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Crude Oil Prices Are Headed Higher Thanks to These Two Global Events

Two events this week indicate the situation in two global hotspots is getting worse, and both will have a significant impact on crude oil prices.

First, the Islamic State, the terrorist group formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, attacked the Mosul Dam. Second, the mayor of Kiev in Ukraine turned off the hot water.

Neither is a good sign, and each promises to shake up oil prices…

Precious Metals

Why Gold Prices Today Are Skyrocketing Above $1,300 an Ounce

Gold prices today (Wednesday) were up a whopping $18.70 an ounce (up 1.43%) as of 12:30 p.m. EDT. Spot gold traded at $1,307.30 an ounce after closing at $1,288.60 an ounce in the previous session.

Here’s what’s moving the yellow metal up so much today…

Top News

Zillow Stock (Nasdaq: Z) Beats Q2 Revenue Estimates – but Still Didn't Turn a Profit

Zillow's earnings report for the second quarter showed a 68% increase in sales, but the stock still suffered as investors saw yet another quarter of losses for the real estate search engine.

Even after pouring millions of dollars into merger activity to build economies of scale since 2011, most recently in its purchase of Trulia, the company is still on pace to tally record yearly losses.

Here’s how Z’s finances looked after this quarter, and how its expansion since 2011 has affected its bottom line…

Top News

Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX) Stock Plummets as Fox Deal Falls Through

Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX) stock is down more than 12% in morning trading today following last night's news that Rupert Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. (Nasdaq: FOXA) has removed its $80 billion offer to purchase the company. TWX stock opened at $74.90 after closing yesterday at $85.19.

The statement came as a surprise to TWX investors who had pushed TWX stock to a 52-week high of $88.13 in mid-July shortly after the offer had been announced.

Here’s why the deal fell through the morning…


Crude Oil Prices Could Hit $200 “In a Heartbeat”

WTI crude oil prices settled back down below $100 per barrel this week, but according to Money Morning's Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors, oil prices may not stay that low for very long.

In fact, he sees a potential scenario where crude oil prices double from where they are right now…

Precious Metals

This Northern Metals Boom Will Give Us More Than 10 Times the Returns of the S&P 500

Junior miners can be among the most speculative, most volatile stocks on earth.

They boom, bust, and repeat. Only they do this with more extreme swings than most any other market.

The Nasdaq Composite for example, home to tech and biotech stocks alike, is up by nearly 120% over the past five years, while junior miners doubled… but then gave it all back.

In the last three years, junior miners have, as a group, lost about 58%, while the S&P 500 is up 52%.

But it's looking increasingly like we're entering a brand new boom phase, with junior gold miners up as much as 45.8% this year – with a lot more in store…

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Close: Dow Sheds 139 Points; PXD, XOM Lead Energy Sector Sell-Off

Stock market close, August 5, 2014: After ending in positive territory yesterday, U.S. markets crumbled again today on concerns of heightened geopolitical tension in Ukraine. The energy sector saw a broad sell-off during the afternoon.

The CBOE Volatility Index, which gauges investment fear, jumped roughly 11.5% on the day.

Now, here are the top stories from today…


How to Get Started with Bitcoin and Use It Safely

Because the idea of a totally digital currency is still so new, many people naturally have questions about how to get started with Bitcoin and how to keep it secure.

The good news is that it's less complicated than you think.

With the basic tips in this infographic, anyone can get started with Bitcoin…

Investing Tips

How to Use My "Cowboy Split" Investment Strategy to Round Up Big Gains

Today I want to share with you a classic investment strategy that I've given a brand-new nickname to reflect our focus on the "New West" of Silicon Valley tech stocks.

I call it the "Cowboy Split." When employed properly, the Cowboy Split will protect you from volatile markets.

But that's not all. If your stocks go down, on the recovery, you make more money...

Best Investments

Cash In Today with Our Latest List of Best Stocks to Buy Now

Best stocks to buy for the week ending August 1, 2014: Last week saw the Dow slump more than 300 points on Thursday – but Money Morning Members weren't worried; they were prepared.

Our investing experts delivered a solid list of market winners, stocks that will thrive even amidst a market sell-off.

Get all our recent picks in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now…