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Gold Prices Today Hit 3-Month Highs – Here's Where They're Headed

Gold prices today (Wednesday) rose to three-month highs after a weaker than expected U.S. ISM non-manufacturing report had investors piling into gold.

Just before noon Wednesday, spot gold was trading up $10, or 0.89%, at $1,140.00 an ounce.

Here's what is driving gold prices today and in 2016...


The Best Oil Stock Investing Strategy for 2016

Investors are hesitant to search for a profitable oil stock as prices remain near a 12-year low of $30.50 a barrel.

But there's one oil stock investing method that will yield big profits thanks to the long-term rebound in oil prices.

Here's how you can tap into this moneymaking strategy...


Should I Buy GoPro Stock After Earnings?

GoPro stock is trading just above its all-time low today (Wednesday), opening at just $10.28 per share today. That's why many investors are contemplating buying into GoPro stock now that it is trading at such a "discount."

For the answer, we turned to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald. He's a seasoned market analyst and professional trader with more than 30 years of global experience who has been following GoPro stock closely since the IPO.

But first, here's what to expect from the GoPro earnings report...


Finding Investment Opportunity in the Zika Virus Outbreak

On Feb. 1, I got an alert on my computer screen saying that the WHO is calling the Zika virus outbreak a global emergency.

This kind of notice is what newspaper editors refer to as a "call to action."

Today I'm going to show you exactly what that means for investors, who just got a major opportunity from this development. Of all the medical stocks to buy now, this one company just became a must-own...

Trading Strategies

This Investing Strategy Could Turn a 5% Loss Today into a 2,426% Profit Later

Convinced that the bull market is over, many investors are selling out and heading for the sidelines using even the slightest market drop as justification for their actions.

I can't think of a worse mistake. No investor need fear a bear market – there are all kinds of ways to run flat or down markets to your advantage if you are properly prepared.

I want to show you how to buy more stock without spending more money.

This simple, easy-to-use investing strategy is ideally suited for today's markets and, best of all, could lead to profits of 2,426% or more. Here's how...


Alphabet Stock Crushed Q4 Earnings Because of This One Reason  

In its latest Q4 earnings report, Alphabet beat all analyst expectations and grew its revenue 18% over the year. Alphabet continues to prove its ability to turn a profit even as the global economy remains sluggish.

Nearly four weeks ago, Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton predicted on CNBC that Alphabet stock would outperform its sector in early 2016.

Barton was on CNBC again Monday to talk about why Alphabet stock is doing better than the broader markets. GOOG is now up 1.6% for the year, with the Dow down about 8%.

Here's the one big reason Alphabet stock is up - and why shares will continue this rise in 2016...


Yahoo Earnings for Q4 2015 Released Today: 3 Biggest Keys for Investors

Yahoo earnings come out today, Feb. 2, 2016.

Unfortunately for shareholders, this could be the first time since 2004 that Yahoo hasn't recorded at least $1 billion in revenue.

But before earnings are released, we wanted to provide our readers with the reasons why Yahoo got in this predicament and what to expect moving forward...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Is Down Today

The price of crude oil struggled to stay above the $30 mark today as Big Oil firms report weak earnings and hopes of a production cut from OPEC fade.

But there are five reasons why investors shouldn’t avoid the energy sector in 2016.

First, here's what you need to know about oil's movement today...

Market Crash

Recession on the Horizon? Look at the Big Picture

Recent events only add to speculation that we're headed for a global recession as soon as 2016.

Here U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes looks at how previous recessionary periods have affected stocks.

All investors - especially those fearing a stock market crash - should take a look at this...


The Biggest Reason the GOOGL Stock Rally Will Continue in 2016

GOOGL stock climbed more than 5% this morning (Tuesday) to an all-time high of $807.94 after parent company Alphabet crushed earnings after the bell Monday.

And according to Money Morning experts, there's one major reason why the GOOGL stock rally won't end any time soon.