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Where the Price of Crude Oil Is Headed After 4-Day Rally

The price of crude oil rallied for a fourth consecutive day Monday, propped up by rumblings that major producers may be aiming to help stabilize the oil price rout with a production freeze.

Coupled with a bullish report from the IEA last week, oil prices are poised for more gains.

Here's where we see oil prices heading...


A Single Country Now Controls the Future of Oil Prices

After a hefty rise of 46.9% for the month through close last Friday, WTI crude fell for two consecutive sessions to start the week.

As always, pundits with no real experience in the industry will blame the "glut" – but excess supply on its own is not responsible for today's oil conundrum.

Instead, the key factor in how people regard the market and anticipate oil prices today is guaranteed excess supply.

And the actions of a single country will now decide whether that guarantee will remain...


The Two Trends Shaking the Oil Industry Today

Accelerating changes in the oil industry are leading to two major emerging trends.

Tuesday morning, IEA reported that global investment cuts in forward capital commitments for new projects continue to intensify.

With crude languishing at $45 a barrel, this is the latest signal that the low prices for oil are initiating a pullback in projects.

But it is the range of the cuts this time around that is interesting.

And this development is spurring a second, more extreme effect on the sector...


WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Surge 6% After Fed Interest Rate Decision

WTI crude oil prices surged today after the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged.

Despite today's gains, oil prices still have a long way to go as companies continue to drown in debt.

But there's a certain type of company you can profit from during this low price environment...


Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Are Down Today

WTI crude oil prices fell into the red today following the Fed's announcement yesterday.

Yesterday, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen announced that interest rates would remain at their near-zero level for the time being.

Here's why any looming rate hike won't end up crushing oil prices...


[CHART] How Does U.S. Oil Consumption Compare to Other Countries?

There were 92.1 million barrels of oil consumed around the world every day last year.

But how does U.S. oil consumption compare to other industrialized nations?

The chart below shows how the United States stacked up against other big time oil consumers in 2014...


WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Fall on Weak Chinese Trade Data

WTI crude oil prices today fell deeper into negative territory following a weak trading report in China.

China's imports and exports fell significantly in August, marking the second consecutive monthly decline.

Here's a recap of today's movements in the oil market...


Will OPEC Cut Production?

Yesterday, OPEC released a bulletin saying low prices "remains a cause for concern" and OPEC is "ready to talk to all other producers."

The news has investors wondering: Will OPEC cut production?

Here's what you need to know about the cartel's dicey situation...


Oil Price Forecast 2015: Will the Oil Market Rebound from Here?

Oil Price Forecast 2015: WTI crude oil price volatility has trended decidedly downward in 2015.

After all, the commodity has fallen 20.3% since January.

But the good news is this crash is near a bottom. That's because a number of factors will push oil prices will higher by the end of the year...


How a Country the Size of Vermont Will Dominate the 2016 Oil Market

The world oil market is typically dominated by countries with the most land.

The three largest countries – Russia, Canada, and China – are among the top five largest oil producers in the world.

But there's one country smaller than the state of Vermont that could become a huge oil player very soon...