What the Latest Oil Balance "Mantra" Is Really About

Oil pundits have been hailing the emergence of an oil balance, and to be sure, one is quickly taking shape.

But despite what the media's claiming, it's not about supply. Here's where the balance is really being struck...


Where Crude Oil Prices Are Headed After the Brexit Vote

Crude oil prices tumbled below $50 today ahead of the big Brexit vote tomorrow.

Despite the polls showing most citizens want to stay in the EU, the numbers are often inaccurate due to undecided voters.

That means the oil price action will be exciting tomorrow as the Brexit outcome grows uncertain...


What Is Saudi Aramco?

What is Saudi Aramco?

The simplest answer to that question is it's Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company.

But it also happens to be the most important company in the history of the energy market...


One of the Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now Boasts a 7.2% Yearly Dividend

Oil stocks have made a triumphant comeback recently, surging 24% in four months.

That's why we're going to show you one of the best oil stocks to buy this year.

It has an 11% upside potential and offers a sky-high yield of 7.2%...


The Saudi Aramco IPO Could Bring $1 Billion to These 2 Banks

The Saudi Aramco IPO is set to become the biggest offering in history.

With IPO fees expected to reach $1 billion, big banks everywhere are racing to get in on the deal.

But only these two banks have been summoned by the Kingdom to help launch the deal of a lifetime...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Falling Today

The WTI crude oil price is down for the fourth straight day.

Prices fell nearly 1% despite a surprisingly bullish report from one of the world's top energy agencies.

But we've outlined five reasons why prices won't stay low for much longer...


Five Reasons Why Today's Oil Price Dip Won't Last

Crude's impressive trend upwards since February has some predicting a quick spike to $60 per barrel.

That won't happen, but the weakness in the oil price is finally drawing to a close. Here are five reasons why prices will - in fits and starts - keep rising from here...


Today's Oil Price Breaks Above $50 for First Time Since November

Today's oil price pushed above $50 for the first time since November.

Both WTI and Brent crude oil prices gained more than 1%.

And it's all thanks to the confluence of three events happening in three different parts of the world...


A Barrel of WTI Crude Oil Still Costs Less Than the Actual Barrel

The WTI crude oil price has seen a massive rebound since its February lows.

In fact, it has surged a whopping 85% to $48.42 a barrel.

But most investors will be surprised to hear that today's oil price is cheaper than a men's sweatshirt...


This Is How an OPEC Meeting Typically Affects Oil Prices

The OPEC meeting concluded today, and as expected, there was no agreement on an output ceiling.

This caused oil prices to fall roughly 1.5% in early morning trading.

But most investors don't understand that this drop isn't nearly as bad as the average decline for all meetings...