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penny stocks

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Today: Busting the Myths

The best penny stocks to buy today have to meet certain requirements.

We started to put those together for you, so you can take a step toward finding quality penny stocks to buy now.

Take a look at this penny stock investment list...


Three of the World's Best Investors Just Proved We're Far Ahead of the Pack (Again)

The world's best investors – Buffett, Einhorn, Soros – are betting on Apple stock. But it's not just the bargain-priced shares attracting these money managers.

There's a growth opportunity here so far off the radar almost no one's picked up on it yet...


Why Microsoft Stock Is Headed to $60 – and Beyond

Although Wall Street has soured on Microsoft stock lately, Money Morning expert Shah Gilani is confident it will get to $60 – and beyond.

And Gilani knows what he's talking about. He called MSFT stock a buy in July 2013 – right before it went on a run in which it rose 80%.

Here's why Gilani says now is the time to buy Microsoft stock...


Silver Prices Rising in 2016 – and Will Continue

Silver prices rising in 2016 has been great for those who own silver. But will the climb continue?

Check out this full story on why silver prices will continue to rise this year...


[CHART] How the Crude Oil Price Affects Spending

The crude oil price has plummeted 55% over the last two years.

That means American consumers have been spending less at the gasoline pump.

This chart shows where Americans are spending that money they've been saving...


Should I Buy Silver Before the June FOMC Meeting?

Should I buy silver? That's what investors are asking us after a rate hike from the Federal Reserve seems imminent.

And silver investors are worried that prices could retreat even further…

But no matter what happens with the June Federal Reserve meeting, silver is still a powerful investment that could net you gains as high as 33% in 2016. Here's why...


The U.S.' New Trade War with China

Yesterday China decried a decision by the U.S. to impose massive new 522% tariffs on exported steel goods.

Will America's bold move lead to a trade war?


Warning: Don't Trust Goldman (Especially on Oil Prices)

Goldman Sachs recently released a mildly bullish report on oil prices – an interesting reversal of the firm's prior bearish stance on crude.

And there are two key reasons why you should take Goldman's revised position with a grain of salt...


This One Tool Helps You See the Future of Any Trade Right Now

Wouldn't it be nice to know the future? It would take the guesswork out of picking your trades. If you were able to see what's ahead, you'd never pick a trade that wouldn't double – or triple – your money every single time.

And you'd always know if a trade is even worth your time, before you waste a single penny.

Now this may seem hard to believe…

… But you can see the future of any trade.

Today I'm going to show you exactly how. It requires just one tool that lets you see your profit potential and risk on a trade, before you make it...


Over Half of Adults Near Retirement Age Can't Afford to Stop Working

Some seniors put off retirement because they want to keep working.

However, a recent survey found that most now toiling through their golden years do so because of financial instability...