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Tech Investing

Stocks to Buy 2015: Double Your Money Now with This Tech Leader

One of the best tech stocks to buy now is actually a re-recommendation from Money Morning's Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson.

When he first shared it with his readers on Aug. 2, 2013, the tech stock opened at just $15.99. Yesterday (Monday), the stock closed at $51.09. That's a gain of 220% in a year and a half.

And according to Robinson, that's just the start for this company. In fact, he sees it doubling again from here.

Space Stocks

Next SpaceX Launch Set for 4:47 a.m. ET Saturday

Updated Thursday, Jan. 8: A historic SpaceX launch originally set for Tuesday morning was delayed a minute before liftoff. The unmanned Dragon was to carry 5,000 lbs. of fresh groceries, new equipment, and even Christmas presents to the six astronauts currently on board the International Space Station (ISS).

The landing itself is the historic part. If all goes well, SpaceX will bring its Falcon 9 rocket’s main booster back to a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. That requires a pinpoint landing.

Booster recovery has never been done before. If successful, the maneuver would significantly lower the cost of spaceflight – a key SpaceX goal.

Here’s what happened on Tuesday, and a look at the next SpaceX launch…

Financial News

Today in Eurozone Financial News: The Euro's Nine-Year Low

Eurozone Financial News: The euro is falling – so much so that it's trading at lows not seen since 2006.

It did gain somewhat as the day wore on. But in the morning, the euro hit a low of $1.1885.

Here's what has been moving the euro today...


Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) Buys in First Acquisition of 2015

Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) announced its first acquisition of the year today (Tuesday): voice recognition startup

According to, its technology can "turn speech and text into actionable data." Facebook did not disclose the amount it paid for, nor its future plans for using the technology.

Here's a look at what's behind Facebook's first purchase of 2015 - and what it could mean for the FB stock price...

Stock Market Today

Dow Jones Sheds Another 130 Points as Sell-Off Continues

The Dow Jones suffered another triple-digit plunge Tuesday, extending Monday's massive slump as oil prices continue to fall and concern of global oversupply stings traders. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah said this morning the kingdom will not slash production and will keep output high to protect market share.

The S&P 500 Index fell for the fifth consecutive trading session.

Here's a look at the top stories from today...

Stock Market

How to Profit from Market Volatility in 2015

Market volatility is going to be extreme – that was my prediction for 2015.

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting more than 300 points yesterday and oil below $50 for the first time since April 2009, now's the time to act.

We're going to be riding the market seesaw, folks, and profiting the whole time. Here's how...

Investing Tips

This Investing Tactic Could Help You Beat the Market by 21.97% in 2015

The year 2015 will be filled with opportunity for investors, perhaps more than ever before. But most people's portfolios are totally out of whack.

However, a simple investing tactic can help you achieve much higher returns – 21.97% higher annually, on average, over the last 14 years, in fact. And it only takes about 20 minutes to complete, once a year.

Here's how to start the year off right for your money...

Stock Market Today

2015 Stock Market Crash: Watch Out for the Polar Vortex

On a day (Monday) when we saw the stock market crash almost 2% – a 331-point loss for the Dow Jones Industrial Average – the prospect of a 5% correction in 2015 leaves Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald unfazed.

Instead, Fitz-Gerald warned of a 2015 stock market crash threat from the polar vortex.

To find out why Fitz-Gerald thinks the polar vortex could be trouble, as well as his opinion of several beaten-down big-name stocks, watch this video.

Top News

Intel Corp.'s (Nasdaq: INTC) True Key App Will Protect Your Digital Identity

Tech titan Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) aims to drastically change the safety of our digital behavior. In fact, its goal is the "ultimate elimination of passwords altogether."

Intel unveiled a new password manager app that uses facial recognition instead of passwords to access information. The app – called "True Key" – debuted over the weekend at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Here's how it works...

Energy Investing

Oil Stocks to Buy Now That Prices Are Low

Big-name oil stocks have taken a beating since June.

ExxonMobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) is down 12.6% in the last seven months. Other oil giants like Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) and ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) are down 18% and 22.8% in the same time.

But according to Money Morning's Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, the fall won't last forever.

And these stocks will be the biggest winners when oil prices start rebounding...