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Don’t Be Fooled by the Valeant Stock Price Surge This Week

The Valeant stock price surged more than 25% this week after the firm released Q2 earnings.

But shares of VRX are down nearly 10% again today, and we think they're heading much lower.

In fact, we think the company will go bankrupt. Here's why...


Forget Allergan – Here's Pfizer's Real High-Profit Ace

Big-cap investors were profoundly underwhelmed when the Obama administration caused Pfizer Inc. to cancel a $150 billion buyout of another massive pharma, Allergan Plc.

Like most deal-making at this level, there was a lot at stake. Allergan has a portfolio packed with name-brand drugs with long patent lives and a robust generics business. What's more, the deal would have allowed Pfizer to relocate its headquarters to the (extremely) tax-friendly Republic of Ireland and save a ton on payments to Uncle Sam.

Now, normally when a deal like this falls through, the shares take a serious pounding, but the smart money is holding its nerve. In fact, the stock is up just over 10% year to date. That says a lot.

Those investors, along with folks who buy in right now, stand to be richly rewarded in the future.

That's because there's something bigger - much bigger - than the $150 billion Allergan deal coming down the road...


Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Crashes 22% Today, but It Won't Stop There

Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock just received another kick in the teeth this morning.

Shares of VRX are down more than 22% after the company reported a dismal Q1 loss.

But we see the stock price going even lower this year...


The Best Stocks to Buy in Healthcare Now

The best stocks to buy today will continue to see money coming into them.

Here we found top stocks to buy in one of those sectors: healthcare.

Get the top stocks to buy in healthcare here.


The Valeant Stock Price Is Soaring Today, but We're Not Buying

The Valeant stock price is soaring more than 5% to $28.49 today after a new report that the embattled Canadian drug giant received and rebuffed takeover overtures this spring.

The news does not change our bearish stance on Valeant.

Here's why...


2 Reasons Why Gilead Stock Will Rebound 35% by Next Year

The Gilead stock price has seen a massive downturn lately.

Since last month, GILD stock has fallen nearly 20% to $82 a share.

But we see shares of the biotech giant heading sharply higher by next year for two big reasons...


Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Keeps Crashing, and We're Banking Massive Profits

The Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock price has plummeted over the last 12 months, losing nearly 90% of its value.

Our Global Credit Strategist Michael Lewitt warned investors about this in October, and some of our readers have profited as much as 700%.

Now, Lewitt believes investors yet again have another opportunity to make serious profits from VRX. Here's the two plays on VRX stock you need to know...


Why the Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Price Fell Another 20% This Week

The Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock price crashed another 20% this week amid newly released records that shed some light on the beleaguered drugmaker's operations.

The embattled drug giant also said it plans to release delayed Q1 2016 results in June, ahead of the July 31 deadline stipulated in the company's amended credit agreement.

Here's why we remain bearish...


Why the VRX Stock Price Rebounded 10% This Week and Where It's Headed

The VRX stock price rebounded 10% this week after announcing it has named drug-industry veteran Joseph Papa its next chairman and CEO as it attempts to restore investor confidence.

Papa comes with vast industry experience, but his appointment may be too little too late for Valeant.

Here's why we remain bearish on the VRX stock price...


Valeant Stock: The Firm Has "No Real Value" and Will Go Bankrupt

Down 67% year to date, Valeant stock has even further to fall.

In fact, Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael E. Lewitt says the Valeant stock price has no real value. He even calls for the firm's bankruptcy in the not-so-distant future.

Here's what you need to know...