Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI)

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Stocks to Buy 2014: Get Ready to Double Your Money… Again

In the Aug. 2 Strategic Tech Investor, we introduced you to a new hot tech stock to buy: a Silicon Valley semiconductor company that is leading the charge into ultra-high-definition (UHD) video.

And we predicted the stock – which Wall Street had yet to discover – would double in less than three years.

It only took five months.

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The Highest Paid CEOs in America

Most chief executives of major corporations earn millions of dollars in base salary, but that's not all they get (just take a look at how the highest-paid CEOs in America make their money).

Total CEO compensation includes perquisites, bonuses, and stock options, among other things.

In fact, the great bulk of CEO compensation does not come from base salaries. Even the highest CEO base salaries fall under $10 million. It's all the other goodies that push total CEO compensation miles past $10 million.

Is anyone really worth that kind of money?

Buy, Sell or Hold

Buy, Sell or Hold: Up 3,400%, Is It Time to Tune in to Sirius XM?

From streaming online, to iTunes, to good ole terrestrial radio, there are a lot of ways to listen to music today.

But, believe it or not, there is one area that still has yet to be exploited. It's what you listen to as you tool down the road.

Major players such as Google, Apple and Pandora are making inroads into this area, but the truth is that Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) has a "built in" head start.

Its equipment is already installed in approximately 52 million vehicles. Better yet, Sirius expects that number to almost double, reaching 100 million vehicles within the next five years.

That doesn't necessarily sound like "dead money" to me – despite the chorus of analysts who had written the company off.

In fact, Sirius has seen its share price rise from $0.10 (that's right, 10 cents) in early 2009 to a five-year high of over $3.50. That's a gain of 3,400%.

The question now is whether it's too late for investors to tune in….