Penny Stocks

Top Penny Stocks to Watch Now

Finding the best penny stocks can be extremely difficult, but for our readers today, we're bringing some of the top penny stocks to watch now.

These stocks trade on major exchanges, so you don't need to worry about them being scams.

Here are the top penny stocks to watch...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides After Weak China Data

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is falling after investors worry about weak economic data from China.

There was a sharp decline in exports from China, and the world's second-largest economy seems to be in trouble.

But that's not all you need to know- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for Oct. 13...

The Fed

When Is the Next Fed Meeting on Interest Rates?

Investors are wondering when the next Fed meeting on interest rates will take place. It's an important question, because the Fed is getting closer and closer to raising rates again.

Here's when you can expect a Fed rate hike and how you can prepare yourself ahead of the next Fed meeting...

The Fed

New FOMC Meeting Minutes Released Today

The U.S. Federal Reserve released its FOMC meeting minutes today, and we've sifted through all of the most important details.

And we have more clues about when the next Fed rate hike is coming.

But here's what we know...


Our Bullish Gold Price Prediction for the End of 2016

Our gold price prediction will seem shocking at first.

With prices so volatile, the precious metal is becoming less and less appealing to own.

But if you own gold or invest in the precious metal, you can't afford to miss our 2016 gold price prediction...


What We Look for When Picking Superior Gold Stocks

When it comes to picking the best gold stocks out there, Frank Holmes and his team have to sift through the entire market to identify the best profit opportunities for investors.

Here's exactly how they find these hidden gems and the most important factors they focus on...


Why the Saudis Are Playing Games with Their Own Oil Deal

Recent moves in the energy sector appear to be undermining the just-negotiated OPEC oil deal, but appearances can be deceiving.

Our energy expert explains what's really happening, right here...


These 7 "Debt Bomb" Companies Are Set to Explode When Rates Rise

Corporate debt bombs – companies that have over-borrowed because of historically low interest rates – will be at a much greater risk of exploding when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates over the next couple of years.

These companies were OK as long as rates stayed low, but now the Fed is telegraphing its intent to raise rates to 1% next year and 2% in 2018.

And those Fed rate hikes will light the fuse on these seven corporate debt bombs...

Market crash

You Could Be Stuck with Deutsche Bank’s Bills

The 5,300 Wells Fargo employees who set up 2 million bogus accounts to bring in a measly $5 million in extra fees are being fobbed off as "a few bad apples."

They're not. They're the product of a global corporate culture of entitlement and corruption. The proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Don't get me wrong – Wells' misdeeds are bad, but there's much, much worse going on in the banking sector right now.

The moral hazard and casino banking underway at this very moment are putting the entire global financial system at risk – again – when we've barely recovered from the last crisis.

So today, I'm recommending everyone buy the ultimate "alternative money" at some of the best prices we're likely to see for the rest of the year...


Upcoming IPOs This Week Include XOG, TUSK, AZRE

Our upcoming IPOs calendar for October includes three companies in the energy sector.

There is also another IPO in the communications sector that could go public in October.

Here's everything you need to know about the four IPO deals this week...