Tech Investing

Cybersecurity Stocks a Top Pick for 2015 – Here's Where to Start

Cybersecurity stocks just got a huge "buy" sign this week from Washington…

When U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his budget proposal Monday, he called for a $14 billion to boost cybersecurity efforts. The Pentagon alone has requested $5.5 billion in funding for cyber defense.

While the budget will be picked apart by republicans, cybersecurity spending is one area that will remain a priority for both parties.

Here's the major profit opportunity cybersecurity stocks are seeing in 2015...


The Saudis Are Losing Their Leverage over Oil Prices

In an oil market version of a game of chicken, Saudi policymakers are trying to make U.S. producers blink first. And it's starting to work.

U.S. rigs are being brought offshore and drilling projects are being shelved. This will have an impact on the supply side in short order. By this summer, oil prices may be back to a range of $65 to $70 a barrel.

But in waging this doomed oil price war and pushing home its point, the Saudis have made a fatal mistake...


Twitter Earnings Let Down Investors – Again (TWTR)

Twitter earnings were released Thursday afternoon for the fifth time since its November 2013 initial public offering. Twitter stock fell nearly 7% after hours immediately after the release. Within 20 minutes, it bounced back positive to a 7% gain.

The way we see it, the first reaction – the negative one – is the correct read.

That's because the company's history of meeting (even surpassing) its financial goals, and missing on user growth, continued today. User growth is the lifeblood of Twitter.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers - you'll see why anyone who tries to buy Twitter stock to make money will likely get burned...

Top News

GoPro Earnings Smash Estimates – but Don't Buy GPRO Stock Now

The GoPro earnings report for Q4 2014 was released today (Thursday) and the camera company smashed estimates.

GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.99 on revenue of $633.9 million. Analysts had predicted EPS of $0.70 and revenue of $580 million.

While today's earnings report certainly looks bullish at first glance, GPRO stock is not a good investment according to Money Morning's experts.

In fact, it's facing a major problem that's only growing larger. And it's been weighing on the stock since October...

Stocks to Watch

Is MCD Stock a "Buy" with New CEO?

We kicked McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) stock off our "Buy" list about two months ago; then it fell another 7% after that. Now CEO Don Thompson is off the menu too and a new CEO comes on board March 1.

So what does this shift in management mean for Mickey D's share price? Is MCD a buy now?

Here's exactly what it would take to turn McDonald's around and make MCD stock a buy again...


Why Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Will Bounce Back

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock is due for a quick rebound. The company's Q2 earnings had investors and Wall Street slashing its share price by 10% on Jan. 27.

But Satya Nadella – Microsoft's new CEO – is a visionary. He knows what it takes to compete against the other mega tech firms out there… and win.

Here's why we can expect great gains from Microsoft's new boss - and MSFT stock...

Global Economy

Greek Stocks Are Up 19% – but Don't Fall for the Rally

Recently, a chorus of voices have deemed the Greek stock market undervalued.

And while they looked to have bottomed out, Greece's new government is starting to renegotiate its debts with the Eurozone. Everything is way too fragile for Greece, and this sudden rally in Greek stocks is unwarranted.

Here's what you need to know about Greece right now, and why it's not worth your money...

Energy Investing

The Solution to Alternative Energy's Biggest Roadblock

The alternative energy sector may have found a solution to its storage problem: the hydrogen battery.

Hydrogen's chief problem as an alternative energy source has always been the staggering price of delivery and transportation. But one company is making strides daily toward energy storage efficiency and price reduction.

We may be on the verge on something quite important for the entire energy sector. Here's everything you need to know...

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