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Hot Stocks to Buy in Solar

Hot stocks to buy in solar can be tricky – some are headed for bankruptcy.

We take a look at some of the "hot" solar stocks to buy today and see which ones look like they'll live up to the hype.

Here are some hot stocks to buy in solar... and some not to buy...


What Is the Silver Prices Forecast for 2016?

The silver prices forecast for 2016 is bright, don't worry. But what exactly will get the silver price to new highs?

Take a look at the biggest factors moving the price of silver now and the rest of the year.

You'll also get some silver price profit tips...

penny stocks

News About the Best Penny Stocks to Buy 2016

The best penny stocks to buy 2016 have amazing potential in their fields.

The top penny stock we look at here is just that - full of profit potential that investors can cash in on now...


How to Use Options Trading to Profit from S&P Volatility in 2016

Options trading for S&P volatility can be extremely profitable – and simple.

You just have to know the right trade to make… and what trades to avoid.

Here's what you need to know...


The Platinum Doubler of the Year, Courtesy of… Gold?

Back in March, I recommended a broad play on platinum that's returned 56% more than the S&P 500 over the same period.

Those gains didn't happen by accident. You see, gold and platinum have a special relationship, the so-called "gold-platinum ratio."

In fact, since platinum is about 30 times more rare than gold, it's usually the more expensive of the two metals. But right now, the ratio is reversed, and gold is the more expensive metal.

That situation never lasts, and we're actually seeing the gold-platinum ratio right itself now. It's been partially responsible for some very nice gains in both metals recently…

Platinum prices are up more than 11% since March in a classic case of low supply and high demand.

Output from South Africa, the world's top producer, has plunged amid dwindling capital investment and spiraling labor unrest. On the other hand, demand from car makers, the most important platinum consumers, in need of autocatalysts has surged due to dramatically higher auto sales.

What's more, the platinum deficit is growing, and many miners have seen their share prices more than double.

Now I've found the one mining stock with the most room left to run. Like I said, the ratio is swinging back in platinum's favor right now. So there's still time to participate in this lucrative bull market and leverage your gains in the process…

...but not for much longer...


Forget About Retiring on Social Security

For retirees counting on Social Security Income, be warned…

New data shows that you won't be able to afford your healthcare costs living on SSI alone...


China Readies Its People's Liberation Army for War

Over the last year, China has quietly been building up its military might.

From missiles to improved technology designed to unleash cyber warfare, the world's second-largest economy is sparing no expense to grow fighting capabilities.

And there's one big reason why China is focusing on improving its military. In fact, it could lead to an all-out war with the United States...


3 Tips for Finding Top Stocks to Buy

The top stocks to buy now can be found in different ways, but it's good to start here.

We outline some tips for buying stocks and finding the best.

Go here to get started stock hunting...


Why Another $2 Billion of Tesla Motors Stock Will Be Sold in 2016

The Tesla Motors stock price has been volatile the last two sessions after a big announcement.

The company said it plans to sell $2 billion worth of stock to fund its Model 3 line.

But we're still bullish on TSLA stock in 2016...

Penny Stocks

The 5 Best Penny Stocks This Week with Gains Over 700%

The top five best penny stocks this week posted big, double- or triple-digit gains. Each of these companies outperformed other penny stocks in their respective industries.

Here's what these penny stocks are and a quick overview of their companies...