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The Social Security COLA Increase for 2017 Is Out – and It's Paltry

The 2017 Social Security COLA will add a paltry $5 to beneficiaries' monthly checks – dangerous considering the Fed's targeted 2% inflation rate.

Here are the details...


Social Security: Study Finds Nearly Half of Baby Boomers Have No Retirement

The Social Security trust fund is due to run out by 2034. That's only 18 years away.

Yet many baby boomers are still hoping to rely solely on SSI benefits then...


Forget About Retiring on Social Security

For retirees counting on Social Security Income, be warned…

New data shows that you won't be able to afford your healthcare costs living on SSI alone...


Over Half of Adults Near Retirement Age Can't Afford to Stop Working

Some seniors put off retirement because they want to keep working.

However, a recent survey found that most now toiling through their golden years do so because of financial instability...


How the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Could Ruin Your Retirement

The Puerto Rico debt crisis is about to hit close to home for many U.S. investors.

Many pension and retirement funds loaded up on Puerto Rico debt to take advantage of the high yields and multiple tax exemptions.

Now it's clear Puerto Rico won't be able to pay back the $72 billion it owes, which means investors need to find out if they are in the line of fire.

These are the municipal bond funds with the most exposure to Puerto Rico...


How Social Security Started

It's important to understand how Social Security started. To date, Social Security is one of the biggest welfare programs we have.

Although it's over 80 years old, Social Security's purpose hasn't changed over the years. But it's future may be threatened.

And to understand why, all you have to do is look to the past...


Former Reagan Advisor: Congress Just "Hatcheted" Your Social Security Benefits

While it went virtually unnoticed, Section 831 of the House's new budget bill could radically change your Social Security benefits.

This change will affect the benefits that as many as 21.3 million Americans could be eligible for, instantly.

According to Larry Kotlikoff, former member of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors, "No retiree will ever again be able to feel their Social Security benefits are safe from some backroom, midnight, rushed change in rules that are designed to meet some budget target or accommodate some politician's whims."

There have been no public hearings and no public debate. And these changes will come to bear starting in less than two months -- on May 1...


The Danger of Filing for Social Security Benefits in Person

Filing for Social Security benefits in person can be dangerous.

And not everyone is aware of the peril this filing choice poses.

Here's how retirees are suffering from a lifetime's worth of lower monthly payments all because of one simple mistake...


Social Security Benefits: You're Being Cheated, But No Longer Have to Be

Americans spend their entire working lives paying for their Social Security benefits, and for decades it was a pretty good deal.

But that's changed, and it's getting worse every year. These days, many new retirees are paying more into the system in the form of taxes than they will get out of it in benefits.

While that's frustrating, there is a way for retirees to "even the score"...


Congress Robs Married Retirees of $60,000 in Social Security Benefits

Several key Social Security benefits are about to be nixed from the books. Congress claims it's simply trying to close "unintended loopholes."

But one such provision being cut grants some folks up to $60,000 extra a year.

And there are several other lucrative benefits on their deathbeds too.

In fact, a lot of people stand to lose a lot of money if they don't pay attention to these fast-approaching reforms right now...