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The U.S. Allowed These Secret Loopholes in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Apparently, the epic Iran nuclear deal made last summer had a few secret loopholes in it.

These exemptions favored Tehran and involved weapons-grade material...


How Many Prisoners Are in Guantanamo Bay? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How many prisoners are at Guantanamo Bay now?

Here are two infographics looking at the infamous detention facility's numbers since it opened in January 2002...


Uncle Sam Now Gives Thousands More to Undocumented Minors Than to Retirees

Undocumented minors are expected to flow into the United States from Central America at a record clip.

Uncle Sam intends to greet them with open arms… and an open wallet.

Here's how these children will make out better than the average retired American once they get here...


Is Obamacare Increasing Painkiller Addiction?

Because of an Obamacare policy, more and more doctors are feeling pressured into prescribing habit-forming painkillers to their patients.

In fact, 48% of doctors admitted in a 2014 survey that they felt pressured into prescribing inappropriate pain medications.

With nearly 19,000 deaths caused in 2014 because of prescription pain relievers, you will be truly shocked at how the Affordable Care Act may be contributing to a dangerous epidemic...


Mad About Upcoming Social Security Cuts? Blame This Book…

Social Security cuts outlined by Congress last fall officially go into effect on May 1.

Here's how one famed economist accidentally tipped off Washington policymakers to draft their controversial bipartisan budget deal that cut several Social Security benefits...


The "Fiduciary Rule" Is President Obama's Next Executive Order We'll Have to Live With

A new fiduciary rule was unveiled by the Obama administration today.

The new protections, called fiduciary regulations, will require financial professionals to put their clients’ interests before their own financial gain when offering individualized retirement advice.

While this sounds like a positive development, let’s be clear: You were intentionally left out of the decision-making process.

And you'll have no say in how it affects you once it becomes law on Jan. 1, 2018...


Congress' Trillion-Dollar Budget Crisis No One Is Talking About

There's a looming budget crisis involving America's defense program – what's known as the "nuclear triad."

No one's talking about it.

But it's going to cost U.S. taxpayers big – as in "trillions of dollars" big.

Here's what you need to know about this unnecessary modernization and where all that money will likely go...


Former Reagan Advisor: Congress Just "Hatcheted" Your Social Security Benefits

While it went virtually unnoticed, Section 831 of the House's new budget bill could radically change your Social Security benefits.

This change will affect the benefits that as many as 21.3 million Americans could be eligible for, instantly.

According to Larry Kotlikoff, former member of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors, "No retiree will ever again be able to feel their Social Security benefits are safe from some backroom, midnight, rushed change in rules that are designed to meet some budget target or accommodate some politician's whims."

There have been no public hearings and no public debate. And these changes will come to bear starting in less than two months -- on May 1...


The Most Twisted Truths About the Economy in SOTU 2016

We fact checked U.S. President Barack Obama’s statements about the U.S. economy in his SOTU 2016 address Tuesday night.

The numbers simply don’t add up.

The president stretched the truth – and made a few convenient omissions – to bolster his claim that the economy has become more robust than ever under his tenure.

Find out how the actual numbers compare in our quick breakdown...


What Happened to Government Transparency? All We See Is Illegal Stonewalling

In recent years, it's become easier for wrongdoers to get away with abusing their government-given power.

The Obama administration has made it increasingly difficult for federal watchdogs to obtain records, despite President Obama's assurances that his is the most transparent administration ever.

The stonewalling has disrupted at least 20 government investigations.

Here's what's been going on - and what will happen next...