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Facebook Stock Price Today Climbs After Instagram Hits 500 Million Users

The Facebook stock price today is climbing after a major announcement about Instagram was released.

The picture app now has 500 million monthly active users, which is 190 million more than Twitter.

But while the FB stock price is climbing in the short term, we see much bigger gains ahead. In fact, one of our gurus projects FB will trade for $250 per share by 2020...


Beware: The Only Time Cutting Energy Debt Is Actually a Bad Idea

An increasing number of U.S. oil firms are swapping debt for equity. The advantage is that removing debt improves a company's financial snapshot.

But as long as crude sits below $50 per barrel, there is a downside to cutting energy debt – one that puts shareholders at risk.

Here's everything you need to know to protect your portfolio...


Yes, Donald Trump's Fundraising Numbers Are Weak – but He's Not Worried

It's true, Donald Trump's fundraising sums are weak – much weaker than Hillary Clinton's.

But contrary to mainstream media reports, the bombastic billionaire's campaign is far from dying...

Global Markets

George Soros: A Brexit Will Lead to a Currency Crash

George Soros announced today that a Brexit would lead to a currency crash more disruptive and worse than the fall on Black Wednesday.

And that's not the only unsettling outcome likely to come from Brexit.

Brexit could also mean the end of global central banks...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Climbs Again on Brexit Optimism

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is climbing after investors are feeling more secure that Britain will remain in the European Union.

Some traders worry that if Britain leaves the EU, we will face a global economic collapse.

But that's not the only news you need to know about- here's all the important stock market information you need for June 21...

the Fed

Why the Brexit Could Be the End of Central Banks

The markets' worry over the possibility of a Brexit – that the United Kingdom may actually pull the trigger and leave the world's biggest economic bloc – has been driving volatility for weeks.

Here's the thing… For all the coverage and attention the Brexit is getting, no one's talking about the most frightening prospect – by far – that's going to happen if Britain exits the European Union.

I addressed it on FOX Business' "Making Money with Charles Payne" last Wednesday and got Charles to admit he hadn't heard anyone ever discuss it.

Well, that's because no one's thought about it. Make no mistake – this possibility is out there, and it's the ultimate black swan.

That's a move the ECB can't afford, and it could ultimately lead to the collapse of the ECB and all central banks, including the Fed.


4 New IPOs This Week Led by Twilio IPO (NYSE: TWLO)

There are four new IPOs that will raise nearly $300 million in proceeds this week.

But the biggest IPO news today is the offering of the first tech "unicorn" since November.

Here's everything you need to know about this week's IPO calendar...


The 4 New Gun Control Measures in Congress — and Why Each Will Fail (CHART)

Four gun control measures are expected to be introduced to the Senate today.

Here's a look at each one, and why they'll all end up failing...

Penny Stocks

The Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week with Gains Near 100%

The top five penny stocks to watch last week all had big, double-digit gains over 40% last week. This week they could go even higher…

Check out these stocks here in our latest weekly list of the best penny stocks...

Global Markets

Ahead of Brexit Vote, 5 Must-Know Facts for Investors

Global stock markets rallied Monday following a new poll about the upcoming Brexit vote scheduled for Thursday, June 23.

Despite the new Brexit poll news, the outcome is far from certain.

Here are 5 must know facts ahead of the Brexit vote...