There'll Be No Economic Recession This Election Year – Here's Which Candidate Will Benefit

There's almost no chance of an economic recession during this election cycle, according to one economic indicator.

And that will benefit one presidential candidate hugely before November....

Economic Data

We Found This Recession Signal Buried in Your Tax Data

An economic recession in the U.S. could be right around the corner. This one chart of your tax data shows why.

Check it out here...

market crash

Another Stock Market Crash Warning Sign Just Came from China Today

Some investors have grown complacent amid the 14% recovery in U.S. equities following the worst ever start to a year.

But a stock market crash could be coming thanks to China's insane debt load.

Here's what you need to know...

Trading Strategies

How to Invest for the Recession That's Already Here

In a meeting with The Washington Post's editorial board earlier this month, GOP presidential primary candidate Donald Trump said the economy was so dicey that the United States was headed for "a very massive recession."

As I noted on FOX Business' "Varney & Co.," I think we're already there, even if the Fed doesn't realize it yet.

Here's the thing – the measures the Fed uses to judge economic activity are based on a manufacturing economy that we enjoyed more than 100 years ago. They simply don't reflect the services-based system we live in presently.

The hard truth is millions of American families are living paycheck to paycheck. The economic "recovery" that the Fed and legions of economists are so proud of having engineered doesn't exist – and hasn't for a very long time.

Here's the real state of American prosperity - and what you can do to ensure you're not left behind...

Economic Data

What Is an Earnings Recession and Is This One?

First-quarter earnings season got underway in earnest this week and the overall outlook for S&P 500 companies is glum.

That's left investors asking us "what is an earnings recession and is this one?"

Here's everything investors need to know now...


This Policy Will Beat Down U.S. Profits

The new rules from the U.S. Treasury and Congress on tax inversions will hurt U.S. corporate profits.

The Allergan/Pfizer deal makes these problems clear.

Here's what investors need to know about the new tax rules...

Market Crash

What Is a Recession and Are We in One?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is off nearly 13% from its May highs. And the Nasdaq is down 17% from its July highs. The steep drop in the major indexes has investors worried about a recession in 2016.

But first, what is a recession?

A recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, which is measured in gross domestic product (GDP). Our last major recession was in 2008.

And our expert, Shah Gilani, has reason to believe another one is coming in 2016...

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Why a Global Recession Is More Likely Than Anyone Realizes

A country has to have at least two straight quarters of negative economic growth to experience a textbook recession. There are 11 big economies in recession right now.

On the surface of it, the United States looks safe, with an estimated 2.4% GDP growth in 2015. But… manufacturing, spending, stocks, and much more are actually telegraphing a strong recession warning right now.

Here's why the United States could fall victim to a global recession.

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Recession on the Horizon? Look at the Big Picture

Recent events only add to speculation that we're headed for a global recession as soon as 2016.

Here U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes looks at how previous recessionary periods have affected stocks.

All investors - especially those fearing a stock market crash - should take a look at this...


Bear Market Odds Rise with Q3 Earnings – but You Can Still Profit

With Q3 earnings growth expected to shrink, investors need to brace themselves for the possibility of a bear market over the next several months.

Analysts have grown increasingly pessimistic about Standard & Poor's 500 aggregate earnings in the last two quarters of 2015. Along with other headwinds, there's a good chance this earnings recession will bring on a bear market.

But this earnings recession also brings profit opportunities - and here's where to find them...