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Stock Market Today Moving on BABA, AT&T, and CMCSA News

Good morning! Futures indicate the stock market today will rise from yesterday's close.

What to watch today: Investors should get an announcement from e-commerce giant Alibaba Holding Group Ltd. (NYSE: BABA). The company just concluded sales on Chinese Singles' Day. The holiday, which was created to celebrate or lament being single in China, is the largest 24-hour online shopping event in the world.

Here's what else you should know - including your Money Morning Tip of the Day - to make your Tuesday profitable...


Profit from China's Currency Move

China's ambitions for superpower prominence are no secret.

But that requires recognition on the world stage.

Inevitably, that also means a greater role for China's currency, the yuan, in the global finance arena.

There are clear and visible signs that China's currency is on the march to that global position, yet until now they've been underreported.

It's an unstoppable trend, and we can take advantage by taking these critical steps...


BABA Stock: Today's Alibaba Sales Are the Most Important of the Year

It's Singles' Day in China and customers are celebrating early – which is huge for Alibaba stock.

In fact, more than $1 billion was spent over Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s (NYSE: BABA) network of sites during the first 17 minutes of the day.

To Americans the holiday means nothing. But to those investing in Alibaba stock, it's the biggest day of the year.

Here's exactly what Singles' Day means for Alibaba stock, and how to play BABA long term...

Tech Investing

How Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Will Dominate the Future

You'd be hard pressed to find two guys more different than Warren Buffett and Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Ray Kurzweil.

Buffett, probably the world's most famous investor, steered clear of high tech until just the last few years. Kurzweil, on the other hand, has pushed the boundaries of innovation for more than five decades.

Industry leader Google has somehow combined Buffett's business genius and Kurzweil's futurist brain - take a look...

Stocks to buy

Stocks to Buy: Should Investors Grab Some McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)?

McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) has for years been one of the best stocks to buy because of its expansion into high-growth areas like China.

But today (Monday) MCD reported a 0.5% drop in global sales at restaurants open at least 13 months.

Once one of Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald's favorite stocks to buy, the fast-food chain's latest troubles have changed his views.

To hear more of Fitz-Gerald's thoughts on MCD stock - and whether he thinks Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is now among the top stocks to buy - watch this video.

Income Investing

Dividend Investing News: SBUX, WFM, and 33 New Dividend Enrichments   

Dividend investing news, Nov. 10, 2014: The S&P 500 is on pace to break more dividend records this year…

Q3 marked the first quarter in which total payouts surpassed $90 billion. And Q4 is likely to beat last quarter's milestone.

A total of 71 dividend stocks sweetened the deal for investors last week - following are 35 notable dividend improvements for the week ending Nov. 7.


IPO Calendar Led by Virgin America IPO This Week

The biggest name on this week's IPO calendar is Virgin America Inc. (Nasdaq: VA), as Sir Richard Branson prepares to take his airline company public.

The Virgin America IPO comes at a time when airline stocks are vastly outperforming the markets. So far in 2014, Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) has climbed 106%, American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AAL) is up 71.5%, and Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) has gained 55.7%.

While the Virgin America IPO is the biggest name on this week's IPO calendar, there are nine other companies going public. Here's a breakdown every initial public offering this week...

Retail Sales

Here's How We Know Holiday Retail Sales Will Be Huge

The biggest wave of season hiring in a decade suggests that 2014 holiday retail sales will be their strongest in years.

In recent weeks retailers have been scrambling to hire more seasonal workers than usual in advance of the holiday shopping season. Retailers could add as many as 800,000 workers this year – the most since 1999.

To see just how big an impact holiday retail sales has, check out this graphic ...

Global Economy

The China Bears Are Dead Wrong

When Gannett Newspapers posted me to China in 1996, the Pudong area of Shanghai was just beginning its transformation from swampy farmland and ramshackle wharves into a thriving financial district. Today it's one of the world's key financial centers, home to more than 5 million people, one of the world's tallest buildings, and an international airport.

When Apple shopped for a site for its first Shanghai Apple store, it chose a spot in Pudong.

The Pudong "experiment" has done so well, in fact, that Pudong has emerged as one of China's real financial anchors. Indeed, The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that "today, as worries of a China property crash are back in force, there is an unlikely bright spot: Pudong."

Since 1990, the amount of surface-area construction that's taken place in Pudong is the equivalent of two Manhattans. And while Pudong was conceived as an international gateway, it's actually become a model of how development should take place, as China's economy shifts from one focused on exports to one being driven by domestic spending.

It's nothing short of miraculous...