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Energy Investing

Why the Rising Tide in Oil Hasn't Been as Good for Offshore Drilling Ventures

The spread between West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent continues to narrow.

Thanks to additional new U.S. pipeline capacity and the growing volume of oil product exports from American refineries, the glut of excess storage at Cushing, Okla., is shrinking.

This ongoing glut has been the single biggest reason why WTI trades at a discount to Brent. As I write this, WTI is approaching $104 a barrel and Brent $111.

With crude oil prices continuing to rise, you would think that would be good news for both onshore and offshore drilling ventures.

But it's just not so, at least in the short term...

Wall Street

Don't Believe the Headlines – Big Banks Are Still Screwing You

When it comes to big banks' bad behavior and the fines they pay to settle "allegations" – which are actually civil charges and which would be criminal charges if applied to any other business or in any parallel universe – things aren't even close to what they seem.

Sure the headlines scream victory, at least monetary victory, for some ripped-off consumers, some hard-charging regulators, and our vaunted (NOT) Justice Department.

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Why Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) Is a Buy, Despite Bad Earnings

Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) will report Q4 2013 earnings Wednesday morning. Look for two recent events to depress TGT's numbers – which means if markets react negatively, investors can buy this solid retailer at a discount.

Wall Street expects Target Corp. to report fourth-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $0.80 on revenue of $21.46 billion, up $0.56 from the previous period, but down from $1.47 on revenue of $22.73 billion when compared to a year ago in the same period.

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Investing Tips

Triple-Digit Gains… With Easy "Insurance" Against Risk

How do single-day stock gains of 40%, 50%, 75%, even a 100% or more sound? If you're anything like me they sound pretty darn great.

Those kinds of gains happen almost every day, but the mainstream financial media would much rather focus on recent stories such as: FB jumps 14% on increased mobile revenue, GOOG rockets ahead 13% on higher top line, or TSLA up 8% on higher than expected sales of the Model S.

Small-cap biotech stocks can deliver triple-digit gains – or they can crash if clinical trial results disappoint.

Here's how to limit your losses...

Top News

Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) Deal Does Not Mean Net Neutrality Is Dead – Yet

On Sunday, Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) announced a massive deal with Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA). The agreement would pay the country's largest cable provider a premium to ensure reliable, high-quality streaming services to Netflix subscribers.

For an undisclosed figure, Comcast will connect directly to Netflix's servers, a move expected to dramatically improve Netflix's streaming quality.

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Top News

What Today's Housing Market Numbers Really Mean

Today's mixed numbers from the Case-Shiller price index have some prognosticators wondering if the housing market has plateaued.

U.S. home prices posted their largest annual gain since 2005 and increased 11.3% in Q4 compared to the previous year. However, growth slowed toward the end of the year, particularly in December.

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Getting Back Lost Bitcoins from Mt. Gox – What Customers Can Do

With the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange offline – at least for now – a primary concern of customers who had accounts there is getting back lost bitcoins – can they be retrieved?

The exact number of Mt. Gox customers at the time the website went dark is uncertain, but as of last December the exchange said it had 1 million.

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Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks This Week

As the broad-based S&P 500 Index toyed with a new record, a number of penny stocks this week are also hitting record highs.

Several equities that began the year as penny stocks, defined as shares that trade for under $5 each, no longer fit into that category.

Find out which penny stocks this week are hitting record highs...

Hot Stocks

What Pushed Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) Stock to Record Highs This Week

Monday's broad-based rally sent the S&P 500 Index to an intraday record and also helped push Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) stock to an all-time high of $70.92.

Shares of the social networking giant climbed 3.4%, or 2.33 points, to the new high. Volume was heavy, with 76.63 million shares changing hands – compared to FB's average daily volume of 63 million shares.

Top News

Tesla "Gigafactory" Could Send Stock Through the Roof (Nasdaq: TSLA)

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has narrowed its location search for the new "Gigafactory" to sites between 500 and 1,000 acres in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas. The plant is projected to open in 2017 and will cost up to $5 billion.

The Gigafactory will employ approximately 6,500 and will reach full output capacity by 2020. At that point, the plant will be able to supply power for more than 500,000 vehicles annually.

"The Gigafactory is designed to reduce cell costs much faster than the status quo and, by 2020, produce more lithium ion batteries annually than were produced worldwide in 2013," the company stated.