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Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks: Today's Biggest Movers

A number of penny stocks showed investors some love today (Friday) with huge share-price climbs.

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose just under 1% by 2 p.m., these hot penny stocks were up double digits.

Following are five of Friday's biggest low-priced movers.


Bitcoin Regulation Is Coming – Here's What To Expect

We're on the verge of a defining moment in the drama-filled life of Bitcoin.

In light of all the troubling issues that have plagued the digital currency over the past year or so, some think Bitcoin regulation would help limit its use for illicit purposes while adding an air of legitimacy.

but at least one regulator seems to be on the right track...

Sochi Olympics

The Companies Spending the Most on 2014 Sochi Olympics – And What They Really Gain

Around 23.7 million people watched prime-time coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympics Tuesday night when U.S. snowboarder Shaun White missed on a third-straight gold medal for the halfpipe event, a 17% jump in viewership from a comparable night of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Those numbers are why advertisers compete for – and spend so much money on – attracting viewers' attention. 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) generated an estimated $1 billion in sponsorship revenue in the four-year cycle ending with the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympic sponsors, who are organized into one of four categories – worldwide and tiers one, two, and three – are picking up most of the advertising tab. In London 2012, "top Olympic sponsors (TOP)" paid more than $100 million in cash and "value-in-kind" goods and services for the right to participate, with the next tier paying $40 million each.

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Top News

What Is Alibaba?

It's the largest e-commerce company in China, which is the second largest e-commerce market in the world, but for many investors the question remains: "What is Alibaba?"

One answer: It's the largest initial public offering (IPO) hitting the markets as soon as this year. When rumblings of the Alibaba IPO started, it was thought that the company would be valued at $100 billion. Now, that figure has climbed as high as $150 billion.

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What Is Bitcoin? Here's Everything You Need to Know

What is Bitcoin? Many people just finding out about the digital currency are justifiably confused, as most Bitcoin news stories only provide a cursory explanation. And many of them have made matters worse by using photos of "bitcoins," when in fact bitcoins have no physical existence. They exist only as digital code on the Internet. […]

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tech investing

Investing in Tech: We Sure Hope You Own These Three "Wealth Building Blocks"

I get a lot of questions from you folks here at the Strategic Tech Investor.

And the single most frequently asked query is this one:

"Michael, what's the best way to get started as a tech investor?"

I'll grant you: As questions go, that's probably the most basic one that you'll find.

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Bypass These Pitfalls to (Major) Profits in Bioscience

Anyone who's very familiar with the bioscience/pharmaceutical sector will tell you investing in experimental drugs can be an object lesson in volatility.

As the drugs progress toward FDA approval or denial, the stock prices of the companies backing them can be in for the same volatile ride.

A stock's surge or decline is often premised on general assumptions about the likelihood of FDA approval.

But within specific bioscience sectors, that likelihood varies… widely.

That's why I wanted to navigate through some types of drugs that generate a lot of enthusiasm but often crash before delivery.

That way you can avoid some of the downside risk of this often lucrative market...

Top News

Don't Fear the Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)-Time Warner Cable Deal

The proposed $45.2 billion Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal will create a colossus within the cable industry bound to fill both consumer groups and regulators with anxiety, but it's not as scary as it looks.

The announcement of the marriage between the nation's two largest cable companies came late Wednesday. The deal calls for Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA) to pay $158.82 per share for Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) in an all-stock deal that represents a little more than a 17% premium over Wednesday's closing price of $135.31.

Here's why the cable industry needed this deal to happen...

Top News

Why U.S. Retail Sales Dropped in January – and How You Can Profit

U.S. retail sales – which account for 70% of economic activity – unexpectedly fell 0.4% for the month of January according to the Commerce Department today (Thursday). The decline marks the second straight drop after a 0.1% fall in December.

Auto sales were the major contributor to the miss. Sales of motor vehicles and parts dropped 2.1%, while Americans also spent less on restaurants and clothing. The report also showed soft holiday sales for retailers at the end of last year.

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Trend Watch

Stock Market Crash History: The Dow's 10 Biggest One-Day Plunges

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 326 points (2.1%) on Feb. 3, triggering a flood of stock market crash talk. 

January wasn't any better – the Dow suffered its worst January since 2009 and its worst month since May 2012, deflating 5.3%. (The S&P 500 slid 3.6%, also its worst monthly performance since May 2012, and the Nasdaq dropped 1.7%, its worst since October 2012.)

Three factors are making market-watchers fearful of a full-blown stock market crash:

  1. The Dow climbed 27.36% in 2013.
  2. An official market correction – defined as a decline of 10% or more – hasn't happened since 2011.
  3. The VIX, Wall Street's volatility measure and "fear gauge," climbed almost 9% on Feb. 3, its highest level since October 2013.

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