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A Real Estate Investing Update for 2016

Real estate investing requires lots of research. So to get you started, we have an interview here with someone who has been following these markets for years.

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Why This 6-Acre South Dakota Ghost Town Is On Sale for $250,000

A South Dakota ghost town just reduced its sale price from $399,000 to $250,000.

Investors from the United States to Russia have shown interest in the property, but every offer has fallen through since 2014.

Find out why investors may be getting more than they bargain for if they purchase this seemingly too-good-to-be-true six-acre property.

The Fed

Will Real Estate Investment Trusts Crash If the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

The Federal Reserve will meet this week to consider raising short-term interest rates for the first time in 10 years.

Investors think real estate investment trusts will suffer if the Fed issues a rate hike.

Here's why that couldn't be further from the truth...

income investing

The Truth About Investing in REITs When Interest Rates Rise

REITs are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate, and investing in REITs is an effective strategy for earning passive income.

Still, many investors believe REITs will underperform as an interest rate hike lingers on the horizon.

Here's why that couldn't be further from the truth...

income investing

What Are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) own or finance income-producing real estate properties like shopping malls and office buildings.

They're similar to mutual funds because they provide investors stable income streams and capital appreciation.

Here's why REITs are such a unique investment...

Income Investing

How to Buy Prime Manhattan Real Estate for Less Than $100

Unless you own a home in each of America's 20 biggest cities – or you're an economist – a 12.4% increase in the S&P/Case-Shiller Index doesn't mean much.

You can't make money from a nationwide statistic. Not in real estate…

Cleveland, for example, may have seen a 3.4% increase from July 2012 to July 2013. But that's nothing compared to Los Angeles, where prices jumped 20.8%. Or San Francisco, which posted a 24% year-over-year increase.

Las Vegas prices jumped even higher, up more than 27%.

And then there's New York, where you can make a killing on some prime Manhattan real estate right now…

There's a hassle-free way to do it, too. So you'll never have to worry about tenants, taxes, insurance, maintenance…

You won't need a million-dollar down payment, either.

Thanks to one savvy New York firm, you can start building your own Manhattan real estate empire with less than $100…

Thanks to one savvy New York firm, you can start building your own Manhattan real estate empire with less than $100...

Income Plays

WARNING: These Stocks Will Crush You (Strong Sell)

Log in to your brokerage account… Call your broker… Request a plan prospectus from your pension administrator… Jump online and review the holdings in your "target retirement" funds, ETFs, variable annuities…

Do whatever it takes to find out – today – how much exposure you have to real estate investment trusts (REITs), and mortgage REITs in particular.

Real Estate

The Rise in Home Prices Isn't Real… At All

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani talked with FOX Business' "Varney & Co." today (Tuesday) about a huge red flag in the housing recovery.

Shah has found that we may be on the cusp of a double-dip in home prices.

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QE3 Will Give Rebounding Homebuilder Stocks An Extra Push

QE3 – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's $40 billion-a-month booster shot – could be just what the doctor ordered to keep homebuilder stocks surging.

The Fed's buying of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) is designed to help push down 30-year mortgage rates — a major incentive for consumers to buy a house.

And now with QE3 (the third round of quantitative easing), the central bank has promised to keep buying $40 billion per month of MBS until…well, until forever if needed.

The strategy is already working. Last week, just a month after QE3 was announced, mortgage interest rates fell to the lowest level on record.

The average 30-year loan stood at 3.39% as of Oct. 11- down from 6.1% at the start of the recession in December 2007.

And the Fed has said it plans to keep its own federal funds rate, a benchmark for interest rates, at "exceptionally low levels" at least through mid-2015.

Such policies, designed to jumpstart the economy by boosting the housing market, necessarily benefit homebuilder stocks as well.

"You get more benefit when people buy homes," Bernanke says. "It's the purchases of new homes that generate the construction activity, the furnishing, all those things that help the economy grow."

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Investing in Home Builder Stocks: What You Need to Know

After years of tumbling share prices, investing in home builder stocks has been a profitable venture over the past few months.

Year to date, the exchange-traded fund for the home building industry, SPDR Home Builder (NYSE: XHB), is up by 26.1%.

It's the same story for individual home builder stocks, too.

Luxury home builder Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL) has risen 25.9% since the first of the year. The largest home builder by market capitalization, Lennar Corp. (NYSE: LEN), has soared 43.6% in 2012.

So confident are home builders now that Lennar is expanding its corporate headquarters in Miami by 30,000 feet, an increase of one-third in square footage, according to an article in the South Florida Business Journal.

Home builder stocks, however, could be near the end of their steep rise. The housing market remains unstable and has triggered more skepticism in the sector.

Here's what you should consider before investing in home builder stocks.

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