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Is MCD Stock a "Buy" with New CEO?

We kicked McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) stock off our "Buy" list about two months ago; then it fell another 7% after that. Now CEO Don Thompson is off the menu too and a new CEO comes on board March 1.

So what does this shift in management mean for Mickey D's share price? Is MCD a buy now?

Here's exactly what it would take to turn McDonald's around and make MCD stock a buy again...


Why Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Will Bounce Back

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock is due for a quick rebound. The company's Q2 earnings had investors and Wall Street slashing its share price by 10% on Jan. 27.

But Satya Nadella – Microsoft's new CEO – is a visionary. He knows what it takes to compete against the other mega tech firms out there… and win.

Here's why we can expect great gains from Microsoft's new boss - and MSFT stock...

Global Economy

Greek Stocks Are Up 19% – but Don't Fall for the Rally

Recently, a chorus of voices have deemed the Greek stock market undervalued.

And while they looked to have bottomed out, Greece's new government is starting to renegotiate its debts with the Eurozone. Everything is way too fragile for Greece, and this sudden rally in Greek stocks is unwarranted.

Here's what you need to know about Greece right now, and why it's not worth your money...

Energy Investing

The Solution to Alternative Energy's Biggest Roadblock

The alternative energy sector may have found a solution to its storage problem: the hydrogen battery.

Hydrogen's chief problem as an alternative energy source has always been the staggering price of delivery and transportation. But one company is making strides daily toward energy storage efficiency and price reduction.

We may be on the verge on something quite important for the entire energy sector. Here's everything you need to know...


Big Oil, Big Headaches, and Big Opportunities

A three-day rally in crude prices last week is giving investors hope that the collapse in oil prices is over, and the market is reacting with strong moves to the upside in "Big Oil" stocks.

However, it may be too soon to draw either a correlation or conclusion; oil inventories and futures markets suggest that oil prices could easily head back down before stabilizing later this year (we saw a glimpse of this early Wednesday).

The share price drops have significantly affected the "Oil Patch" sector, with the Energy Select SPDR ETF down 26% since peaking at $100.93 on June 20, 2014.

Is an oil price rally for real, or just a head-fake we need to ignore for now?

The answer may just surprise you - and help you profit...

Tech Investing

Microsoft Stock Today: Five Ways Satya Nadella Woke a Laggard

Microsoft stock today is up 14.5% from where it was exactly one year ago when Satya Nadella took over as CEO of the tech giant.

But that understates the impact Nadella has had on Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock in his rookie year.

The fact is, Nadella has breathed new life into a moribund company that had lost its way under CEO Steve Ballmer. Under Ballmer's 14-year tenure Microsoft stock became a laggard, with returns consistently lagging the market

Here are the five keys that explain Nadella's early success...


Crude Oil Price Today at $47.95 Marks Huge One-Day Drop

The oil price today (Wednesday) abruptly fell below $50 again.

The oil price drop came after another weekly supply announcement. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported crude oil supplies rose by 6.3 million barrels to 412.1 million in the week ended Jan. 30.

Here's everything you need to know about oil's sharp decline today...

stock picks

Latest "Stocks to Buy Now" List Highlights New Tech and Currency Profit Plays

Last week, our Money Morning experts dished out the best stocks to buy now to build the strongest portfolio – all for free.

Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald knows of a New York-based company ready to profit from Eurozone woes.

Check out the rest of last week's picks in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now...

U.S. Economy

2015 Layoffs Blow the Cover Off the Job "Recovery"

Just over a month into the new year, and the 2015 layoffs are already mounting.

What gives? The economy is recovering. The unemployment rate rests at a six-year low of 5.6%. And sinking gas prices have stoked consumer confidence.

The job cuts are evidence that the touted job recovery has been artificially inflated.

Here's a look at 12 recent job cuts across several sectors and what's behind them...

Stock Market

These Stock Charts Prove Markets Are at a Tipping Point

These stock charts all show different market indexes. They all look the same. Don't they?

And they're not the only indexes that look this way – check out the Dow Jones Transportation Average and the PHLX Semiconductor Index as well.

Not only do they look the same, but they're all pointing to the same place – a danger zone.

This is visual proof that markets are at a tipping point...