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Bitcoin ETFs Can Work – but This Ethereum ETF Won't

Seeing two Bitcoin ETFs seeking regulatory approval, an upstart group has now filed for something even more radical – an Ethereum ETF.

The evidence suggests the group, the EtherIndex Ether Trust, threw together its S-1 filing with the SEC willy-nilly in an effort to be first in line to file for an Ethereum ETF.

But the problems with this ETF proposal run much deeper than that.

Here's why no Ethereum ETF will see the light of day for a very long time...

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Rises Higher as Tech Stocks Surge

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached another record high today (Wednesday, July 20).

And there's plenty of market news that's been pushing U.S. markets to all-time highs these past few weeks.

Here's everything you need to know about what happened in the stock market today...


The Best Stocks to Buy Now When the Market Pulls Back

U.S. market indexes surged to record highs last week.

But Money Morning Techincal Trading Specialist D.R. Barton sees market volatility ahead.

That's why he just compiled a list of the best stocks to buy now, which includes these three investments...


Here’s How the Media Is Getting the Donald Trump Tax Evasion Scandal Dead Wrong

The latest in the Donald Trump tax evasion scandal: The real estate mogul will have to go to court.

But the mainstream media wants you to think he's actually going to jail...


How Hillary Clinton Benefits from Mike Pence as Trump VP

Hillary Clinton has almost as many similarities with Trump's VP pick as Trump himself.

And that's a fact that Clinton could easily use in her favor.

Here's how...

Market Crash

Big Bank Warns No Interest Rate Hikes Until 2018, Here’s What to Do

The Fed maintains it wants two interest rate hikes in 2016, but most investors don't see that happening.

In fact, one big bank believes interest rates won't be raised until 2018.

We'll share with you why this bank believes rates won't be raised for another two years. But we will also tell you how to protect your portfolio during these uncertain times...


Nintendo Stock Price Tanks 10% Today – Just as We Expected

After skyrocketing 86% in the last two weeks, the Nintendo stock price tanked 7.78% to $33.08 today (Wednesday) – just as we expected.

When we first wrote about the Pokemon Go craze on July 11, we were skeptical if the gains were sustainable.

Here's the latest...


Why the Oil Price Today Fell Below $44 to Lowest Level in Three Months

The crude oil price today fell to its lowest level since April due to the rising dollar and August contract expiration.

But oil prices will keep trading in the $40 range, and this opens up one great investment opportunity.

Here's the best oil ETF to buy in this "range-bound" price environment...


Hillary Clinton Profiting Off GOP Calls for Her Incarceration – Here's How

Calls for Hillary Clinton's incarceration erupted at the GOP convention Monday night.

The former first lady's response to them wasn't exactly a classy one...

Trading Strategies

Record Highs Don't Mean Smooth Sailing

Despite hitting record highs, markets will remain volatile in the near term.

These five investing tactics will help you preserve (and build) your wealth in choppy seas...