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How Does Yahoo Make Money?

The struggles of Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) have been well documented, and CEO Marissa Mayer may be forced to make drastic changes.

Yahoo's revenue declined 7.3% from 2012 to 2014, and Mayer's attempts to increase revenue growth haven't worked. This leaves people wondering, "How does Yahoo make money?"

We have the answers here.

But before we reveal how Yahoo makes money, let's take a look at exactly why the company is losing money...


Two Bright Spots for Exxon Stock After Q4 Earnings

The Exxon Mobil Corp. earnings report comes out tomorrow.

Analysts expect Exxon stock to fall after the oil titan reports what could be its worst earnings report since 2009.

But there are two reasons to hold onto shares of the world's largest oil firm despite initial volatility after the report...

Penny Stocks

The 5 Top Penny Stocks This Week All Posted Double-Digit Gains

The broader markets all climbed last week – the Dow led the way with a 2.3% gain – but the five top penny stocks all outperformed the market and posted double-digit gains.

Last week's best penny stock even posted a gain over 60%.

Here are the five top penny stocks this week and the huge profits they've brought investors...


Dow Jones Industrial Average Down Today Because of Bearish Chinese Economic Data

Find out what's ahead for the stock market today.

Get your update on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, stocks to watch, the biggest stock market news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...


Oil Prices Are Tightly Correlated to Stocks – But for a Different Reason Than Before

Oil prices and the stock market are in lockstep right now.

The correlation between Brent crude oil prices and the S&P 500 is at its highest level since 1990.

And there's one reason why the two have been moving in tandem with one another lately...


How to Make a (Consistent) Killing in Biotech Investing in 2016

Biotech is in the midst of its longest bull run in history, and there's every reason to expect it will remain an attractive outperformer this year.

Our Biotech Investing Specialist Ernie Tremblay is going to tell you everything you need to know to make a killing in biotech investing in 2016.

How I'm Playing the FANG Stocks Right Now

Bank of Japan head Haruhiko Kuroda aimed his kamikaze plane straight at the global economy last week, and scored a direct hit by imposing negative interest rates in Japan for the first time in this cycle.

In doing so, he joined his reckless European banking brother Mario Draghi and increased the volume of global sovereign debt with negative interest rates to $5 trillion dollars.

This type of monetary insanity can only end one way - in the destruction of capitalism whose very laws it violates by confiscating capital from retirees, insurance companies, pension funds and others who require a positive return to survive.

market crash

How the 2008 Stock Market Crash Compares to 2016

Months of thrashing markets and a lot of big down days have triggered chatter about whether we're facing another 2008 stock market crash scenario.

The urge to compare the 2008 stock market crash to the market pullback in 2016 picked up speed when billionaire investor George Soros chimed in a few weeks ago.

The truth is, 2016 does share some similarities with the 2008 market crash. Here's a look at how they match up - and what all this means for investors...

Market Crash

Stock Market Crash 2016: What's Next for U.S. Markets

Global stock markets are off to a volatile start to 2016, and investors are wondering how to prepare for a possible stock market crash in 2016.

That's why we turned to Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani. He's considered one of the world's foremost experts on the credit crisis. He not only called for the implosion of the U.S. financial markets, he also predicted the historic rebound that began in March 2009.

But first, here's how the markets have been trending...

Wall Street

Goldman Sachs Nailed for Umpteenth Abuse, Yet Continues to Set Fed Policy

Goldman Sachs has special ties to the Federal Reserve. Currently, former executives head up the Minneapolis, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York Federal Reserve branches.

Yet just yesterday, the financial behemoth was fined $15 million by the SEC for lending practices that violated federal law. Goldman Sachs agreed to resolve the SEC's allegations — as usual, without admitting or denying the findings.

Here's how this "pay to make disappear" approach has been a routine practice for Goldman for years now...