Oil Prices Could Rise from This $53 Trillion Time Bomb

Crude oil prices fell below the $43 mark today on news that OPEC will hold a meeting next month.

But there's a $53 trillion crisis developing that will be a long-term boon for prices.

Here's everything you need to know about this ticking energy time bomb...


Crude Oil Prices Will Rally from This Country's Demand – and It's Not China

Crude oil prices have fallen more than 16% since June as investors worry about increasing supply.

But global demand will rise over the long term and offset any increase in production.

And the majority of this demand will come from one Asian country - and it's not China...


The WTI Crude Oil Price Is in a Correction, but This Fund Is Still a Buy

The WTI crude oil price has fallen more than 22% since June 8.

That technically means the oil market is in a correction.

But crude oil prices will hit $50 by the end of the year, and there's one fund that will bring profits from the rebound...


Should I Buy Exxon Mobil Stock After Q2 Earnings?

Exxon Mobil stock has gained nearly 16% year to date, making it one of the best-performing oil stocks of 2016.

Even if the company beats earnings today, we recommend avoiding XOM stock this year.

Here's one big reason why...


Things to Consider When Picking Oil Stocks to Buy Now

The best oil stocks to buy now are not the ones most think.

Get the name of a top-notch oil stock to buy and find out the oil stocks to avoid and why.

Continue here...


Why the Oil Price Today Fell Below $44 to Lowest Level in Three Months

The crude oil price today fell to its lowest level since April due to the rising dollar and August contract expiration.

But oil prices will keep trading in the $40 range, and this opens up one great investment opportunity.

Here's the best oil ETF to buy in this "range-bound" price environment...


This "Demand Dynamo" Is Where Oil Prices Are Really Set

The West may still hog oil finance, but the country driving demand for crude – and oil prices – lies elsewhere.

In fact, this Asian nation is projected to be the fastest-growing consumer of crude through 2040. And no, it's not China...


The Top Oil ETF to Buy in 2016 for a Double-Digit Profit

Both Brent and WTI crude oil prices were exceptionally volatile last week.

Despite the day-to-day swings, oil prices will stabilize and remain in the $40 range.

And this type of "range-bound" oil environment makes this top oil ETF the perfect profit play...


The Easiest Way to Profit from "Range-Bound" Oil

On July 9, I wrote that major industry analysts had made a premature, and therefore dangerous, call to jump back into the "supermajors" – three of which are collectively spending around $45 billion to increase drilling – with both feet.

The thinking there is that these giants are diverse enough to have made it through the oil crash and are in position to capitalize on any price increases.

At the time, I said that any investor who acts on those recommendations will have leapt before looking hard enough.

Now, it looks like I was right. Over the past week or so, oil has become tightly range-bound, moving up and down in roughly equal measure. On July 13, for instance, New York-traded West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude dropped 4.4%… after rising 4.6% the day before.

You could play those prices… if you were a professional futures trader. But for regular investors, that would be a hard dollar, indeed.

So let me show you the simplest, most profitable way to make money on oil in these narrow ranges...


Price of Crude Today Oil Surges Above $46 on OPEC Report

The price of crude oil is surging above $46 today thanks to a declining dollar and new OPEC report.

But there are two other reasons why prices will keep shooting higher this year.

Here are our Brent and WTI crude oil price targets for 2016...