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Bank Stress Test Kabuki Theater Begins Again

Welcome to another performance of "Bank Stress Test" Kabuki Theater – where the whole show, which first started in April 2009, is just a public performance.

In 2014, Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) passed its first round of stress tests with flying colors! For such good capital management, BOA was permitted to reward its shareholders.

But then an issue arose: BOA had miscalculated its capital... by a few billion dollars. And it gets worse than that...

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Tech Stocks in 2015 Will Continue to Outperform – Here's How to Profit

Despite what the pundits are saying about a "bubble," tech stocks in 2015 will continue to outperform. In fact, there are dozens of catalysts about to incite extreme growth.

Each one is a vibrant market in and of itself. So imagine what these products combined could do. We've identified these lucrative profit opportunities.

Here's precisely why 2015 tech stocks will do well and how you'll be profiting from them...

Tech Investing

Why Tech Stocks Will Keep Beating the Broader Market  

Last week the Nasdaq Composite Index crossed the 5,000 level for the first time in 15 years.

The bears say this is proof we're living through another tech stocks "bubble" – and that a collapse like the dot-com debacle of 2000 is close at hand.

But the gloom-and-doomers are wrong.

Here's why today's Nasdaq is nothing like the one of the dot-com era - and why tech stocks will beat the broader market by a wide margin...

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Cash In on One of Our Biggest Biotech Winners

Back in early April 2012, in a special report for Private Briefing readers called "The Biotech Buyout Binge," I explained that we would start seeing a slew of takeovers – engineered by cash-rich biopharmaceutical firms desperate to replace blockbusters that were losing patent protection.

We were right about the so-called "patent cliff."

Here's how to play one of our biggest winners now...

Tech Investing

Bitauto (NYSE: BITA) Stock Is This Week's Biggest Bargain Buy

One of our top long-term stock picks, Bitauto Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: BITA) stock, is trading at a 41% discount this week.

BITA shares are trading at $56, down from the $95 they hit Jan. 9.

Shares of BITA stock dropped 16% March 9 even after the company reported a Q4 earnings beat. Q4 earnings were up 58% year over year, while revenue was up 101.7%.

But don't follow the crowd out of BITA stock now. It just posted strong earnings growth, and is one of the best long-term plays on the market now...

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How to Know When to Buy Apple Stock – and When to Sell (Nasdaq: AAPL)

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock is up more than 66% over the past year and more than 15% just in 2015.

Yet the arrival of the next Apple hit – the Apple Watch – has forced analysts to recalibrate their AAPL price targets again.

While it looks like a good time to buy AAPL stock – how can investors know for sure? And that begs another question: How do you know when to sell a high-flyer like Apple?

To learn how to maximize your gains in Apple stock, watch this video.

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How to Beat the Market with Six "Unstoppable" Trends

Part of knowing how to beat the market means knowing where the money will flow. That's why I've found six "Unstoppable Trends" backed by trillions of dollars. Investing in companies that tap into these trends will pay off huge.

More billionaires have been created around these six trends than any other trend not on the list in recorded history.

Here's what you need to know about each of these trends today...

Week in Review

Dangerous Idiots Are On the Prowl, Stalking Your Money

I often find myself thinking we are living in the Golden Age of American idiocy.
With the advent of social media, we are exposed to discourse that is often best left unsaid, from actresses discussing their colonic purges to sports talk hosts engaging in tasteless rants on Twitter.

But the idiocy is not confined to social media and is especially rampant in the investment world.


What we saw this week is the perfect proof...

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