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This Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Plays a $166 Billion Trend

The pharmaceutical industry saw record-setting M&A activity in the first quarter of 2015.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the "life sciences" field had 35 deals in Q1 2015. Those deals totaled $166.3 billion. That's more money than was spent during the entire year in 2014, when $150.1 billion was spent. In Q1 2014, just $46.5 billion was spent.

Money Morning's Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson has been recommending a way to profit from the M&A boom throughout 2015.

His pick has already climbed 12% in 2015, compared to just 2% for the Dow Jones. Here's why it will continue bringing profits in 2015...


Uber Grapples to Distance Itself From Google

Uber, the ride-hailing app wreaking havoc on the cab industry, was reported by The New York Times late last week as pursuing purchase of Nokia Corporation's (NYSE: NOK) Here mapping service.

The privately held Uber is currently valued at $41.2 billion and is pursuing another $2.8 billion in funding. The Times article placed Uber's bid for the Here technology as nearing $3.0 billion.


How to Buy Silver Now Before Prices Rise

Silver prices have been in the doghouse for some time. After peaking at $49 in April 2011, the precious metal has given back 66%. It's been flagging around the current $16 range for the past seven months.

But a couple key indicators show the price of silver is both cheap and could be set to rocket higher.

To make sure you get a piece of the profits, we put together these steps on how to buy silver today...

Investing Tips

The Difference Between ETFs and Mutual Funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds are alike in that both offer diversification and professional management. Otherwise, the two investment vehicles differ greatly.

Key differences include how these funds are bought and sold, as well as pricing, transaction costs, and much more.

Here's a closer look at the difference between ETFs and mutual funds so you can identify the best investment for your particular goals...


Why U.S. Bitcoin Exchange itBit's Approval Is a Big Step Forward

Startup itBit Trust Co. has become the first U.S. Bitcoin exchange able to offer its services in all 50 states.

It's another major step toward mainstream adoption for the digital currency.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) granted a trust company charter to New York-based itBit last Thursday.

The launch of the itBit exchange is part of a larger trend that shows Bitcoin is the future of finance...

Stock Market Today

AAPL, DISH, and ROSE Are Today's Pre-Market Movers

U.S. stock futures for Monday, May 11, forecasted a two-point increase from Friday's close.

On Friday, The DJIA Index surged more than 260 points as a strong April jobs report suggested the U.S. economy is gaining steam. The news could press the Federal Reserve to provide a clearer timeline for when it might raise interest rates.

AAPL, DISH, and ROSE are today's biggest pre-market movers. Here's everything else you need to know today...

Investing Tips

How to Profit Today from This Sweeping Global Trend

Savvy investors know that over short time periods, and especially during bear markets, the saying "cash is king" often holds true. It provides security and allows for bargain hunting when assets are cheap.

However, through times of financial repression and negative interest rate policies (NIRP), central planners along with banks are changing that precept into "cash is trash."

That notion is a dangerous one that you can prepare for and prosper from….

market rally

Stay Away from This Irrational Indulgence

When I see the market rally mindlessly – as it did on Friday, after the jobs report pushed the jobless rate down to 5.4%- I ask myself a set of questions like the following.

Do investors really think it's going to matter if the Fed raises interest rates by a quarter of a point in September instead of June? Do they really think it's normal that €3 trillion of European debt is yielding less than zero? The Swiss National Bank (Switzerland's Federal Reserve) owns $100 billion of stocks…Is that considered normal?

I can't be any more direct than this - sometimes the plane hits the ground before people have a chance to parachute to safety. Investors trying to ride this market to the bitter end are going to find the end is bitter, indeed...

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