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Tech Investing

Find Better Picks Than This Street Favorite…in Minutes

If you spend any amount of time reading investment commentary you've probably come across the term "Apple-heads" to describe the legion of consumers who religiously purchase Apple products (of which I am one, by the way).

Well, today, I'm going to coin a new phrase: Amazombie!

Personally, I think Amazombie should be added to Webster's with the following definition…

Amazombie: Any individual investor or institutional investor who: 1) Extols the virtues of value investing made famous by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett 2) Yet still buys Amazon stock, regardless of the fact the stock trades well beyond conventional valuations associated with value investing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Amazon is a bad trade (from a trader's perspective) – heck, people have made a fortune investing in Amazon off its November, 2008 lows – but as a long-term investment I think the days of its stock gaining 100% annually are long gone.

Here's why…


Merck (MRK) Shares Rise, Pfizer (PFE) Stock Slumps on Mixed Earnings

Two American pharmaceutical giants reported earnings this morning, both showing flagging sales – but one ended the day with a gain.

And amid a busy M&A year for the healthcare sector, both PFE and MRK grabbed headlines on potential big ticket deals, although for different reasons….


Crude Oil Prices Down Today, but Will Stay Inflated on International Tensions

WTI crude oil prices for September delivery were down $1 today (Tuesday) to $100.67 per barrel, while Brent crude dropped $0.17 to $107.39 per barrel, despite the fact that geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and Russia remain.

Oil prices hit two-week highs last week as tensions in the Ukraine and the Middle East intensified.

While WTI crude oil prices are down from their 52-week high $106.64 from June (as the Iraq crisis escalated) the humanitarian and political crises taking place throughout the Middle East and Russia will continue to have an impact on oil prices moving forward…


Bitcoin IPO Countdown: One of These Five Companies Could Be the First

While there are no imminent plans for a Bitcoin IPO – the first major public offering of a Bitcoin-based company – the steady growth of the Bitcoin economy means it's just a matter of time.

And with venture capital investing ramping up this year, some companies have moved to the head of the pack as the most likely IPO candidates.

Let's take a look at each of the five companies with the best chance to make Bitcoin history...

Higher Education

Subprime Loans Are Just the Start of the Massive Student Debt Scam

If you thought there was only one component to the gargantuan student debt scam, think again. If you're about to become a college student, you're in luck.

Financial services giants Discover Financial Services Inc. (NYSE: DFS), Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF), and Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC), to name a few players in the student credit game, are bending over backward for you.

They totally get you - so to speak...

Precious Metals

How the Gold Spot Price Will React to the Federal Reserve Meeting This Week

Watch for the gold spot price – the price of gold for immediate delivery – to make dramatic moves as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets this week.

It has already had a volatile morning ahead of the meeting's Tuesday kickoff.

Here’s what the current gold prices did this morning, and the two big policies to watch coming out of the Fed meeting that will move the yellow metal this week….


Silver Prices Down Early This Week and Won't Budge in Morning Trading

Silver prices are down slightly to open the week, but have barely budged this morning (Tuesday) as foreign policy tensions heighten over Russian sanctions and clashes in the Gaza Strip.

Here’s an overview of what’s moving the silver price now and the events investors want to watch for…


Obamacare Facts Overview: A Tale of Two Lawsuits

Obamacare facts overview: A surprising legal twist last week left Obamacare followers dazed and confused. Two adverse decisions came out within hours of each other on Tuesday. Both rulings attempt to interpret a portion of the text within the Affordable Care Act that says tax credits would be available to individuals "enrolled through an Exchange established by the State."

Here’s what the different rulings could mean for Americans – and for American businesses – in coming months…

Best Investments

Twelve of the Best Stocks to Buy Now to Maximize Profits

Best stocks to buy for the week ending July 25, 2014: Last week we gave readers two bioscience picks that are set to soar on positive diabetes drug trial results, highlighted four tech stocks and three tech exchange-traded funds, and told readers about a once-great software giant that will rebound on four specific catalysts.

We also weighed in on the recent surge in share price for gold mining stocks and provided a list of dividend stocks that increased payouts during the week ending July 18.

Get these, plus the latest dividend stock payout hikes, in our best stocks to buy list...

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today Moving on FOMC Meeting, BP, and HSP News

Stock market today, July 29, 2014: U.S. stock market numbers were up modestly on Monday ahead of a critical round of data that the federal government will release this week. This morning, the Federal Open Market Committee meeting begins.

On Wednesday, the markets will see their first glimpse of second-quarter GDP, while Friday centers on the July unemployment rate. Here’s what you should know to make your Tuesday profitable…