be keeping an eye on a lower oil price.

That's because this price floor will be the real source of oil profits in 2016...