Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Today Broke Its Seven-Day Winning Streak

The WTI crude oil price today declined for the first time in seven sessions.

Although prices are down, they've stabilized in the $40-$50 range.

And we found the best way to make money from this stable price range...


Oil Price Today Hits a Seven-Week High on OPEC Meeting Anticipation

The crude oil price today jumped to its highest level in nearly seven weeks.

The gains come as investors hope OPEC will cut or freeze output at next month's meeting.

But there's one non-OPEC nation that wields tremendous influence over the outcome of that meeting...


The Simple Reason Why OPEC Won't Strike a Deal on Oil

Every OPEC member feels the pain of cheap crude – but don't expect an oil deal any time soon.

There's one simple reason why a production cut won't happen...


Where the Price of Crude Oil Is Headed After 4-Day Rally

The price of crude oil rallied for a fourth consecutive day Monday, propped up by rumblings that major producers may be aiming to help stabilize the oil price rout with a production freeze.

Coupled with a bullish report from the IEA last week, oil prices are poised for more gains.

Here's where we see oil prices heading...


This Little-Known "Export War" Is the Real Reason Behind Cheap Oil

The real reason why oil prices bottomed out recently has been completely overlooked by media pundits. Yet it may be the most important factor in oil pricing today.

You see, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's national oil company and the largest oil company in the world, is the bellwether for what all of OPEC is likely to do at any given time.

And on July 31, Saudi Aramco cut its prices to the Asian market significantly.

Here's why... and what that means for oil going forward...


Oil Prices Could Rise from This $53 Trillion Time Bomb

Crude oil prices fell below the $43 mark today on news that OPEC will hold a meeting next month.

But there's a $53 trillion crisis developing that will be a long-term boon for prices.

Here's everything you need to know about this ticking energy time bomb...


Crude Oil Prices Will Rally from This Country's Demand – and It's Not China

Crude oil prices have fallen more than 16% since June as investors worry about increasing supply.

But global demand will rise over the long term and offset any increase in production.

And the majority of this demand will come from one Asian country - and it's not China...


The WTI Crude Oil Price Is in a Correction, but This Fund Is Still a Buy

The WTI crude oil price has fallen more than 22% since June 8.

That technically means the oil market is in a correction.

But crude oil prices will hit $50 by the end of the year, and there's one fund that will bring profits from the rebound...


Should I Buy Exxon Mobil Stock After Q2 Earnings?

Exxon Mobil stock has gained nearly 16% year to date, making it one of the best-performing oil stocks of 2016.

Even if the company beats earnings today, we recommend avoiding XOM stock this year.

Here's one big reason why...


Things to Consider When Picking Oil Stocks to Buy Now

The best oil stocks to buy now are not the ones most think.

Get the name of a top-notch oil stock to buy and find out the oil stocks to avoid and why.

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